Everyone meet Angel!!

Angel is a female Jack Russell terrier mix. She is about 5 years old and weighs 20lbs. Angel is a beautiful girl who is mostly black but has a white chest and tan and white markings on her face and paws. Angel is an absolute snuggle bug and is sitting curled up under the blankets beside me on the couch as I write her bio.

Angel came to us from Quebec after her owners surrendered her to a pound because of moving. I can’t imagine that was an easy decision as this little girl is so full of life and an absolutely wonderful dog! Angel would have been very overwhelmed in a pound environment as she is not a fan of tons of noise and gets very anxious when other dogs are barking or in her space. Angel is very happy to meet new people and is very respectful and doesn’t jump up when meeting them. Angel would do best in an adult only home or one with children over 14 who understand that Angel cannot be startled or approached from behind without her knowing you are there. Angel becomes startled very easily when she is approached from behind by either a human or another animal. She will jump and yelp in. Angel also likes to jump up when she is excited and sometimes when she is playing and gets very excited she will playfully nip a little bit. Angel has not lived with children but when we walk past them she usually barks at them because children are loud and move very quickly which Angel does not appreciate.

Angel is a very smart dog with lots of energy and requires both physical and mental stimulation. Angel is very food motivated. Angel would do very well with obedience classes as she already knows how to sit, lay down, paw and come. Angel would do really well with a family who would continue with further levels of obedience and Angel would likely do really well in agility classes, this girl loves to run and fly through the air. Angel is house trained and crate trained. We have had zero accidents since she came to stay with us. The crate is new to Angel and she tolerates it but would much rather not spend a whole lot of time in there. Angel would appreciate a home where her human would be home most of the day so she is not in her crate for long periods. An 8 hour work day of her being in the crate would be too long for Angel. Angel currently lives with another dog but would do best in a home as the only dog. Her and the other dog co-exist nicely but she really does not have any use for him. With proper introduction Angel does well with other dogs and will get along with them. Angel does not like being approached quickly by other dogs and will react with big barking and will sometimes nip if she thinks they are too close. Angel is working on passing other dogs while we are walking without reacting to them. Currently we use a gentle leader collar and she does very well with this. When the Gentle Leader head halter is on and the command of “keep going” is used, Angel can walk past another dog without barking. Angel has a very high prey drive and absolutely cannot have any cats or other small animas in the house. Within the first few days of Angle being with us we had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk. Angel is very fast when going after prey; she is a true terrier! Angel needs a home with a very secure fence so she doesn’t accidentally chase critters out of the back yard and onto the road. Angel loves to run in the back yard and jump into the air off the deck.

Angel likes to chase and we are just figuring out her play language. Angel likes to have balls and sticks thrown but she is not very good at bringing them back just yet. She just likes to run after them! Angel likes to be very vocal! She lets you know what she needs with many different noises. A detached home would be necessary as Angel makes noises for all her moods. If Angel needs something she is not afraid to let you know. When Angel is excited and happy she really lets you know. We have been working on shortening how long the noises last or how loud they are depending on what the noise is for but this work will need to continue. Angel is in very good health. The only thing that we have noticed is that she has some spots on her ears that bother her if rubbed too hard. She will yelp if you have rubbed this area. These sores were caused by flies biting her in a previous environment. With time they will heal just fine. Angel loves pets so people just need to be gentle with her adorable ears.

Angel tolerates car rides and has made huge progress in the car. When Angel first arrived her whole body would quiver and she would pant uncontrollably. With lots of exposure to car rides leading to fun things, Angel will now sit or lay down in the back seat and still pants but much less frequently. With more exposure to car rides being fun I’m sure Angel will only improve. Angel is an absolutely delightful dog who just needs her forever home. She will fall in love with you as quickly as you fall in love with her. Angel will be a wonderful dog to go on new adventures with and learn new tricks with. She has lots of energy but very much loves to snuggle on the couch once that energy has been used. Are you ready to welcome Angel into your heart and your home?