We at PDR firmly believe in the importance of obedience training, regardless of breed or size of dog, and have a clause in our adoption contract requiring adopters to attend and complete a basic obedience course at a facility of their choosing. Only in certain circumstances will we waive this clause so please be prepared to attend dog school should you wish to apply for a dog through our program.

All Pound Dog Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, dewormed (if required), and microchipped prior to adoption. The adoption donation of $400 is applied to assist in the costs of veterinary care and the overall care of the dog.

Plucky little Duckie is a very sweet, comical, 3 yr old little Beagle weighing in at approx. 25 lbs. But don’t let her size fool you. She has a heart of a big dog. Duckie is a surprisingly quiet and quite calm. She rarely barks. Not even when people come to the door. She does not chase, bark at, or lunge at dogs, cats, kids, joggers, bikes or the like when she is out on walks, or in yard looking out. She is called Duckie, because she is missing a toe on her back foot making it appear duck like. This has not affected her activity at all.

Duckie is a very affectionate dog and will sit quietly in your lap when invited, or at your feet, while you stroke her soft , silky ears. With more basic training, Duckie would be quite suitable as a therapy dog. That being said, Duckie also has an adventurous side. She loves to jump over, on, and through objects. She will slide down the park slide. And will even walk on a treadmill. Even if Duckie can go around an object, if she is excited she will jump over it and boy can she get air. She will run along benches, go through tunnels, and squeeze through cracks and even perch herself on a narrow window ledge like a cat. With proper training she would excel as an agility dog as it comes very naturally to her and she enjoys it. Duckie also LOVES car rides and will jump in the car anytime a door is open unless the car is really hot. She quietly lays down in her crate, and would likely sit calmly on the seat if safely secured by doggie seat belt. Duckie is also suitable as a short distance running partner for the slower runner and can run nicely with a group of people, ignoring even large gaggles of hissing geese. She is currently up to 3 km and could likely easily run 4 or 5 km with a bit of training so as not to put too much strain on her joints. Her only dislike is water. So she is not a dog to take to the beach to swim with.

Duckie loves ALL people, male , female, large and small. Even big cops in uniform. Although, hyper rambunctious, or yelling children make her a bit anxious. She will walk away from such situations and go lay down in her basket or sit between my feet. Duckie gets along very well with cats and seems to prefer them over dogs. Duckie does get nervous around dogs, but with proper introductions she calms right down and has even made some doggie friends. Duckie does better with calmer, older dogs but will adjust to more energetic dogs. If Duckie does get scared she may show her teeth or let out a high pitched bark. A gentle NO to interrupt her, a little distance and Duckie will calm down and you can continue walking with the other dog. She calms very quickly.

Duckie will chase rabbits and has a very keen hunting instinct. For this reason, her new home should not have any pet rodents or rabbits.

Duckie is most active in the morning and does require a good long walk on a long line and some playtime in the yard. She will also insist on a walk around dinner time. I use a 30 ft line so she can run around in the park but shorten the line when we are walking on the sidewalk. Duckie walks fairly well on a leash. When she is not distracted, she will speed up, slow down and stop and change direction when you do. She will often look up at you. However, she is a Beagle and so when the nose gets activated and she gets excited she temporarily forgets her training. She may pull a little and bump into you as she won’t be watching where she is going. Gentle, consistent reminders is all she needs. When she is distracted, a few direction changes and she will focus on you again. She really does want to please. Duckie will sit quietly to be leashed and unleashed, and has learned to sit before being given the “Go Play” command on the long line. In fact, she now anticipates this and will sometimes sit as soon as you enter the park so that she can be released on long line. She CANNOT be off leash as she is easily distracted by scents and by the time she realizes you are not with her, she could be lost.

Contrary to popular belief that Beagles are one of the least intelligent of the breeds, Duckie is very smart. Hounds just require a different approach to training. Duckie did not even know how to sit when I first started to foster her. She was a bit anxious and wanted to constantly jump up on me, and the couch. In the 3 short weeks I have had her Duckie has willingly learned many new commands. She is the most amazing little dog. She learns quickly, but seems to forget just as quickly. She only needs constant gentle reminders, and with time and repetition the required behaviours will become automatic.
Duckie understands the commands, sit, come, wait, slow (slow down gait), in your basket, in your crate, get around (when leash is wrapped around tree), up, and leave it / take it. We are going to start working on down, a maybe a few tricks for fun. She is not so food motivated, so has been trained using praise.

Duckie is crate trained and basket trained. She can be sent to her basket from a distance. She no longer jumps on the couch. She rarely jumps up on people; she now defaults to a sit position to elicit pets on her head. She will sit quietly if invited up on a chair.

Since she doesn’t bark much so she won’t bark to let you know she wants out. However, she will head towards the side door. When she wants a walk she goes to the front door. I let her out first thing in the morning and drag her out last thing at night. (Once she is resting in her basket at night, it is difficult to convince her to go out and she has many comical tactics to try and remain in her basket like her “fainting goat routine”. Once she is outside she will do her business. She will bark to come in. Go figure. Duckie will go into her crate most nights by herself when she sees me getting ready for bed.

If Duckie is to be crated she is best in the afternoon when she normally would nap anyway. If crated in the morning she will let out a few barks. After periods of being crated Duckie will initially be anxious, as she does have a bit of separation anxiety and she may run around or try and jump up. With simple corrections, and only petting her when she is sitting, she calms right down. The rest of the time, Duckie will either lay in her basket, find a nice sun spot, sit by the window to watch for rabbits, or sit by you to get petted. At this point I do not leave her out of the crate when I have to go out. She is okay with this. In time I am sure with her new people that she will be okay to be left out. Duckie does like to chew, and she is now choosing her rawhide and nylabones as preferred chew items.

Duckie would be suitable in a quieter home with either active semi – retired people, or a family with less rambunctious children over the age of 10, who might be interested in doing agility or rally with her. As she is very people centered, it is best she is not left alone all day. She requires a home with a secure fenced yard.

If you are looking for a most lovable, gentle, sweet, yet comical and fun loving dog, then Duckie is the dog for you. While she would be content to be a lap dog, I would love to see her in a home where she could reach her full potential and have some fun, either hiking, running, doing agility, rally or even tracking.

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