Introducing Gally! This sweet ragamuffin is a 4 month old spayed female Malamute/Husky X from Northern Manitoba. She has a fluffy, thick, light coloured coat and shorter-than-average tail that curls up on her back. Her most unique physical features are her 2 different coloured eyes (1 brown and 1 bright blue), and her black nose with a pink stripe down the middle. Gally is a beautiful dog and gets stopped for compliments wherever we go. She currently weighs just under 30lbs and growing like a weed. She will be a large sized dog when fully grown.

Gally has settled into her new indoor life in Southern Ontario quickly. She is crate trained and will rest quietly in her crate for hours. Her house training is going well with being diligent of letting her out every few hours and once through the night. She is a smart puppy and will enjoy obedience training. She can be stubborn; you can see her process what you’re saying to her and sometimes she will deliberately disobey! Gally would thrive in a home that has previous large dog experience and will focus on her training. She is not suitable for first time dog owners.

In her foster home Gally is with other dogs, cats, rabbits and a 7year old child. She loves her dog siblings and will wrestle and play all day. She (sometimes mistakenly) assumes that all dogs want to play with her as much as she wants to ply with them. She enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs and hasn’t met one she hasn’t liked. In her forever home Gally would love another young and playful dog in her forever home, but this is not a requirement as she loves people just as much. She would do well with a dog savvy cat who will not run from her but has shown a high prey drive so we would not want other small animals in her forever home or a cat that will run from her. Gally is still quite nippy and she is growing quickly; because of this she would do well in a home with older children, 7yrs and up, or an adult only home. She uses her teeth too much and is becoming too powerful for a home with younger kids.

A full social life is high on Gally’s priority list. She is very friendly and absolutely loves meeting new people. She soaks up all the attention she gets from strangers on walks or with visitors. She adores her people and can’t wait to have a family of her very own.

Gally travels well in the car. She has gone on many car rides, both short and longer trips. She’s a quiet passenger and will look out the window or rest of the adventure that is about to come. She’s shown she is a great camping companion and enjoys sleeping in her camping kennel in between playing and exploring. She loves the outdoors. Her ideal home will have a large fenced yard for her to play in. Any gardens will have to be well protected as she does love to dig.
True to her husky breed, Gally can be vocal and dramatic. She will bark during play or to express how she’s feeling, and you’ll certainly know if she’s mildly injured (you’ll think a stubbed toe is a broken limb!) She would not be suitable for an apartment, condo or other attached living residence. Gally is a fun-loving, sassy, free spirited puppy who is eager to please and can’t wait to find her forever family! She might just be a great fit for those large breed loving, experienced dog people. If this is you and you are active, outdoorsy and love to head out on long walks and hikes all year long, this may just be your perfect companion and all around bestie!