This super sweet dog is Blanche, the Golden Girl of our rescue!  She is an adorable 5yr old Cocker Spaniel female who started her life in a dreaded puppy mill, living in terrible neglect and with minimal vet care all to increase the profits on the puppies she produced.  Thankfully when she was no longer of use, she found herself in rescue which is the best possible outcome for her.  Blanche has one of those personalities where she doesn’t let a tough beginning define her. She is a joyful, happy and fun little dog who hasn’t let her terrible past affect her thoughts about people. She loves people and a stranger is just a friend she hasn’t met yet!  She is going to be a wonderful companion to whomever is lucky enough to adopt this sweetheart.

Blanche weighs 21lbs and is at an ideal weight right now.   We do not want to see her heavier as excess weight will be hard on her petite frame.  She is a foodie though so her people will need to ensure she isn’t overfed or offered too many treats. If you are one who likes to give dogs unlimited treats or not bother with measuring out food amounts this won’t be an ideal dog for you.  Cockers gain weight easily so she really needs her people to be dedicated to her health and ensure that her food intake is managed.  She is a very feminine looking dog, from her slight frame to her flowing locks and big brown eyes..but she is nobody’s princess!  Blanche is not a girly girl and can walk through fields and mud and dirt like nobody’s business!! She loves her walks and is was so great for us to see her discover that she can sniff on walks and take in the smells and sights of the world around her.  Cocker’s are sporting dogs and for 5years Blanche never got to run or go for walks, or track sniffs or do anything an outdoorsy breed was bred for.  She is making up for it now!  Blanche would like to go for walks every day please.  Blanche never experienced the outside world prior to arriving in our care so can still startle with loud noises or a lot of traffic so she will need a quieter neighbourhood or small town/rural setting.  She will not be suitable for an urban setting.

Blanche’s favourite thing is cuddling with her people.  She would very much like a home where at least one of her family members is home more than away.  She would be an ideal dog for a permanent work from home situation, or active retirees.  Blanche is quiet in the home and can nicely settle while you are working, but will encourage regular cuddle breaks if you are working from home.  Blanche would not be happy being left alone for many hours in a day.  She is a very social dog and loves her people and wants them to be around more.  She does fine being left for a few hours here and there but we know she won’t be happy with daily long absences.   Blanche does though need a home with a secure fenced yard.  She doesn’t know yet that she can go to the bathroom out on her leash walks and needs the safe freedom of movement that a fenced yard will allow her to be able to relieve herself.  Sadly this means that most apartment or condo settings won’t suit her but if your apartment of condo does have a private fenced yard then she could make that work.  The yard needs to be secure and not allow for her to sneak out any gaps or holes. She is a curious dog and will find any escape routes. As a mill dog with no life experience outside, she is a flight risk so safety has to be the #1 consideration for Blanche. She can never be out off leash without being in a confined area as she will bolt if frightened.  We need her people to fully understand this and be responsible with her to keep her safe.

Blanche will greatly benefit from the training classes her adoptive person/family will need to take her too. She will love the social aspect of the classes and will love the focus and attention she will get from her people working through the skills. She is a smart little dog and very food motivated so will take well to positive training practices that use food and praise/affection as a reward.

Blanche will require regular grooming appointments to keep her coat in good condition and free of matts and tangles. She will also require regular brushing as her fur does tend to tangle up easily and those ears fall into everything!! Her ears need regular wiping and cleaning as well as Cockers are prone to ear infections as all floppy eared dogs are.  So Blanche will need coat upkeep and her person needs to be on top of this.  She is a healthy dog and has had everything she needs while in our care which includes a full dentistry.  She lost some teeth but does fine with the rest she has which are now pearly white.  Blanche has a bit of a fussy tummy so she eats a top quality kibble diet and then some canned gastro food to keep her regular.  She is not a dog that can be switched back and forth between foods as she will get the runs if so.  Her people will need to keep her on the top quality diet we have her on as this works for her and she does well on it.

Blanche lives in a foster home with cats which she essentially ignores.  She would be a fine housemate to a cat. She also lives with other dogs and is great with them.  They are more mature dogs who don’t pester her to play though and this suits her well.  Blanche will not enjoy a younger dog that wishes to romp and wrestle with her.  This is not her style and she will get upset with a dog that pesters her too much.  But she can be a lovely companion to a more mature and settled dog that will respect her space and not overwhelm her.  She would also be just fine being the only dog and getting all of the attention herself!!  Blanche would also need a home with older children as the energy, noise and activity of young children will be too much for her.  She is an affectionate dog though so a family with children over 8years of age that are gentle natured kids would suit her well, or an adult only family.

If Blanche sounds like the perfect fit for you and you are wanting a beautiful little dog to cherish then we look forward to receiving your application.  This dog is an absolute doll and we know she will be popular and we look forward to meeting her perfect fit!