Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to Danny!

Before I get into his bio details I need to impress upon everyone that we are looking for a VERY specific home for Dan. Please read his bio in detail if interested in him. Dan’s forever home will need experience with fearful dogs and have the patience and right environment for a dog who might take years to truly come out of his shell. Danny is adorable and you might look at his face and feel compelled to help, but please be honest if Dan is the right dog for you. If you cannot imagine owning a dog who flinches when touched, runs and hides from you when approached, and does not want to spend cuddle time with you then Dan is not the dog for you. And that is totally fine! Daniel is safe in his foster home and we will take the time needed to find the right home for this sweet but terrified boy.

Danny is a 4 year old miniature poodle who came into our care after being dumped from a puppy mill breeding situation. Danny is a beautiful boy who is about 13 pounds but could use an extra pound or two. He’s got the cutest curly grey coat and the softest ears. Danny is no doubt a beautiful dog which is probably exactly why he ended up being used to make puppies. Dan was not treated kindly and was severely neglected during this time and it has caused long term pain and trauma for his sweet and sensitive soul.

Danny is incredibly smart. To be honest this is a big part of why he is having such a hard time moving on from his past life. Danny is not a forgetful boy and therefore can still remember the bad things that happened to him. He has a hard time trusting that people won’t hurt him like they used to. On top of this Danny lived his whole life as a breeding dog and not as a pet, this meant that he never had an opportunity to truly feel safe or experience joy.

Daniel has experienced deep trauma in his short life so far. Up until this point his life has been filled with change, neglect, and uncertainty. The result of this has been that at this time he does not know how to express or even feel joy. Dan had such a hard life and is not a dog who has had the opportunity to build resiliency. Resilience in a dog and especially in a rescue is a huge part of how they are able to grow and participate in the world around them. Danny is not currently a resilient dog but he can and will learn resiliency. When he first got here, I hate to say it but I have never seen any creature with less fighting spirit. Slowly we have seen Dan develop a will to live and start to enjoy little things in his foster home. Peanut butter Kongs, nice cold and fresh water, soft pets on his head when he trusts you, and smells in our safe and private yard are all little things he’s slowly started to like. These are all things Dan had never experienced before and he’s slowly start to learn how to enjoy aspects of life.

An adorable thing about Dan is he’s kind of like a gangly little baby lamb at times. His little trots down the hall are soft and gentle. When he rolls in a good smell in the grass he gets nervous about being on his back too long and flips back up, but just can’t help himself and has started to try to enjoy it. He’s not very coordinated and it’s really quite endearing and sweet.

As I said Danny needs a very specific type of forever home. Danny is looking for a soft and loving home that is patient and calm. Dan is all about building a base of trust and then using that trust to be able to follow his human. He’s worked with me (his foster mum) to build up a relationship and he will listen to me with encouragement and follow me tentatively on walks and into new situations. Danny is capable of building deep bonds and needs someone who will work on this with him to help him trust the world. Dan is still very fearful of his foster dad and men in general. A home where a woman is his only caregiver or main caregiver will be required for him.   Danny could live with another calm and gentle dog, preferably a female dog, that won’t pester him to play or want to snuggle with him. He tolerates the existence of other dogs in his home but doesn’t love them. A dog that pesters him will not be a good fit. But he will enjoy his walks with another dog and can co-exist nicely if they leave him be in the house. He can likewise live with a cat that would essentially leave him be as well.

Dan still has not wagged his tail in his foster home even after 4 months, but we still believe he will be able to at some point. We are looking for such a special home for Dan and know that the home he needs is rare and hard to find. We do expect to be looking long and hard for him to make sure he finds a place to spend forever so that he won’t be uprooted again. We are putting him up for adoption hoping that someone is willing to take a lifelong journey with him as this process of developing resiliency, trust, and helping Dan feel joy will take years. He will be slow moving but he will grow. Our soft and frightened boy will enrich his adopter’s life with his intelligence, goofy antics, and sweet nature.

So what do I know about Dan? Even though I am still getting to know Danny, I can tell you that he is worth it. When he is comfortable being himself he is sweet and attentive. There are many times I have looked up from my emails and he’s lying there watching me and analyzing, trying to read the situation. He pays attention and listens so well. He’s incredibly smart and really has learned household expectations quickly. It is completely unfair that he was treated the way he was, as though he was an item that others used and abused to line their pockets. Dan’s whole life he was neglected and shipped around to be bred and for a soft and incredibly emotionally delicate and sensitive creature it has caused deep harm.

As I mentioned Danny is very intelligent. Danny has learned housetraining expectations, how to walk on leash, and the meaning of “come here” without ever being intentionally taught. He knows that after his last bathroom break at 9 pm its bedtime and he trots straight to his bed. He has learned to go in his crate when he sees us getting ready to leave the house and stays there comfortably for up to 6 hours. Danny loves the safety of his crate and feels very comfortable being alone. Dan is a very smart guy and would do very well with ongoing training to help him form a relationship of trust with his forever family.

Danny seems to be most alert and engaged when outside and we believe it is because his brain has to think about things other than his fear. He can do a walk around the block fairly easily but needs to live in a quiet neighbourhood with private space for him to explore safely. A secure fenced backyard with no gaps or areas he could sneak under would be ideal for safety reasons, but any private area where he can be undisturbed by other dogs or neighbours would suffice. He will not be suited for busy city living and needs a quieter neighbourhood without the hustle and bustle of a lot of traffic and pedestrians.

At this time Dan is quite a low energy dog who often stays in one place until we move him to go to the bathroom or for a walk. He is certainly an easy keeper in that regard, asking for very little other than a comfortable place to rest. Danny is right now a dog who is lower energy and I would assume that even as he grows and gets more comfortable he likely will only ever be a medium energy dog. I do hope he grows enough to be able to go for longer walks and have zoomies in his safe spaces but I don’t think he will ever be an “in your face” high energy boy!

Danny needs a quiet home where he can build a bond and trust with his person (or people). He needs an adult only home (18 +) and a home where children don’t visit. He will never be a dog that wants children in his immediate home even as he develops more confidence and this should be taken into account as you look at an 8+ year commitment with him!

Dan is physically healthy and has been neutered, is up to date on shots and his flea and tick, and has had a dental surgery to clean his teeth and remove the ones that were no longer in working order after years of neglect. Danny has no ongoing health concerns and is overall a healthy young dog.

Danny is going to be a work in progress for a long time. He’s going to have ups and downs and in the beginning he will be fearful and unsure more often than not. It might take years before he’s his full self and there still might be times where he retreats and gets overwhelmed. But he is incredibly worth it. He is not a typical dog but seeing his sweet, intelligent, and sensitive personality peek out from behind the fear at times has been so lovely. If you can provide the home and support that Danny is looking for we highly encourage you to apply to become Dan’s forever home!