Daisy Mae


Meet Daisy Mae! She is a 4 month old German Shepherd/Husky mix, currently weighing approximately 25lbs with a lot of growing to do still. Her coat colouring is majority cream and white but she does have some black on her back and on her face, she also has black winged eyeliner. She is a beautiful dog and gets compliments everywhere we go, and she has the sweetest personality.

Daisy Mae came to us from Manitoba, her and another litter mate were found at the dump site alone and underweight. She’s been put onto a good diet and is gaining healthy weight and is finally starting to be able to be a puppy.

Daisy Mae will be a large sized dog when fully grown and is made up of two very smart dogs so it is important that she finds a family that will be willing to work with her on her training so that she can be the amazing dog we know she can be. She is a very quick and eager learner, she knows basic commands such as her name, come, sit and has nearly mastered shake.

Currently Daisy Mae is the only animal in the house but she has met and played with other dogs and has done great. She fit herself right into a pack of 4 German shepherds and loved to play with them for hours. She hasn’t been around children but has tried to greet them before on walks. Children in the house over 5yrs of age should not be an issue as long as firm boundaries are set as she is still a puppy. Adults in the home would need to ensure that the children and the puppy are supervised at all times.

In her current home situation we work shift work so Daisy Mae has to be left alone the odd time and she does nothing wrong, but she would definitely excel more in a home where she doesn’t have to be left alone as she is a puppy and has lots of energy. She sleeps better at night and relaxes more when we are home with her all day to walk and play with her often.

Right now Daisy Mae is going on three walks a day, one long walk, 30-45 minutes to stimulate her brain and get her energy out. As well as 2 shorter walks around the block, one in the morning and one before bed. Daisy Mae has walked great on a leash since day one, but it’s important to pay attention and keep a firm grip on her because she thinks she is a pro bird hunter and will try and chase them. She would do best in an active/outdoorsy family who is able to take her on lots of walks and get her out to explore as much as possible as she truly just loves being outside.

Daisy Mae isn’t a huge fan of toys right now and when she is inside and has gotten the right amount of exercise for the day she is happy chewing a bone or passing out on her bed and watching tv with us in the living room.

Daisy Mae is very close to being considered house trained as she rarely has an accident and will wine and sit at the door when she needs to go outside. The only time she will have an accident the house is if you are distracted doing something else and miss her signals, but she definitely holds it as long as possible and knows it’s wrong when she goes to the bathroom inside.

Daisy Mae is still working on crate training and needs someone with commitment and patience to continue this training. She isn’t the biggest fan of the crate but as soon as she is in there she is very quiet and good. She gets a treat and a toy every time she goes in there, and we like to give her a bone to chew if we know it will be a longer time that we are gone. She does love her sleep though and will sleep through the entire night without letting us know she needs to go outside until around 9am.

Daisy Mae is pretty good with things like chewing, she hasn’t chewed anything of ours that she is not supposed to, but since she is a puppy she has grabbed things such as slippers, phone chargers, socks etc. and just held on to them, when she does this we tell her no and replace the item she stole with something she is allowed to chew on, she is definitely starting to pick up on this as we haven’t noticed our things going missing quite so often.

Currently Daisy Mae is staying at a house without a fenced yard and she does fine as we take her out on the long leash and let her do her business. Ideally she would do well in a large fenced yard as she gets the zoomies when she gets outside and loves to run, but if you don’t have a fence that is fine. She would do best in a full house/town house that has a yard and enough room for her to roam.

If you’re an active individual/family and are ready to commit and love a dog, Daisy Mae would be the perfect dog to add to your family and with attention and proper training will be the dream dog to have. She is the sweetest and sassiest girl and anyone would be lucky to have her.