Meet Fletcher a 9 year old Olde English Bulldog. This is more of an original type of Bulldog and is bigger than the English Bulldog and has less of a pushed in snout. He is white and brindle in colour. He is a solid medium size dog who weighs approximately 75 pounds. We have been working on getting his weight down with diet and lots of walks. Ideally he should be around 65lbs. His new family will need to keep up with the exercise and really monitor his food intake to ensure he continues to lose the excess weight. Fletcher was an unclaimed stray. Fletcher came to us very well trained. He has great manners and knows commands for sit, stay, come, lay down and shake paw. He is kennel trained and will go right in if you say in your kennel. He is also comfortable on car rides and will hop right in.

Fletcher will need someone who is able to take him for daily walks. He loves his walks and is a pretty nosey guy who stops to stare at anybody he happens to see. He also loves to smell everything and does mark his scent at pretty much every post he comes across, so pack your patience on these walks. He is generally very good at walking beside you but he will get very excited and try and pull you if he sees another dog so you will have to be able to hold him back. He is a typical bulldog so can be very stubborn and not want to listen to anything you have to say. When he starts to pull I get in front of him and make him sit and try to bring his attention to me. This is something that will have to be continued working on. He is not too fond of cats and will also try to go after them if he sees them. Squirrels he doesn’t seem to bother with. His training is coming along, but he will need continued work on this and will need an experienced dog owner family or person, ideally someone experienced in Bulldogs and knows of their stubborn traits and can manage that. He also needs someone physically able to control a 75lb dog who has decided he wants to investigate something in the other direction than you want to head.

Although he is an older dog he does have him excitable moments. He loves to play with you and he does try and jump up on you so you have to watch that. He can very much be a bull in a china shop as is common with his breed. He doesn’t know his strength and is over zealous in his love for you and play. A home with children under 10yrs of age will not be suitable for him. A calmer home environment would be best for Fletcher as, again, typical Bulldog, he can get over excited if others around him are excited, so a busy or loud home will be too stimulating for him.

His typical day is spent going for his walks, sleeping and sitting on his bed chewing his bone. A big back yard is not really necessary as long as he can go on a couple walks a day for exercise. He does enjoy lying beside you but does think he is a lap dog and will crawl right on top of you so he can get as close to you as possible. He enjoys lots of scratches on his belly and well as his ears. Fletcher is a huge suck and loves all the attention he can get. He does not bark a lot usually only when he is playing with you. He does however do quite a bit of moaning and groaning as he changes sleeping positions. He does also snore very loud. He also has the Bulldog grumbles and growls which are not aggression at all but his way of communicating with you. He makes a good variety of weird and wonderful noises!

He enjoys meeting new people and is very friendly and will win you over within minutes with his charm. He loves meeting people and is a social butterfly. Fletcher travels well in the car. We crate him in the back and he settles in nicely for the ride. He is also crate trained and house trained and is an all-around good boy! We are looking for a home for Fletcher with no other pets as he would like to get all of his people’s attention and love.

I cannot say enough good things about Fletcher he is a great easy going dog with good manners. He enjoys just being around you so if you are looking for a fantastic companion dog this is the dog for you.