This pretty lady is Beulah, an approx. 7 year old female Bloodhound. Beulah was found as a stray and was never claimed. This is really surprising as not only is she a gorgeous dog but her personality and temperament are amazing!! She came to us in a pretty neglected state though so maybe it’s for the best.   We have treated her skin and ear issues and gotten her fur back to a lovely shine. She has the usual lumps and bumps for an older dog, but the remaining ones are not causing the vet any concern and the one on her head that was a problem we had removed and tested and it was a benign lump. Beulah is very fit and energetic and is eager to find her forever family and settle in for her happily ever after.

Having never had any experience with a hound before I can honestly say this dog is a real keeper. She is a pleasure to foster. I am finding it quite difficult to find any negative qualities about this grand dame, though you would never know she is the age she is — she has a definite spring in her step, and a true joie de vivre. She is a dog who is excited about life and all it offers. There certainly are no impediments that I can see – stairs are not a problem, nor is jumping in or out of the car. Neither does she seem to have any behaioural issues; she was definitely never abused. This dog is all happiness and love wrapped up in a 90lb body.

Her two favourite things are treats and walks, in that order. She absolutely adores her walks, and more or less snuffles, nose to ground, the entire way. She is good on her leash, except when she is on a scent and then she will tend to pull a bit – use of the gentle leader helps in that situation. Even though she loves her treats, she doesn’t beg, but is a rather obvious hinter. I have never experienced her even attempting to food-surf on counters or the table, though with her height, this would not be a problem for her!

The joie de vivre is apparent when she flings her head up on her walks and her enormous ears go flying – picture a doggie Flying Nun –ears that by the way double very nicely as a sleep mask! (But also tend to be a bit damp after her enthusiastic water-drinking.) She normally settles right in after her walk and a meal to nap in her bed, with extremely loud, relaxed breathing (not snoring – she is a lady all the way!). She will sleep for extended periods of time, but is ready for action when you are. Toys do nothing for her, though the bright side of that is that she does not go for shoes or slippers or chew on anything, other than her food — with great gusto. When she does fuss a bit more than normal before settling down, a trip to the yard to explore usually takes care of that. She is happy and good natured and would make an excellent companion (and even help you with housework – she has no fear of the vacuum cleaner or other implements and likes to be where you are).

She is extremely smart and mastering basic commands like a boss! She sits nicely anyway, kind of just by default, but didn’t seem to know any other commands – “lie down” is now in her repertoire and “stay” from both a sit and lying down is expertly done! She’s very treat motivated, so this will be very helpful in future training.  I don’t permit my fosters on couches and after telling her three times (one for each couch in my house), she no longer tries. She seems to have figured out door handles – see I told you she was smart! – I have a straight-handled type one at the back door, which I normally keep locked, but she has attempted to open it by flipping it up with her snout, which doesn’t open it. This might be something to watch out for though.

This big girl has a very big voice, which she does use sparingly (a bay rather than a bark), so she will not be suitable in an apartment-type setting, as she will let you know when she needs something, with a one-time bay, or more often a more discreet whine or whimper. The bay seems to manifest when she is excited and happy. Hound lovers will know exactly what that sounds like!! When excited she has a bellowing voice!! She is normally quite quiet, and definitely not a guard dog.

She has never had an accident in the house and will let you know when she needs to go outside, though we go on frequent walks. She can amuse herself in the backyard for periods of time and will do her business there if she needs, but prefers walks of course.  A home with a tall, secure fence and a good sized yard will be required for Beulah. She can never, ever be trusted off leash outside of a secure fenced area as hounds will take off on scent trails. But she does really enjoy her yard time and we do want this for her in her adoptive home.

There are no kids or cats in this household, but we have observed she has a prey drive for cats so a household with a cat or other small animals is not suitable for her. As for kids, she seems very drawn to them when we are out on her walks. The only thing is, she is a VERY big girl, with very big, enthusiastic paws (shaking paw is a specialty), so a small child would probably be easily knocked over (and she can bump into things sometimes). A family with children over 8 years of age would be suitable for her but it needs to be stated that she will never be a dog that children can walk unsupervised by an adult. She is just too big and can be strong if she gets on a good scent. She seems to love meeting other dogs and people on her walks, though if another (usually larger dog) is on the other side of the road, she will helpfully alert you to that with her trademark bay.

She has no problem going in her crate at night with some treats (I never hear her during the night), and also when I go out. Moreover, she seems to feel safe there as a few pops on New Year’s Eve frightened her, but when we got home, she went straight to her crate and seemed okay (I also turned on the radio).  There is absolutely no problem with car rides, though with her long legs and a frequent insistence on standing up, she sometimes gets a bit bounced around. We are working on at least sitting in the car.

On a sad note, Beulah has been diagnosed with heartworm disease. Her previous owner obviously didn’t have her on the preventative which would have ensured she was protected from this disease. Heartworm is a totally preventable disease that is spread by mosquitoes. This disease is in Southern Ontario and we are seeing more and more of it as each year passes. We are a rescue that heartworm tests all of the dogs we take in for exactly this reason. The good news is that Beulah is completely free of symptoms and is an otherwise healthy dog, and we are committed to treating this and will get her all better. She was diagnosed early on in the development and has an excellent chance of recovery. We have had other dogs in our program that have had heartworm and have treated those dogs successfully and all are living active and healthy lives. Beulah has no idea she has this disease and is in every way a happy dog. Beulah has been cleared to be adopted as there is no reason to hold her back. Her adoptive family will need to be willing to work with us as we treat her for this and that will require approx. 3 trips to our vet in Cambridge over the span of a few months so it is not a huge time commitment. We will fully explain the treatment plan with potential adopters but in general she will get 1 injection of the medication and then a follow up of 2 injections in a month after. She needs to be rested and have limited exercise for a period of time after the injections but otherwise goes about her daily life. We will be responsible for the vet payments for his treatment; we just don’t see any reason why she can’t be adopted into a loving home while we go about getting rid of the nasty heartworms. We have had all of our heartworm dogs adopted during their treatments and it works out well for the dogs and the families. Her adoptive family will need to live within a reasonable drive from Cambridge in order to get her to the vet for the appointments (which would be scheduled to suit the adoptive family).

Beulah is a dog that people are really drawn too and for good reason. She is friendly and endearing and if you love hounds, she is a pretty much perfect hound in an XL size. We feel so lucky to have had Beulah in our rescue; Bloodhounds aren’t a common breed and to have had the pleasure of having such a lovely one has been such a treat. But it is her time to find her forever home now. Big hound lovers, this dog is for you!!