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Barkley is a midsize, 9-year-old tri-colour Beagle.  He is 35lbs and is a happy, goofy and friendly dog with a happy face and a kind, gentle and spirited temperament.    We aren’t sure where Barkley came from other than he was found running on his own in the country, and was taken to a rural animal control facility and was not claimed.   It ended up being for the best for him though as Barkley was in poor shape and needed some good care and a lot of TLC.  He is now ready to find a loving forever home where he will never be neglected or abandoned again.

He’s typically quiet in the house and rarely barks unless he has been tucked into his crate for some rest or for bed.  At these times he barks for a little while before settling in. Barkley would do best in a house with a fenced yard so he can enjoy time outside to explore and to roll in the grass!  He generally wants to be busy during the day by getting out for many walks or by exploring in the house.  For hounds it’s all about their nose and sniffing stuff so he likes to explore!  He would do ok in a townhouse or condo unit as long as he was receiving many long walks a day, but his ideal home is one with a large fenced yard to satisfy his love of sniffing around when not out on walks.  When Barkley does feel ready for some rest, he chooses to stay close to us.

Barkley LOVES to go on walks. He is so happy and is a pleasure to walk with. He keeps a good pace and enjoys walking as many times as we are willing during the day between his naps. He looks like he’s smiling on every walk! He does love to sniff but will walk for long stretches without stopping to sniff.  He will walk very nicely at the end of his leash or can be walked by your side.  Barkley would love to chase rabbits or squirrels and will pull at those times, but soon will move on.  If he notices a cat outdoors, he may pull and bark but this doesn’t happen very often.   He would like his forever family to be people who will ensure he gets out multiple times a day for walks; he won’t be happy just roaming in the yard or going for one short walk a day.  This is a dog who lives for the sights and smells associated to getting out and about.  Barkley is also a great travel companion and loves car rides.  He will want to join you on all adventures, big and small.

Barkley also loves his treats and loves to get massages. He likes to be near his family and will have a couple of good naps in the day – and is happy to stay close to someone that’s home. Barkley has been very interested in sitting on the sofa and is very pleased now that he is allowed to have some sofa time with us.

Barkley came to us fully housetrained and only had one accident the very first night in his crate.  We aren’t sure if Barkley was ever crated before his stay with us, but he’s been sleeping in his crate every night and spends some time in his crate during the day on most days.  Although he was resistant to going into the crate initially, Barkley is getting more used to the routine of entering the crate for bedtime or rest time.  In the day Barkley also enjoys sleeping on the floor for his naps and although he doesn’t always sleep in his crate during the day, he does lay quietly if he is awake.

Barkley has not had a chance to interact with other dogs but looks as though he would be happy to meet and play with other dogs.  He is usually well behaved with the cats in our home and often pays no attention. He is still tempted to seek them out occasionally if they are close by and is reminded that he is not to chase them.

This foster dog has a quiet, gentle nature and is also spirited and stubborn.  He would do well in a home with older children (over 8yrs of age), teens and adults that can handle his strength if he pulls and that can help guide and direct him.

We have been able to teach Barkley the commands for “sit” and “down”, and he knows these very well.  For some reason he often backs up before he sits and he sometimes has troubles keeping his grip on the kitchen floor and may slide into a “down” instead of a “sit”.  For this reason, Barkley has had some trouble with giving a paw – as he tends to slide.  We are also working on “come” and “stay”.  He is very adorable while training and very gently and politely accepts his treats.

Barkley is a senior dog, and we did learn from his vet examination that he has a heart murmur and some thickening of the heart which is not uncommon for a dog his age, and he needs to take daily heart medication.This is something he must have and has to be taken into consideration when deciding if Barkley would be a good fit. His medication can cost approx. $100 for 4 to 5 weeks. He had two teeth pulled, and has had some extra care for an ear infection and some itchy skin but he is in good spirits and appears to be healing nicely from his needed medical care and with his now healthy diet.  He seems to have some allergies but at this time we are still trying to determine if this is food related or environmental.  It is easily managed though and not severe.   He was in very poor condition when we got him and it didn’t appear that he was cared for well at all in his prior home.  This has changed for him now and he is on his way to great health!

Our time with Barkley has been rewarding and busy and we are happy to see the improvements in his health while in foster care.  He’s a funny character with a love for life and a happy face!

We are looking for a family that is the right fit for Barkley for his forever home!







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