Who’s ready for a party? A birthday party that is! Want to celebrate with this sweetheart? Well, her 6th birthday is coming up soon and you could be the one to spoil her and treat her like the queen she is!

Let me introduce you to Java.  She is a 5 and a half year-old chocolate Lab. Waking up with Java is the very best way to start your day. Java is such a sweetheart, and just like her namesake, she has lots of energy and life is so much better with her in it.

Java is an excellent sized dog for any living situation.  She’s not huge, about 65-70lbs, but is big enough to handle anything you want to do with her.  She has the typical brown coat of all chocolate labs – a mix of light and dark brown fur – and has the softest head you’ve ever felt! So velvety, you just want to keep petting it. When she came to us, she had several patches on her coat, but thanks to a proper diet and grooming they’re almost all gone.

For Java’s first 5 years of life she was used for breeding purposes, up until about 6 weeks ago when she came into our care. Java has never known a life as a pet and has been working so hard in the past few weeks to learn how to trust people and how to feel safe. She had no exposure to the world outside of the kennel, had no socialization to people other than the kennel owners and experienced nothing in her life but an overcrowded, loud, barn.

Java has been such a good girl during her stay with us. During her first few weeks she had a few accidents inside her crate but once her blankets were removed from the crate she stopped and has had no issues since. Java is slowly learning basic commands in her foster home, but her forever family will need to commit to obedience training to bring out the best in this smart (food-motivated) dog.

Java’s source of exercise are walks. Her foster home does not have a fenced yard and she does not yet understand how to play with toys or fetch balls, however, she started showing interest in a tennis ball last week. Java is still learning how to “dog” so we think she would do well in a house with another calm, well-mannered dog who can show her the ropes but this is not a necessity for her.

She loves her crate as it’s a safe place that she can hide when she is feeling overwhelmed. She sleeps in her crate at night and stays in her crate when we are away from the house. Because Java spent nearly her whole life crated we do not currently crate her all day. We’ve been slowly increasing the time she spends in there – starting with 30 minutes and are now up to 3-hour stretches. However, Java’s foster mom works from home so she knows Java cries for a bit when she’s crated during the day, but has learned to self-sooth. Java could go to a home where she is alone for a few hours each day (4-6) but would not thrive in a home where she is alone for a full standard workday plus commute. Java is a typically quiet girl and not a nuisance barker at all.

She really enjoys being outside – she will wag her whole body when you let her out of the crate and hops around like a bunny when she gets outside. Java’s foster home is surrounded by trees and it’s obvious that she can smell all the wonderful scents coming from the forest and wants to go explore. She likes to be brushed and will lie still while you brush her for any length of time. She prefers laying on the floor instead of her nice big cushy bed. Could be the temperature or it could be that she just doesn’t understand it yet – but we are working on teaching her how to be a dog. Java absolutely loves car rides – in fact she runs to the car almost immediately every time she gets outside. Once inside, she’ll either watch the world go by, or lay down and take a nap. And if the windows are down she’ll rest her head on the frame and poke her nose outside.

During her foster-life, Java met both a large and a medium dog (separately) and did very well. She was curious about both but was more hesitant with the larger dog, but did approach her after a while. On her daily walks, she ignores other dogs unless they engage first – and even then she usually just keeps walking.

Java has a definite preference for women to the point that she has shown signs of over bonding to her foster Mom. She is fearful of some men, including her foster Dad, however she is slowly warming up to him. Java is calm and sweet during the day, but once her foster Dad comes home, she tends to run to her crate or a corner of the room. Java has done this since day 1 and only time and consistency will correct this behaviour and her forever family needs to be aware of this and work diligently to overcome it.

Java’s forever home should have a woman as one of the main people in her life, and if there are men in the home they will need to be gentle and calm natured and be patient with Java. The men in her home will need to ensure that they were taking on the majority of her care early on to ensure that she bonds to everyone in the home.   Her people will need to work with her to help her gain confidence and ensure that she doesn’t enter into hyper bonding with any one person in her home.  Java’s forever family will need to understand the patience and work it will take to help rehabilitate and incorporate her into their family. It will not happen overnight but instead take time and deliberate care.

That being said Java has already made so much progress in the short time we’ve had her that we know in her perfect family it won’t take long for her to accept and start enjoying her new life. Adopting Java gives this momma the new chance at life she deserves and gives your family the most special new member. Java will repay your kindness with love and affection for the rest of her life.

Java’s ideal home is one that is in a rural setting or a quiet neighbourhood. To help Java adapt and feel safe we highly recommend that her adopters have a fully fenced backyard that goes all the way to the ground. An apartment is not suitable for Java given her nervous nature around strangers, a building setting with other people and dogs would be too much for her.

Java is not being fostered in a home with children but did meet a toddler one time. She was curious of the child and got scared when there were loud noises – which is inevitable with children. Java is a somewhat timid dog, with a gentle nature, and we believe that gregarious, loud, and rowdy children may be too much for her.  But she would love the attention she would get from older, quieter kids, over the age of 10 who would love to pet her and play nicely with her in the yard.

As a foster it is always hard to write an adoption bio that encompasses all aspects of a dog but with Java it has been even more difficult than normal. Java is an amazing girl. She has a personality that will light up your whole life and she is truly a pleasure to have as company. I cannot overstate how adorable she is when she feels safe. She is truly a joy and it has been an amazing experience to get to know her. Her forever family will be incredibly lucky to have her – could it be you?