Gracy May


Everyone meet Gracy May the happiest little hiker! Gracy is a 6 year old Yorkie with a gorgeous blonde face and that beautiful Yorkie blue in her body coat. Gracy has the sweetest under bite with her 2 little fangs as the only teeth you can see. Gracy weighs about 10lbs.

Gracy is a very sweet little girl who needs time to trust her humans. She is full of energy and can get those little legs moving at top speed when she is running in the house. She bounces out of her crate in the morning and runs at top speed down the hall and then runs back toward you with a big smile and her little tail just wagging like crazy. Gracy is full of energy but also loves to be lazy on the couch. Gracy is always very happy when she is out walking. She went for a 10km hike and was smiling the entire way. Gracy is quite nervous but her curiosity outweighs the nerves by just enough to keep her moving forward in new situations. Gracy is very gentle and when she is comfortable she will snuggle. Gracy has the cutest quirk of licking her lips when she is nervous, but comfortable in a situation. Very cute because with her under bite she can only lick her upper lip. Gracy has a silly side and has the cutest little howl when she wants to be playful.

Gracy came from a neglectful breeding situation. Because of past experiences, Gracy does not like to be picked up. She tolerates it when necessary but much prefers to have her feet on the ground. Gracy will never be a dog that you put in a purse and take with you everywhere. Gracy is still very skittish when there are loud noises, including loud cars when we are out for our walks. Gracy is also very nervous around loud voices, especially male voices. Gracy needs time to trust the humans in her life. Gracy would do best in an adult home or home with older teen children who know to give her space and not carry her around. Gracy does not go up to strangers looking for attention, she would much rather not be touched until she is completely comfortable with the humans around her. Gracy’s confidence is improving and she will now go up to strangers and sniff and walk away, huge accomplishment for this little girl. Gracy will snuggle up to you on the couch but it is on her terms. She is more of an idenpendant type.

Gracy lives with 2 other dogs currently. Gracy loves going for pack walks. She is super happy when she is walking with a bunch of dogs that can teach her what to do and not get in her face. Gracy has had some challenges while living with other dogs. Gracy is super happy to see her dog siblings and will lick their faces and wag her tail when she sees them but she also has a possessive/protective side to her and will growl and snarl at the other dogs if she doesn’t think they should be where they are. We have worked significantly on this behaviour but if she was in a home with other dogs this work would need to continue. For this reason we are looking for a home for her where she will be the only dog but have dog buddies to go on walks with.

Gracy is a little dog with big personality. Gracy is a nervous dog who is very curious. Gracy likes to explore when we are on our walks. She will benefit greatly from obedience classes as she is quite the weaver. Gracy will still get scared of loud noises on our walks and uses a martingale collar as a safely measure. Gracy is very good at moving forward while walking and sometimes is a little stronger than she looks and will pull. Gracy will walk past other dogs and not pay much attention to them, however if you are stopped when the dog passes she feels the need to bark at them. Gracy is a bit spooked when other dogs bark at her but will move forward with you to get away from the barking. Gracy still gets nervous in the house when she doesn’t know where her humans are or if there are loud noises such as vacuuming or dishes clanging. Gracy will occasionally have accidents of the bladder and sometimes bowel variety when she is very nervous and out of sight of her humans. As with all dogs that are new to housetraining, supervision is key and she needs to be kept in sight at all times or be in her crate. Gracy is house trained otherwise and when taken out regularly she knows her business is to be done outdoors. Gracy is crate trained and is happy to go in when she is told. Gracy does not like to spend long periods in her crate so would not do well spending an entire work day in there. Gracy does very well in the car. Her little legs can’t quite get her in the car so she needs help but once she is in there she curls up on the seat for the ride and then can get herself out of the car when arrives at her destination.

Gracy is very smart and is starting to learn some basics like sit and touch. With patience and practice this little girl will pick up many commands. Gracy has not quite figured out toys yet. Sometimes the squeaking noise scares her and she runs to her safe spot to see from a distance what the noise was. Gracy has not been tested with cats. Gracy’s ears do perk up and she becomes very interested in squirrels when they run past on our walks but she has not yet run toward one. Gracy has had 8 teeth pulled and a mammary mass removed during her spay. The mass was benign and Gracy recovered very well after her surgery. Gracy is a bit of a fussy eater and seems to like a bit of a combination of 2 foods. These 2 foods will be sent with her adoptive family. Gracy is a very sweet, curious and happy little dog who just needs time to trust her humans. Once she trusts you she shines.