Looking for some fun in your life? Meet Gilbert, a 6 month old German Shepherd and Chow mix from Northern Manitoba. Gilbert is a busy, active, up for anything type of pup who is such a fun friend to have around. He is a solidly built pup who will be a large, stocky boy when fully grown. He is currently 45 lbs and we expect he will be 60 or 70lbs full grown. Gilbert made his way to our rescue from our friends at Save a Dog Network Canada when he was found suffering from demodex mange and starvation in the far north. Thankfully he was found in time and got the necessary medical care to save him. His fur is still very patchy with some bare spots but we have had the mange treated and he is doing great, it just will take time for his full coat to grow back. He is now busily making up for that tough time in his life with all the vigour and spunk his new, healthy self can muster.

Gilbert is a smart puppy who loves to learn. He is super food motivated which makes the positive reinforcement training he is receiving a huge success. He is an avid learner and picks up on commands so quickly. He has already mastered a sit, down, stand , name recognition and come command. He is excellent with the handling work we do with him, he has no issues with people around his food bowl, and he is perfectly crate trained. We need to ensure that he goes to a person or family that is very active, are experienced owners of large working breed dogs, and will be fully invested in taking him through advanced levels of training. This dog is confident and a quick learner so it would be a complete shame not to work him to the highest level. He would be a great dog for dog sports in the future as well. Gilbert will not be a suitable dog for a 1st time dog owner or someone who has never trained a large breed dog before but for that experienced dog owner looking for an outgoing, friendly and eager training partner and all around best friend, this pup will be a perfect fit.

Gilbert lives in a foster home with other dogs and cats. He gets along well with the dogs but as a teenage puppy, can be a complete pest with his desire to play a lot. He would be great in a home with another large, youthful, playful dog. He will be way too much pup for a small breed dog or a senior dog, but a dog that would enjoy running and wrestling games would be so much fun for him. He could also be the only dog and get all of his people’s attention, but would need regular play dates with suitable dog friends to keep his socialization up. He will not be suitable for a home with cats or small animals. He has a strong prey drive and we have to constantly supervise him around our cats.   Thankfully our cats are very dog savvy and know not to run from him, but we know, if in a home with a cat that would run he would go after it. As he matures we expect his prey drive will as well so no cats please for all the pet’s safety.

Gilbert is good in the car and is quiet for the ride. We crate him in the car for safety. He is nervous to get into the car but this will only get better with more exposure. He is doing great with his housetraining and knows to go to the bathroom when he is outside. He is so good and will go every time you take him out. He still doesn’t know how to tell you that he has to go though so he needs constant supervision when in the home and needs to be taken out frequently as all puppies do.   Gilbert is crated whenever we aren’t home and at night. He sleeps though the night quietly. He will run into his crate eagerly as he knows he gets a treat and a chew toy every time he goes in. We have made sure to be leaving the house so he is used to being alone and is fine with that. As a puppy, he can only hold it for a few hours now so will need a family that has a schedule that can accommodate a puppy’s needs. He will not be suitable for a family that is away from the home for a full work day. He doesn’t always love going into his crate during the day…he has stuff to do and he doesn’t have time for naps thank you very much! He will sometimes bark and whine and let you know all about his displeasure but this lasts for only about 5 min and then he realizes that he did in fact need a nap after all. At night though, as long as he has had a busy day and gotten his energy out, he will go in quietly and sleep soundly.

Gilbert is an active pup and this energy level will grow with him. He will need a lot of daily outside activity and when older will need running activity and lots of long walks. He will not be a dog that will be happy with a simple stroll around the block. He is busy and needs to be tired out to be happy. If considering Gilbert please be honest with yourself about your energy level. Are you currently very active and outdoorsy and enjoy long hikes, runs, biking etc? If so, this is your dog!!

Gilbert loves going for his walks and will confidently strut around anywhere you take him. He loves the adventure of new locations to explore. Right now he wears a coat as his fur is so patchy and he looks so cute in his little coat and his gangly legs, prancing along. He will have a plush coat when all his fur grows back…he is going to be a really handsome dog with his puffy Chow muzzle and red coat and his Shepherd lankiness. Gilbert attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes and he quite enjoys meeting new people and all the attention he can get. Gilbert is generally a calm dog in the home but has his puppy moments of over excitement where he can get jumpy and nippy. This is typically when people come to visit. He needs continued reminders that all 4 paws have to be on the ground and we don’t nip our friends. Because he can be easily overstimulated a home with children over 10 years of age is required for him. He is a big puppy and will far too easily get caught up in the excitement of younger children and this will bring out the worst of his puppy behaviours.

Gilbert is one of those happy go lucky, never had a bad day, types. He is such a friendly, smiling, joyful pup that he brings a lot of fun to a home. When you take him new places he strolls in like he owns the place and is thrilled to meet anyone new. He will be such a fun best friend and partner on all of life’s adventures for that person or family that is active and committed to working with him and bringing out the very best in this brilliant pup!