This sweet girl is Feebie.  Feebie is a happy, energetic and proud girl.  She loves to learn new things and loves to always be with her humans.  Feebie is a 4mth old German Shepherd/Husky cross, which would be the reason she is so so smart.  She came to us from Manitoba, her and another litter mate were found at the dump site alone and underweight.  Now that she is on good food she is gaining weight and looks much healthier.  She has a lot of the Shepherd colouring, and the beautiful markings of a Husky.

She will be a large size dog.  Many Shepherd traits shine already, smart, loyal, proud, and wanting to learn.  With full confidence this girl will be so well behaved.  So it is important that her new family put in the work that is suited for this kind of dog, in order for her to shine and standout as a dog that anyone would be proud to own.  

Feebie is very food/treat motivated.  We find it is very easy to do her training sessions with her.  She has mastered sit, lay down, come and shake a paw.  To brag on her behalf she had these commands conquered within a few days.  With her new person/family she will still need to work daily at them along with training classes, so she continues to gain the confidence we are starting to see.  Training classes are great mental stimulation exercise and socialization for dogs.

Feebie is being fostered with two other dogs, and they are best of friends.  She also has playdates with cousin dogs as well.  Feebie would love another dog in the household, as long as she still gets that one on one time with her humans.  She will be fine with older chidren, over 5yrs of age, but remember she is a pup and still nibbles, so setting boundaries for her and the kids will be needed.  She has not been exposed to cats, but she should be fine being so young.

In our home situation she is not left alone very often, but will be fine being alone for short periods of time.  With the exercise she needs, being away from the home more than 1/2 day is not ideal for her.  As she will need more physical and mental exercise then just an hour or so in the evenings. We find that if not enough exercise she does not settle very well, which may be a downfall for some families.  She is going to be a high energy dog and as such needs people who are already very active and outdoorsy and can ensure she gets her exercise needs met every day, regardless of weather.

Feebie is getting used to the  city surroundings but still is a little wary of the road noises.  She currently gets adventure walks throughout the day to expose her to as much as possible in our area. She will most likely require a few walks a day, about 45minute to 1.5 hours, one of these walks can be substituted with back yard play and training.  She loves to run fast so even a bike ride or run/jog would be right up her alley once she is fully grown.  She has put her feet into water, if you have a dog that is a water lover I am sure she will be easily swayed into going in totally. She watches in such excitement when other dogs in the water.

Feebie loves to be active, she loves playing with all her toys, she has squeaky ones, balls, teething bones and ropes.  She is getting so good at fetch, will bring it right back to you most of the time.  Feebie gets outside play, and training time in between her walks.  We also give her mind stimulation games that she plays with inside during rainy days.  If she gets the proper exercise when it is time to settle down she will, and if you sit down as well she will be cuddled right beside you.

With puppies they need to be continuously learning, which will require patience and commitments from their new humans.  In home, training as well as obedience classes need to be continued so that she becomes a well behaved dog, especial with the size she will be.  She is just pleasant all the time and you want to keep her that way.  With spending the time training it also builds a special bond between you.

Feebie is pretty much house trained.  Due to having a regular routine she has caught on going outside potty very easily.   We kept her to one door, always saying ‘outside’, once out saying ‘go potty’.  She goes to the door and will sit.  The only time she may have an accident is if you’re on a different floor level then her, and she is not being out on the hour.  She is a pup and still needs to be pretty much watched at all times, we wouldn’t want her to fall back on all the progress she has made with her housetraining.

Crate training is going well, she gets a treat every time she goes into it. Once she is in you don’t hear a peep out of her.  She goes in usually around 10:30 and wakes up a round 7:00.  The only time she will fuss or bark is when she has to go outside still for her duty but if she has her last time out around 10:30 she is usually fine for the night.  During the day she doesn’t spend a lot of time in her crate, however as long as she gets her exercise ahead of time, she will good for a few hours.  She really doesn’t mind the crate, she knows she will get a good rest.  One thing about her is that if you leave her alone, not in a crate she will chew on things like, converters, phones, slippers, shoes anything.  We haven’t left without her being in the crate, but even when we are home she has gotten a few of those items while cooking. As with all puppies, she needs 100% supervision when she isn’t in her crate to ensure that she isn’t getting into trouble.

Feebie would love a house that has a nice size yard that is fenced, however if you don’t have a fenced yard it is not a deal breaker.  If you are home during the days it will be easy to train her to stay with you in the yard.  She would be suited for an active family/people, someone who has had experience with owning a large size dog before is a big asset.  She will be in her glory if she could be someone’s companion for walks, runs, hikes and maybe even for agility or some kind of sporting class.   Her personality is calm yet spunky, she is inquisitive and proud.  She is so smart that it feels effortless when teaching her new commands, tricks and behaviours.

If you can give Feebie the time, dedication, training and leadership she deserves and provide her with a home full of love, attention and commitment than she will be a great addition to your family and home.  She will bring so much joy and love to her new forever family.