This sweet, busy pup is Darcy.  Darcy is a male, 4-month-old Cockapoo puppy.  This is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  He has silky apricot-coloured fur, big chunky feet, and long floppy ears. At this time, he weighs about 18 lbs and his big paws tell us that he has lots more growing to do. He will be a medium-sized, stocky dog more inclined to the size of a larger Cocker Spaniel.   Darcy came to Pound Dog Rescue from a puppy mill. Darcy will now get to live his best life with a family that will provide lots of lots of love and adventures.

Darcy is a floppy, curious and mischievous puppy. He loves to play with stuffies by taking them out of the toy box one at a time, tossing it up in the air, and then going back to get another toy. He already loves to play fetch and will floppily chase after a frisbee or ball. Of course, his favourite toys aren’t toys at all. He loves the things that he discovers on his own such as his leash, paper towel rolls, and shoes. As a teething puppy, Darcy loves to chew on lots of things like blankets, pillows, and anything that dangles so he needs constant supervision when not in his crate. He is learning about the joys of all the smells when on a walk. He is learning to walk in a straight line (and not zig-zag right in front of his human) and with a loose leash. When he sees something new (e.g. a wagon or a dog), he likes to sit and observe. He can be a little timid at times so he will benefit from lots of gentle exposure to different sights, sounds, and people.

Darcy likes to be with his humans and does not like to be alone. If we go upstairs without him, he loudly voices his displeasure and runs around trying to find a way up too. He will follow his people all around the house, ‘helping’ with jobs like pulling laundry out of your hands or snoozing by your feet (or right beside you if you allow it). If he hasn’t seen you, even for a short amount of time, he excitedly greets you with a wagging tail and kisses. Since he wants to be with you all the time, crate training is a work in progress. He is beginning to see his crate as a safe and cozy place to rest. He sleeps in his crate every night as well as a nap during the day. He sleeps best in crate when he is in the same room as one of his people.  As a pup, Darcy will not do well in a home where he is alone all day. He needs regular bathroom breaks and lots of attention.  He will require a home where someone is home more than away but will also ensure that he has daily alone time in his crate so he doesn’t develop separation anxiety and learns independence.

Darcy is working on house training. With frequent bathroom breaks, Darcy does most of his business outside. After any nap, eating or a big drink, it is time to go on the grass. Darcy is learning basic obedience with the enthusiasm and attention span of a typical puppy.  He is treat-motivated but is easily distracted by everything new around him. He does well with  ‘sit’ and ‘come’.   Darcy will benefit greatly from obedience school and the skills learning and confidence building that comes from that.

Darcy is being fostered with two small dogs. He would be fine being the only pet or having dog siblings. He will get the zoomies and jump over (and into) the two small dogs in his foster home. His puppiness means that he crashes, falls, and bumps into others. He would do well with another playful dog or a mature, patient dog who will tolerate a puppy well. We think he has a medium activity level. He’s happy to go for a walk, play, and then nap. We love to see how he lays down- flat on his belly with his legs straight out behind him; adorable.  Darcy, being a puppy, has very sharp teeth and is still learning to manage his nipping and jumping behaviours.  A home with children over 8yrs of age will be needed for him as he will be far too excitable and therefore far too puppy bitey in a home with the energy of younger children.

Darcy’s beautiful fur will need regular brushing to avoid matted fur that can be painful to dogs. He doesn’t love to be brushed but he is okay with it. He will also need regular grooming appointments. He has a high-maintenance coat so will need his person to be on top of the grooming requirements and want a dog that requires daily brushing to keep his coat free of mats and tangles.  Darcy is a low shedding dog but cannot be considered hypoallergenic as the Cocker Spaniel part of him is a shedding dog.

This happy puppy deserves a family of his own who will love and take care of him for the rest of his days. This happy boy will bring his forever family lots of laughter and love.