We are pleased to introduce Chip. He is a 5-month-old Border collie/hound mix with a zest for life. Chip weighs 26 pounds and we don’t expect him to get too much bigger however he is not finished growing just yet. This little guy has a mainly black, short-haired coat, with a cute white stripe up his nose, a white chest and belly, and his little white feet are always ready for a walk. Chip is as sweet as his chocolate-coloured eyes; however, do not let that fool you, this guy is smart and full of puppy mischief.

Chip, along with two other dogs, was rescued when his previous owner passed away and there was no one else to care for him. He grew up as a farm dog but hasn’t had any problems adapting to his foster home. He absolutely loves the company of his older foster brother and sister and would really enjoy a home with another dog friend who he could play and cuddle with. Chip is a puppy, so he is still learning to be polite when interacting with dogs and understanding when his older foster siblings don’t want to play with him. Chip is not being fostered in a home with children; however, he does enjoy jumping up on his foster parents and mouthing at them, therefore, we are looking for a forever home with no children or children over the age of 10 who are well versed with proper dog play.

Chip has learned so much since arriving in this foster home. He’s rocking his house training, but he doesn’t yet know how to indicate that he needs to go outside, so he should be let out regularly. In addition, Chip has begun crate training. He has made tremendous progress in a very short time; although he does bark and whine in this kennel before he settles. He has a loud Hound bark. For this reason, we think Chip should go to a detached house rather than an apartment or other adjoined living as he can get very loud. Chip has also begun learning basic commands like sit, down, and come. He’s a fast learner but is still a puppy so he can get distracted easily so we would characterize these tricks as ‘in progress’. With patience and consistency, we think Chip will be able to learn anything that you’d like to teach him as he is a very smart boy. Chip will also require a home with a good sized yard that is securely fenced. The hound in him takes over when he is outside and he would easily run off on a scent if not safely confined.

This little pup enjoys walks and cuddles equally. Chip walks well on his leash and once he’s in the groove of his walk he will trot along very nicely. Unless of course, he sees a squirrel or a bird which usually causes this little hound to stare and then pull you towards it. In order to work on this, Chip has been learning various commands such as ‘heel’, ‘watch me,’ and ‘find it’ (where we toss a treat on the ground and he must sniff it out). In Chip’s mind, very little is more interesting than squirrels or birds therefore we would not recommend a home with cats or other small animals. Chip does have a good amount of energy, but when he’s had two hour-long walks he likes to curl up in your lap or on some cozy blankets to sleep. Chip is a high energy pup and needs to have these long walks daily in order to be happy. He would love to have a runner in his family if possible, as he would be a great running partner when he is fully grown. We have found him to be the cutest cuddle bug. Given the choice, he will curl up on your lap or next to his dog foster siblings rather than alone. When you enter a room this little guy hops on over for pets and usually ends up sitting on your feet and leaning against your legs so he can enjoy them to the fullest.

As a younger dog Chip will require structure and guidance to understand the rules of his new home. Though he is a very sweet boy he can be mischievous at times and given the chance he would gladly put his feet up on the counter to see what food you are making, chew on something he’s not supposed to, or even steal your shoe. Chip responds well to a firm ‘no’ or ‘uh uh’ and typically trots himself over to you as if to say ‘oh I didn’t know’. Chip is confident inside his home, but he is still learning a great many things outside. Currently, the noises of dogs barking or children playing make him nervous and skittish. With time Chip will understand these things are nothing to be afraid of, but we would recommend that his forever family take things slow and avoid big crowds, very busy streets, and other similar situations until Chip has gained some confidence.

Chip has been given a clean bill of health by the vet, had all of his shots, and has been neutered. This means he is ready to find his forever home! Chip is ready to give a family all of the love, laughter, and cuddles they could ever ask for!