This gorgeous girl is Claire and she is a two year old Lab/Husky/Collie  mix.  Claire is a slimly built girl and weighs approx. 45lbs at this time. She has the coat of a Husky and colouring of a Collie and very definitely the Lab’s floppy ears.  Claire is a dog that turns heads and garners a lot of attention when we take her out as she is so pretty and so lovely natured.  Claire is house trained and crate trained and is crated when we aren’t at home and at night and she does well with this.  Claire came to us from a shelter, a pregnant dog who had hadn’t had the best start to life.  We were told that at 2 years of age, this is her 4th litter as her prior family never bothered to spay her or neuter the male dog in the home.  We will ensure that this is her last litter!!  Claire is an excellent mother to her 10 puppies but it is Claire’s time to shine now and find her ideal forever family!   She will be a wonderful dog for a lucky person or family.   Claire can’t be adopted for a few more weeks until her pups are fully weaned but she is starting that process already and we wish to find her a loving family now who can get to know her over the coming weeks and then welcome her into their home.

Claire is extremely affectionate and loves all attention given to her.  She loves meeting people and receiving pets from new friends.  She is a dog who loves when you give her hugs and just hold her close and tell her that she’s a good girl.  This is probably her favourite thing.  She will often give you kisses when you are hugging her.  She does occasionally try and jump up with excitement but we correct her every time and she is learning to keep her feet on the ground.  Claire just loves being with her people and is always in the same room as us.  She can’t get enough attention but isn’t pushy about it and can lie close by, relaxing while you work.  She would make a great, quiet, companion to a person who works from home.

Claire’s ideal home would be an adult only home or one with kids over 8yrs of age.  The only reason we have to say kids over 8 is that Claire’s one (and only) “flaw” is that she was never taught to take treats nicely and can be a bit of a land shark when taking food from your hand.  This is something we are working on with her and as an adult, know to offer her food from a closed fist to prevent the eager snapping of a treat, but young children will not be able to reliably do this and we do not wish to have young fingers inadvertently chomped.  As kids hold food at dog mouth level, there is just too much opportunity for an accident to happen.  But in an adult home or one with older kids who can participate in the continued training of Claire to take treats nicely, she should learn her manners soon enough.

Claire lives in a foster home with cats. She is perfectly fine with the cats in her foster home, but the cats here are very dog savvy and know how to behave around a dog.  Claire would certainly chase a cat that runs from her or freaks out in her presence.  She would be fine to go to a home that has a dog savvy cat that will not run from her or react to her.  This has to be a must.  I you aren’t sure how your cat will react then Claire won’t be a good fit.  We can’t take any chances.  Claire is being fostered in a home with other dogs.  She lives peacefully with the other dogs but does not engage in play and would be just as happy being the only dog in the home.   Claire would be best in a home where she is the only dog and get all of the attention, or she could go to a home with another dog that is male, mature and calm and would be a nice companion to her but not pester to wrestle or play.  She does enjoy walking companions though.  She will not wish to share her home with another female dog.

Claire is quiet and calm in the home and is a lovely and easy dog to live with.    When Claire isn’t getting your full attention she will curl up on the floor next to and you will hardly know she is there.  But if you get up to move you will have a tiny blonde shadow follow you around in case she misses something.  Claire is energetic and active outside and is up for anything you want to do with her.  Claire requires a couple good walks every day as well as yard play.  Claire enjoys being outdoors and would like a fenced in yard to play in and explore.  Claire is also a dog that could be a good running companion if you wish to partake in that with her, but she doesn’t require regular running to be happy; good long walks set at a fast pace will suit her fine.  She does require an active person/family who would be capable of taking her for long walks and hikes.  She is an active dog but not excessively.  She is a dog who enjoys long, fast paced walks and is up for any adventure.  And then in the evening can Netflix and chill with the best of ‘em

Claire has been a healthy and happy dog in our care.  She is a cuddler and loves nothing more than receiving affection from her loved ones.  Claire bonds strongly with her people and is a real pleaser.  She is an easy dog to train as she just wants to make you happy.  Claire will need to attend obedience school to work on her socialization and training and we know she is going to love attending classes.  She is a good candidate for advanced classes as she is a very bright dog and has unlimited potential to learn.  We are looking for a family who will work with Claire and take advantage of all of her potential and take her to advanced training classes.  Claire would also be suitable for dog sports if that were an interest of yours.  She really is a dog you can do pretty much anything with.  We just want to expand Claire’s world and bring out the best in this wonderful dog.

Claire will need to spayed within a few weeks/months of being adopted, which need to be done our veterinarian in Cambridge and is already paid for by her rescue.  Anyone interested in adopting Claire needs to live within a 45min radius of Cambridge and be able to drop her off the morning of her spay and then pick her back up later that evening.   She will be adopted out on a contract that enforces this mandatory spay return.  We just feel that it’s time for Claire to find her forever home and waiting an extra few months in foster care until she can be safely spayed  will only delay her happily ever after.

Claire requires a family who will bond with her and give her the commitment of a forever home.  She just wants a family to love and will be a loyal companion to whichever lucky person or family adopts her.  Claire will be your guardian, best friend and partner in crime.  She has been abandoned once already by a family and we all want this next home to be Claire’s final home where she can truly settle in and know that she is home and loved.