We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process. For more information on our process and requirements, visit our adoption information page.


Let me introduce you to Hero, an approximately 1 year old male German Shepherd/Mastiff mix.  He is a beautiful boy who is kind and in need of a quiet and calm, loving home and family.  Hero is a timid but sweet boy with a very gentle soul.

Hero was picked up by an animal control facility as a stray and was never claimed.   He now has the opportunity now to find his forever family. Hero deserves a family who is as devoted to his as he will be to them. He needs to belong in a home where he will not be allowed to roam free and be safe, and where he can be confident in that fact that he is home forever and will never be lost or abandoned again. Hero would do well with an active family as he loves to go for walks and run and play. His energy level does need to be monitored currently though as he is recovering from heart surgery, but more on that later.

Hero is great in the car and loves to go for car rides and will be happy with his seat belt on in the back seat.  He is definitely a dog who would love to accompany you on adventures and be a great road trip buddy.

Hero is good on a leash and does not pull.  However because he is timid, you need to make sure that you have good hold of the leash in case something scares him and he tries to bolt. He requires an experienced handler who understands how to be a confident leader for a dog and instill confidence in him as he continues to adjust to the world around him.  He is being fostered in a rural area and this suits him best.  He gets scared by a lot of noise or commotion so won’t do well at all for city living. We are looking for a rural home for Hero or one in a quiet area where there he can enjoy his daily walks in peace.  Hero loves his daily walking and activity.  He is a dog that absolutely needs to get his exercise needs met to be happy.  He tends to be anxious and unsettled if he doesn’t get his energy needs met.   He is still learning leash rules such as walking on the left side of you because he tends to zigzag.  But with continued leash training Hero is a dog who will enjoy going for runs with his people and also on long hikes.

Hero is house trained but needs his people to let him out regularly. He doesn’t know how to tell you he needs to go out yet.  He is currently let out often during the day with his foster siblings.  He does not have accidents in the house. Hero is left in the kitchen when his foster family is away and this suits him well.  He would need a room to call his own in his forever home as well.  Hero sleeps in his foster parent’s room where he has access to a soft comfortable memory foam dog bed that he sleeps right beside. Once you tell him it’s time for bed, he will trot along with his foster siblings into the bedroom and take his place on the floor. He is good for the night.

Hero is still learning to play appropriately with other dogs and can be too rough.  He mouths their neck, legs and back to try and coax them to play.  He has to be supervised and interrupted when he gets to be too much. Hero would do well in a home with another friendly, well behaved large dog who would tolerate his rough play ways but this is not necessary. He would be fine as an only dog as long as his person was home most of the time. He is very attached to his foster mother who is working from home.  He does not like to be far away from her and gets anxious when she leaves the room without him.  He is getting better and is being left longer and longer with other family members and alone but this is a work in progress. Hero will need dedication to help him continue to develop, gain confidence and thrive with continued socialization and training.  Hero requires a home where his person is home most of the time, whether working from home, active retiree or something similar. He will not too well in a home where he is left for many hours every day.

Hero has discovered toys and the joy he gets from throwing a toy up in the air and catching it is heartwarming.  Sometimes he lets us play too.  He has discovered shoes which he is being corrected on but other than that he only plays with dog toys and leaves everything else alone.  He never seemed to know what a toy was before so it is heartwarming to see him interacting with his toys now.

Hero is also good with his two foster cats and almost completely ignores them.  We would consider a home for Hero that has a dog savvy cat who knows not to run from or react to a dog.   Hero is not being fostered in a home with children and we believe that he would do better in a home without or older children (16+).  He still mouths at times like a puppy, and although this is being corrected, it is a work in progress and he won’t be suitable in a home where young children live or visit regularly.  Hero is still learning basic obedience.  Hero knows the words sit, lie down, time for bed, go out, good boy and no.  Hero’s new family must commit to continuing his obedience training to bring out the best in this smart dog. In the end you will have a devoted family member that has all the love in the world to give.

As mentioned at the start, Hero has undergone surgery on his heart while in our care.  He came to us with a condition called Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) which is essentially, a valve in his heart that should have closed at birth, remained open.  This is a fatal condition if not surgically corrected and thankfully we got Hero in time and had that surgery done through a veterinary cardiology specialist.  It went very well and Hero is recovering nicely.  It should of, however, been corrected long before Hero came into our care and this was not done by his previous owner.  Because of this Hero’s heart was enlarged.  Since the surgery his heart has reduced but is not quite back to normal size as of his 1 month recheck.  It may never return to completely normal size but will still reduce as he gets better and better.  Before and after his surgery we had to strictly reduce his exercise as it was too strenuous on his heart.  After his 1 month check-up we were told that his exercise could be slowly increased.  With a dog that requires a lot of exercise to be sated and happy, this exercise restriction was very hard on Hero and caused him anxiety.  We are seeing him calm more with increased exercise but it will be a bit still before he can fully exercised to his liking.  The good thing about his condition is that the surgery fixed the problem and his heart is functioning normally now.  It is just the damage to the heart from delayed care that we are working on now.  Anyone interested in Hero needs to research this condition and be familiar with it, and also needs to be able to bring him back to OVC in Guelph in a few months for his 4 mth recheck.  PDR will pay for this appointment but his owners will have to be able to get him to the appointment which would be booked during a weekday.

Hero is a sweet dog who adores his people or person.  He is loyal and will be a trusted friend.  He needs that loyalty returned though and is in search of a person who believes that a dog is a partner for life. He came through his heart surgery like a champ and 1 mth afterwards handled his neuter surgery without any issues either.  So this dog is strong and there is no reason to suspect he won’t have a long and full life.  His vet heart specialist advised that there is no reason to hold him back from being adopted now, so, our boy is ready to find his forever family.  Big dog lovers, here is a great one for you!








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