Looking for a lap dog to cuddle with?  Jinger could be your match!  She’s a six year old ShihTzu that has the softest white coat with apricot coloured ears and patches on her back.  She has a bushy white tail that swishes excitedly as she rushes to see you when you come home!

Jinger was surrendered by her previous owners to a humane society.  She came to us because she was in need of a quiet and calming place.  It wasn’t long before we noticed that Jinger had some health concerns and she had surgery to remove two large bladder stones.  Now that she’s recovered, she is healthy and embracing her new lease on life.

Jinger is a small dog with a big attitude.  She loves our teenage children best, and when they return home from school she knows it is playtime and runs to greet them with her toy in her mouth, ready to play fetch!  She relaxes all day in the house or in the crate if nobody is home, but she comes alive when her people want to play.  Jinger loves her toys, and she loves carrying them around and giving them a good shake on her own too.

Once the excitement of playtime is over, Jinger is all about the love, and will curl up next to and on top of any member of the family.  She loves ear rubs, neck rubs, belly rubs – you name it – she’s just not fond of you touching her feet!  Jinger has certainly made herself at home and when she’s really relaxed she rolls on her back with her legs up in the air – sometimes with one of her stuffies in her mouth!

Jinger is completely house trained and since her successful surgery, has not had any accidents in our home.  She quietly sits at the door to be let out, so you have to pay attention to where she is.  We don’t think she spent much time outside previously, but she has enjoyed the large backyard and barking back and forth with the neighbour’s dog.  Jinger is keen to go on walks and this is new for her, however her paws are so delicate that we have been careful not to go too far as she will limp in pain from walking on concrete.  Gradually, this should change as she gets out more and more and builds up some toughness in her paws.

Jinger is a barker, she barks at everyone and everything!  We’ve met a few other dogs and she hasn’t been keen to have them in her space.  She barks at other dogs and people on walks, with her tail wagging and it stops as soon as they pass. She does need to learn some manners as the world of walks is new to her, so attending training classes will be a positive foot forward! We have been working with her to curtail the excess barking and have come a long way but she needs her new family to continue this training and not let her get away with being obnoxious.

With humans she shy; it is best to ignore her and let her come to you.  This may take a while for her to settle and then to size you up before she decides she’d like to give you a sniff.  When we got her, she was in so much pain, she would let us touch her but didn’t give in completely or trust us to be gentle.  We’ve been through a lot with her in the last couple of months and she is far more open and loving because she’s feeling better and she knows she’s safe. She is constantly approaching us to stroke her soft fur and if we stop, we always get a little nose push to remind us that she would like some more! Her new family will need to understand that they need to be patient with Jinger and give her time to get comfortable and settle in before her true personality will shine through.

Jinger will come when called, recognizes her name, and definitely knows what to do when the word “treat” is mentioned.  Commands she knows are: come, sit and give a paw. She also understands the word “walk” and will run to the door where her leash hangs.  She’s not bad on the leash and trots along at a good pace.  In the car, she travels easily in the crate, and when the car is full of people, she is happy to sit in the back seat on a lap or in between the passengers.  She is calm in the car and never makes a sound.  In fact, if she’s outside near the car when the door opens, she jumps right in and turns to look at you like she’s ready for an adventure!

Jinger had bladder stones that had grown large enough to make peeing and bowel movements very difficult and once she was diagnosed, the stones were removed and she has fully recovered.  However, stones could grow again, so it will be important for her new owner to continue to feed her a veterinary recommended urinary diet and to only give her special urinary treats.  This will be needed to be purchased through your veterinarian. Anyone interested in Jinger needs to be committed to feeding her strictly her C/D veterinary diet…it was low quality food that caused her stones and we cannot have her put at risk of this again. She was in so much pain..truly awful for a dog to endure.

Jinger is crate trained and loves her crate.  Every time she goes in the crate, she gets a treat and she is used to the routine.  The moment we say treat for bed she darts to her crate, turns around and sits waiting expectantly for her special crate treats.  If we put them in a Kong it keeps her occupied.  She has been crated during the day and we’ve never heard a sound.  One person works from home, and she often goes into the crate and will sit there with the door open for most of the day.

Jinger is not an early riser, sometimes she needs to be coaxed to come out in the morning. On weekends she is happy to stay there an extra hour or two longer for a sleep in. Once she’s up, she heads outside and then looks for her favourite person to greet!

Jinger has discovered the art of playing and it was something she had to learn!  She loves all of her toys and will play fetch.  She likes it if we get a good tug of a toy game going too.  She is very vocal when she plays with her humans.  There’s a lot of barking and happy growling in her play and once you’ve heard it a few times, you know she’s giving a happy growl.  She even is vocal when we rub her belly.

Jinger is a homebody, not an adventure hiker. Short walks in the neighbourhood are good. She’s happy to get her exercise running around the house playing with toys and then chilling with her people. She follows us everywhere and is keen to come along for car rides.  She loves our teenage children and the energy of playing with them gets her so excited.  She would do well in a home with teenage children who will play appropriately with a dog, but she would react if handled roughly so she should not be in a home with toddlers and primary aged children. She loves the yard and exploring, so some access to greenspace for her to go to each day would be lovely.

Jinger has had several baths here and it has been easy to do.  She is not comfortable with us touching her feet, so nail trims could be a challenge.  She patiently sat still and let us trim the hair around her eyes.  She has an incredibly soft cream coat that does little to no shedding and she lets us brush her hair, especially if she knows there’s a treat nearby!

Jinger has the cutest little face, and big brown eyes that just make you want to pick her up and snuggle her!  If you’ve been looking for a small dog that’s affectionate, playful and loyal, Jinger is for you!