We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process. For more information on our process and requirements, visit our adoption information page.

All Pound Dog Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm/lyme tested, dewormed, and microchipped prior to adoption. The standard adoption donation is $450, and puppies under 5 months of age are $500. The adoption donation is applied to assist in the costs of veterinary care and the overall care of the dog.


Please let us introduce you to Biscuit, a beautiful Chihuahua. She looks just like a little fawn! From her cute little face, her big ears, her dainty little walk and how she bounces over grass, she really is a teeny version of a deer…in dog form.

Biscuit hasn’t had a lot of training (if any) so she and her foster Mom have been working hard on teaching and learning the basics. Although Biscuit turned 3 years old in June, she is basically learning everything that a puppy would / should. Because she doesn’t ask to go outside, her foster Mom has been letting her out every hour (and about a half an hour after breakfast and dinner) so she can potty outside. She gets rewarded upon successful outside toileting and seems quite proud of herself for doing it so she’s learning quickly what she needs to do. Unlike a puppy, she can hold it for several hours but combining her lack of house training and her need to be close to a human, someone who will be home to let her out often (and snuggle with her when she comes back in), would make the ideal home for her. She will not be a suitable dog for those that work outside of the home for many hours. Biscuit would do best with someone who works from home, is retired, or who have opposite shifts so someone is usually home. A quiet home without a lot of visitors and activity is also best for this sweet girl. She would also like a home without young children in it and no visiting young children. Kids over 12 years of age will be fine though. She does enjoy play and will be a fun companion for older kids. She is very much a ladies dog so will definitely want a home with a woman who will have a lot of time for her and wants a snuggly dog.

She’s also becoming more accustomed to being in a crate. She is VERY much a lap dog and loves nothing more than to be on her human’s lap, with a blanket placed over her so she can twist and turn herself in the blankets, making a little burrito out of her blanket. If there is no blanket, she’s equally happy to crawl up the front of her foster Mom’s hoodie and sleep there. So, whilst she will go into her crate, she doesn’t love it nearly as much as she loves napping next to (or on!!!) her human. She also does better in a car in her crate because if not crated, she likes to jump from the front seat, to the back, to the floor, to look out the window, etc. She does whine a bit but only because she’s not close to her person, not because she hates the crate so for safety purposes, a crate in the car is definitely required.

Biscuit is leery of big dogs and will bark at men with big dogs however she is working really hard with her foster Mom to feel more secure and confident when walking. It doesn’t appear that she’s been socialized with different types of humans or dogs so patience will need to be taken when introducing Biscuit to new people. She currently barks (has never once snarled like some Chihuahuas do) when she sees anything go by the window, whether it’s a person, a dog, a child on a bike, etc. However, she’s been working on a redirection (currently, we’re using “come away from the window” and treating from the other side of the room) and she comes running every time. When a person comes into her foster home, she will bark but if person entering the home walks by Biscuit and doesn’t pay any attention to her, Biscuit very quickly settle and will go over to the new person to investigate. She is a very inquisitive little girl and is curious about everything, she just needs some time to get there on her own. She is a VERY smart little girl too! Within minutes, she figured out a treat ball and knew almost immediately what she had to do to get the treats out. When presented with something new, she always barks at it first, and then approaches with curiosity.

Although Biscuit is currently in a home with two other little dogs, she would be better in a home where she can be the sole focus of her human’s love and attention. When walking with her foster brother and sister, Biscuit will pull on the leash the whole time but when walked alone, she walks nicely, with her jaunty little walk right beside her foster Mom. She has shown that she also guards things. Toys, food, space on the couch, etc. She is quite sneaky as well. She can be happily chewing on her own toy but will see that her foster brother has a different toy. She’ll wait until he walks away, for even a moment, and she’ll go running over to grab it and race back to the couch to gloat. Luckily, her foster brother and sisters just go find another toy but if she doesn’t have to guard anything and can be the only dog to get all the toys, food and attention to herself, well…she’ll be in her happy place.

Biscuit is a super sweet, loving, gorgeous little girl who is just looking for a human who will be patient, will continue to help her work on her self-confidence issues, will continue to expose her to new experiences so she can keep being inquisitive and curious and most importantly, someone who will love and snuggle her when she needs it.



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