Hello world! My name is Dennis! I was found with my sister roaming Northern Manitoba alone. Fortunately for us, Save a Dog Network Canada took as in and got us all the way to Southern Ontario where we will find the most perfect home to love us forever. I am a healthy 8-week-old male Husky/ Border Collie mix who currently weighs 10lbs. I am all about eating all the food since I have a lot of growing yet to do. Thought it is hard to say exactly, I will definitely be a medium to large breed dog. I am ridiculously cute as you can see in my professional photos. I am extra cute right now as only one of my ears has gone up and the other one is still floppy! And what about my tail? It’s got a cool white paint brush like tip. Don’t let my cuteness fool you….I am a real sweetie but I am also an adventurous puppy and I sure love to find anything to chew that I am NOT supposed to be chewing. Even all the toys in the world couldn’t keep me out of trouble. I need to be supervised constantly to make sure I don’t decide to chew baseboards, electrical wires, shoes ….really anything I can get my teeth on. I am pretty super about going in my crate as I know it is the safest place for me when I can ‘t be supervised. I have spent up to 3 hours in my crate without incident and have also started sleeping through the night. I am pretty good about going to the door and asking to go out but my foster family also pays very close attention to me and because of this I have had minimal accidents in the house.

I am still too little to be neutered so potential adopters must live within a reasonable distance (within an hour) of Cambridge as I must be returned to my vet at 6 months of age to be neutered (included in adoption cost). My adopter must be able to drop off and pick me up for this surgery. Adopters will be responsible for the continuation of puppy vaccinations and all other required vet care at their veterinarian of choice. I have had everything medically that puppies my age should have and have been microchipped as well. My forever family must also not have any holidays away planned for months coming up after adoption or be planning to move in the near future. Stability is key in months after my adoption.

I am SUPER smart! My foster family says the smartest puppy they have had the pleasure of fostering. I am highly food motivated and have been quick to pick up on what is asked of me. Being a young pup, I absolutely need to be enrolled in school so that I and my new family can learn the tools that will build a long lasting, happy relationship for all my years to come. I also have a lot of puppy energy to burn and mental stimulation is just exhausting! What a great way to settle me down by getting me working! I already love playing fetch! I am thrilled to chase a bouncy ball down the hall and then happily bring it back for my fosters to throw again. I currently am fostered with three senior dogs and I am definitely a lot. I wouldn’t say I am socially dense but I am still learning. My current foster siblings are exceptionally patient with me but not all dogs would be. I would do best in a home with another young dog or just on my own! My human companionship is most important to me right now.

I have been on a handful of walks and as you can expect, I walk just like a young puppy. I am easily distracted but I LOVE adventure. I will require an active family that wants to include me in their exciting activities! I am awesome in the car…actually it puts me right to sleep. I am always in a crate during alone time and at night – that is the safest place for me when I can’t be watched. Sometimes I will make a little noise to protest – I hate missing out – but I quickly settle down – especially if there is a peanut butter Kong in there with me. I have many many months of learning how to be part of an awesome family – with that being said I am not able to go to a family with young children as I will require SO much attention just on my own. A family with children 10 years and older would be best suited for my age. I will require a lot of physical and mental stimulation from my new family to keep me engaged and out of trouble.

I love being outside and would appreciate a secure fenced yard to enjoy… I also prefer a detached home as I am a husky and I do like to hear my own voice – that might be troublesome to the neighbours. I am the cutest little pupster you ever will meet and deserve the most loved life – that includes stability, structure, training and adventure. I also need someone who is home frequently as I am still being fed 3 times a day and have a tiny little puppy bladder that requires frequent outside visits. I have not been cat tested but would likely be okay with a dog savvy cat.

I ask a lot of my new family but that’s because I know I deserve it. I am loyal, intelligent, affectionate and deserve all the comfort in the world. I am hoping to find a family that is ready to invest their time in me, as I plan on loving them unconditionally for the rest of my life.