Hershel and Major


These 2 beauties are 11 week old Walker Hound / Vizsla mixes that came to us from an accidental litter. They have been a lot of fun for their foster family these last few weeks but now it is time for them to find a forever family of their very own.  They will be large dogs when full grown, around 50 to 60 lbs and will be very athletic, solid dogs built to run.  We are looking for separate homes for these pups and will not adopt them out together. Please ensure you read their bios in detail as these pups will not be the ideal fit for every home or family, but will be great dogs for their perfect matches!

We will only consider homes for the pups where someone is home or has the capabilities to come home throughout the day. Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8hr work day. We are also looking for families that are fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved. Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly. They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate. We are also looking for a family that will crate train the puppies as we fully believe that this is the best for pups and offers them a quiet and secure “den” to call their own. A crate trained pup is a blessing as it offers a safe place to put them when you can’t be watching them all the time.

Hershel and Major are both very busy bodies that are constantly on the hunt for something that they can put in their mouths, or something that they can jump all over.  Their favourite toys are all of them. If it squeaks, rolls, bounces, or can be tugged on with a friend, they like it. These pups live with a cat, although they have not had many encounters with her so we cannot say for certain that they will be okay or not, though being puppies they can learn to live with a dog savvy cat.  These pups are living with 4 resident dogs and they love to run around, wrestle, chase and snuggle with them.  They have not been introduced to dogs outside of the home, though with proper introductions we don’t feel like it there will be any issues.  These pups love to play and you can count on them wrestling with each other almost non-stop all day long, they do like to play rough and older dogs may not enjoy this type of play with them.  They are so young and could easily adjust to a home with or without other dogs or a cat. We will not consider a home for them with small pets though as we expect that their prey drive for rabbits etc will develop as they mature. Both pups will be fine in a home with older children, over 8 years of age, but will be too much pup for younger kids. They are just beginning to enter their terrible puppy stage of nipping, biting, jumping and chasing and need a home that can manage this appropriately.  So any older children who are in the home must be well versed in proper play with dogs and parents should be on top of correcting unwanted behaviours from both puppy and child to ensure a happy co-existence.

For house training, they have come a long way from when we got them but like all pups they need to be watched constantly when out of their crates. They do know to pee as soon as they go outside, but will go in the house if they need to and their signs are missed. They are however starting to walk to the door and pawing it to signal when they need to go out but this cannot be relied on. Supervision is key with puppy training! The pups are now crate trained and sleep well in their crates nightly.  They may let out some barks or whines for a few minutes, but they generally calm themselves and sleep until about 530 in the morning or so.  During the day it’s the same thing, they will let out a few whines or barks but they do eventually settle and sleep for the day.  Because they can be noisy while in their crates, we are seeking a fully detached home for these two to ensure that neighbours won’t be disturbed and to reduce the chances of complaints.  They were quite vocal when learning crating the first week in their foster home and a hound has a deep, loud voice, so their new family needs to understand that they may be vocal again for a few nights as they adjust to a new home.

These puppies are true hounds and are nose to the ground whenever outside.  They love to sniff and explore.  A large, fenced in yard is required for their safety as they will follow a scent trail and be off and running if ever they get out and aren’t confined.  They are a mix of two highly active hunting dogs bred to run so will need a very active person or family who will ensure that they get plenty of outdoor time and when grown, have running exercise as well.  They will not be dogs satisfied with a simple walk around the block and a slow stroll.  These dogs want to be on the move and are bred to go long distances at a decent pace. They will be amazing hiking companions or walking buddies for those who enjoy a very long, fast paced walk and want a dog to keep up with them.  The best part of hounds and Vizsla’s though is their great nature and friendliness.  These pups, if socialized properly, will be everyone’s friend and will be dogs you can take anywhere with you!!

We will be expecting our adoptive families to attend puppy socialization class with their new pup immediately upon adoption, along with, at minimum, level 1 obedience school after. The guidance and lessons learned in puppy classes are very important to getting your pup off to a good start. We handle these pups every day and will be offering them everything they need to be the best pups they can be when they leave our care but we need the adoptive families to take over for us when they get the pups home. We take our responsibilities to these pups very seriously and only want the best for them. We adore these puppies and will settle for nothing less than a dedicated, loving family that is well aware of the breed requirements and the needs of a puppy and this breed mix. We also are looking for families that want the dogs they will grow to become, not just the little bundle of furry cuteness. If you have been thinking about adding a large breed puppy to your family and have the time and patience to properly raise a pup then they may just be perfect for you. We know you will fall in love with them as deeply as we have when you meet them. They are simply adorable puppies. They will be loving, devoted family dogs in the right home. Maybe this home is yours? If so, please apply for them and tell us some more about yourselves!