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Say hello to Dakota. She is a 3-year-old Shepherd mix. Dakota is a large sized dog. She’s not overly big, about 60lbs, but is big enough to take up her own spot on the couch. Dakota appears primarily German Shepherd and Husky with a little bit of mystery. She has a beautiful caramel, dark brown and cream coat that could be compared to that of mocha swirl ice cream. She also has extremely cute, golden brown puppy dog eyes. Her personality is just as sweet as she looks and she never fails to put a smile on your face.

Dakota got her name for her rustic and playful attitude. This country girl isn’t afraid to roll in the grass or stick her head under the faucet for a drink of water. She is always happy to go on adventures and explore the wild.

 Dakota was a stray at a rural pound and was not claimed by her owner. She had recently had a litter of puppies and was adjusting to a different environment but she didn’t let that hold her back. She was immediately thrilled to meet new people and go on this new journey to her foster home. As Dakota loves to explore so much, she needs a home where she will not roam free and consequently get lost. As well, she needs owners who she can be confident will love and cherish her forever.

Dakota is a pretty laid back girl so she doesn’t require much in her forever home, but she would benefit from a few preferences. She is calm and quiet indoors. She almost never barks unless she hears a strange noise that seems unfamiliar to her or she is adjusting to her crate in a new space. However, she would do best in a detached home setting as she will need some time to get used to her new home and may express this verbally for a little while when you leave. She enjoys all forms of exercise offered to her, and needs at least two long walks a day with some time playing outside. Therefore, a fenced backyard would make Dakota very happy. Dakota can be very high energy, but once exercised properly becomes the best cuddle companion and loves afternoon naps. Dakota has been taken on walks everywhere from downtown areas to the suburbs to by the lake. Dakota loves walking and playing wherever she can.

Dakota thrives from lots of love and affection. Her favourite activity is snuggling up with you on the couch! She may be a little bigger than your average lap dog but that doesn’t stop her from rolling onto you for belly rubs. She is fairly neutral about the idea of being brushed but is happy to sit there for as long as you want for the attention and pets. We have been very lucky in that Dakota was already housetrained when we began fostering her and has never had an accident in the house. She is also crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night and when we are running errands. She doesn’t mind the car but either needs to be fastened to the back seat or sitting with someone to ensure she doesn’t try to join you in the front seat.

Dakota is untested with other dogs or cats. Because Dakota has a high prey drive she would not do well in a home with cats or other small pets. We do, however, suspect that Dakota would do well with another dog around her size due to her friendly nature. This should be a male dog though so that she can be the queen of the household.  Dakota would do just as well being the only dog as long as she gets the attention she needs. Dakota has yet to be in contact with young kids, but would most likely do well in a home with adults and older children (over 10 years of age) as she needs to be watched carefully at doors so she does not leave to have her own adventures.

Dakota is being taught basic obedience in her foster home and now knows “sit” and “lay down.” Dakota has never been one to jump when meeting new people but she is receiving training on sitting before we open the door or cross the street. It is important that Dakota’s new family commit to continuing her obedience training through initial formal classes to help her reach her full potential.

Dakota does not have any current medical issues. She has received all of her vaccines and is in good health.

Dakota is one of the sweetest and cuddliest dogs we have ever met. We are excited for her to find a forever home that provides infinite amounts of love and lots of new opportunities for her to explore and play. If Dakota seems like a good fit for you please feel free to fill out the form to express your interest.








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