Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Meet Isla. She is a 1.5 year old Rough Collie.  She has a beautiful thick and fluffy coat with beautiful beiges, creams, whites and some black accents. I just love the little black marking on her tail. She is a large sized dog and we think she will weigh about 60-70 pounds when she puts on a little weight as it took her a bit to eat proper amounts and she came to us quite thin.

Isla was surrendered from a puppy mill, although we don’t believe that she has ever had puppies. She is a lucky one who got out of that life early and this is due to a downsizing at the mill.  She comes across very timid and unsure at first but once she trusts you she does not want to leave you alone.  She is quite the love and very much a “people dog” and once you earn her trust you have a friend for life.

Right when we saw the picture of Isla we knew even before meeting her that she would be a keeper, she just has the sweetest “please love me” face. Upon meeting her I knew I was right, she was a bit timid but for up a calm greeting and kissed me on the cheek. From that moment she loved following me all around the house and staying by my side. She quickly got along with her now foster dog siblings, it does take a bit for her to get playing but she enjoys that now, but she is more than happy to just be right next to her person. She does fit in great with our dogs and cat but she also wouldn’t miss anything if she was the only dog in the house She is always full of excitement and love, I always joke that I can’t make eye contact with her or say her name because within seconds she’ll be right over stomping her feet and wagging her tail to get some affection. She will often paw at me if I am ignoring her or if I stop petting her and sometimes while I work she will use her snout to push my arm to get her head under so I just have to pet her. Isla would benefit the most from someone who has the time to give her this attention and affection. She is okay sitting on the couch across the room or on her bed but she is happiest when she can climb right up on my lap with her face right in front of mine.

She loves exploring new things and going on adventures- with caution as she is considered a flight risk due to her still getting used to life outside of a breeding kennel and once she spots a squirrel or bird she has nothing else on her mind then to chase it. She also does not love to be left alone outside, this is when she starts looking around to plan her escape. A home with a very secure fenced in yard is a must for her along with supervision when outside. She cannot be left up to her own devices.

She has already gone on her first big camping adventure and loved being outdoors and sniffing around, going on hikes, sitting by the water and enjoying the weather. She has not been around kids too often but when she has she has done well as long as the kids know not to make any big or sudden movements as it does take her awhile to trust and she can be very timid at first. We are looking for a home for her without young children or regular visiting young children as the noise and quick movements of kids will be too frightening for her.  A home with teens would be fine though.

Isla’s next home needs to be her forever home because she gets very attached to her people, if her foster mom leaves the house to put out the garbage or just for a minute she will sit at the door waiting for her to come back, she will follow her around the whole house because she just loves being with her person that much. With that being said she actually does do well in her crate and has no trouble walking in on her own when told with or without a treat.  She has to be crated when she is left in the house alone as she is comfortable and secure in there and will rest.  She would be too anxious being left out in the house alone and could cause damage or mess.

She is a very intelligent dog, without focusing on obedience skills too much we have already taught her sit, off, and lay down. Since we have only had her for about 3/4 weeks now we wanted to focus more on making her comfortable and her manners rather than tricks. She is a quick learner and will do well with consistency and routine. She is also quite the explorer, if her nose catches a scent you bet she’s following that trail, or if she catches something out of the corner of her eye.   She gets along great with other dogs and doesn’t react to them while out on walks. She has been great with our cat, she does not bombard him but if he allows it she will sniff him and get close to him.  She would do well with a dog savvy cat who knows not to run from or react to a dog.  Isla has a beautiful coat which will require considerable grooming to keep healthy and tidy.  She is considered a “high needs” for grooming requirements and can only go to a home with someone who is willing to invest the time to keep her coat well-groomed and free of mats and tangles.  Regular trips to a groomer will be required as well for overall coat maintenance.

For the most part she is potty trained but sometimes still has accidents inside, most often on her bed. This just requires a little bit more consistency and supervision to help get her fully house trained as she never had this training before so for the few weeks we’ve had her she has made a huge improvement.   As mentioned, Isla loves exploring and adventures, she will be a great companion for those that love the outdoors, she does great on car rides and loves, loves, loves affection and attention.  We love Isla so much already and we know that she will definitely be missed when it is time for her to go from our home but we will be so happy once she gets the perfect family. Don’t let her shyness at first meet fool you, once she trusts you she is full of love and affection and just wants that same love back. Some of the things that we will miss most are her sweet little kisses, when she wants cuddles and will climb all over you just to lay right by your face, she might be big but she thinks she’s a lap dog, and her cute little foot stamps when she missed you or just really wants attention.  She has been the sweetest little lady and we can’t wait for her to find her loving family.