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Hermin is a super cute 8 year old Miniature Dachshund, with a beautiful dark shiny coat, and big loveable brown eyes. He’s such an affectionate and caring guy, and always follows us around the house, especially when there’s food involved. He’s extremely food motivated, which makes it easy to get his attention. Hermin loves going for walks, and exploring around outside. He likes to stop and smell the flowers as much as he likes being the leader on his walks.

Like a lot of Dachshunds, Hermin is vocal at times, and alerts you when someone is at the door, or if he hears someone close by. He likes showing off to other dogs how loud he can be, but is quick to focus back on his walk and continue on his way. He needs a person familiar with the Dachsie breed who understands that alert barking is part of what they do.  Big dogs in small bodies!! On walks, he can sometimes try to pull but it’s easy to keep him on track due to his small size and weight.  Hermin is good in the car, a little excited at the prospect of a trip at first, but settles in nicely for the ride.  He would make a good travel companion.  Hermin loves his walks and is used to getting out a few times a day.  He doesn’t require overly long walks but definitely does want to get out exploring every day.  His walks are highlights of his day, along with food time and cuddles!!

We’ve found Hermin doesn’t like the cold very much, and usually shivers or shakes when he’s trying to warm up, which we decided to give him the silly nick-name of “Shaky-Legs Hermin”. He loves to burrow or bundle up in a blanket when it’s cooler weather, and he’s great with wearing little sweaters and vests, and enjoys dressing up to stay warm.

If you’re sitting down to relax, you can be sure Hermin will want to sit right on your lap and relax with you. He loves resting and being near people as much as possible. He is the ultimate lap dog!  He requests a lot of attention, and always wants to be near his family, rather than being alone. We would recommend someone who is home more often and has time to spend with Hermin, and give him the love and attention this affectionate guy deserves.  He would be best with a retired person or someone who works from home and can work with a wiener dog on their lap.  Hermin would like a home with one person that he can devote himself to or 2 people at most.  He likes a quiet, adult home and to not have children visitors.  He is shy initially when meeting new people and does best when he is allowed to approach new friends on his terms and timeline.  He does not like people rushing in at him.  He requires an understanding, patient and calm person in his life who will understand that he is an introvert and really loves a quiet, loving home environment. Because he can be barky he would not be ideally suited to apartment or condo living.  He is house trained and crate trained.  He would be fine with cats in a home and would also do ok with another mature, calm, small dog but he would not like to live with larger dogs and ideally, would like all of the doggie attention for himself and be a lone dog in the home.

Hermin has come a long way from when he first arrived. When we got him he was in very poor shape from an untreated skin condition.  He has a genetic condition called Hyperpigmentation (Acanthosis Nigricans).  This condition is found primarily in Dachshunds.  This condition causes darkening and thickening of the skin and fur loss in the leg and groin area.  We set about treating Hermin and his recovery has been amazing so far.  The vet noted it may be something which requires care every few months, depending on his improvement.  Care involves oral medications and special shampoo.  Thankfully he takes to baths well.  Anyone interested in Hermin needs to research this condition and be committed to staying on top of it.  It is very manageable, but, as in the case of Hermin before we got him, it can get out of control quickly if ignored and this makes for an uncomfortable dog.

Hermin has so much love to give, and he will attach himself to you like you’re the only thing that matters in his little world. From what we’ve learned, he’s a typical Dachshund, and those experienced with this breed will feel like they already know him.  We are looking for a person or couple for Hermin who are experienced with this breed and fully understand the genetic issues surrounding this breed of dog.  Short legs with a long back can lead to back issues so this has to be taken into consideration and Hermin cannot be allowed to get to be overweight.  If you love Dachsies (and who doesn’t really??) then Hermin might just be a great dog for you!



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