Meet Jolene! Jolene is a 7 year old Bichon Frise with a soft white coat and beautiful brown eyes. Her beauty is beyond compare, just like her namesake. At 17 lbs she is pretty spritely and takes stairs and any terrain with ease. She has been an absolute joy to share my home with and I’m so excited for her to continue to blossom in her forever home!

For the first seven years of Jolene’s life she was used for breeding purposes and until she came into my home 8 weeks ago she had no idea how to live life as a pet in a house. She is still working on trusting people but she has the sweetest nature and a curiosity that has helped her in her adjustment to this new life. Jolene needs a home that is willing to let her continue to learn about this new world at her own pace and encourages her to continue her growth. In the short time she has been with me she has made leaps and bounds forward and with love and positive reinforcement she will continue to blossom.

When I say she’s the sweetest dog I’ve had the pleasure to know I am not exaggerating. I am blown away but her nature and I know her family is out there waiting to fall in love with this gem! Jolene would do well in most home situations. She quickly adapted to the sounds of the city and is unbothered by traffic or strangers. She is calm and quiet indoors and since she settled in here I have not heard her bark so because of this I think she would be fine in a townhouse or apartment. Even her tail wag is slow and thoughtful! She is energetic enough to love a good hike and just as happy to be inside if she doesn’t like the weather. She enjoys going for walks or exploring the park but she is not a dog who requires great amounts of exercise. She gets two 20-30 minute walks a day as well outside time for potty breaks and she does fine with this schedule. She walks very well right beside me on her leash and will wait patiently when we stop to talk to neighbours. If they want to give her some ear scratches that’s fine too! She will happily lounge on the couch or in her crate while I am at work. She goes willingly into her crate and is content to rest in there with some comfy blankets or a dog bed. But did I mention the couch, because she really wants me to stress how fond she is of couches! She was initially terrified in the car, never having ridden in one before, but she gets better all the time and with continued exposure she will adjust. She settles now after about 15 minutes of drooling and shaking and pleading with her eyes. But she does all of this while calmly sitting still so she is still easy to travel with!

Jolene is sweet and gentle with everyone she meets. She loves attention but is not overly clingy, content to snooze in a comfortable place. She is attentive and responsive to my requests and just wants to be loved and adored. She does not mind being brushed and will lay still while I work and she is patient when I need to put a coat or sweater on her. She loves to sleep in my bed at night and runs right to the bedroom after her last bathroom break. She is a perfect guest in bed too, cuddling for a few minutes and then curling up and enjoying the comfort! Even her snoring is adorable. Jolene has been working very hard on her house training and with a regular schedule she is doing very well. She was kept in such awful conditions in her previous life that she was robbed of her desire to keep her den clean but she improves all the time and has not had an accident in the crate in weeks. She has not had any accident in the house outside of the crate. She does not yet ask to go out but I think with continued consistency she will figure this out as well. I work all day but I come home on my lunch break to offer bathroom breaks in an effort to continue to build a reliable schedule for her.

Jolene has great dog manners and greets new dogs with calm, quiet energy. She is gentle and accepting with her foster siblings but keeps to herself and because of this I think she would do well in a home with other dogs of similar energy. She would also be fine being the only dog and getting socialization time with other dogs. She has not yet shown any interest in playing but she is a bit of a ‘collector’. Can’t find a slipper? Check Jo’s crate. Think you left a blanket on a dog bed but it’s gone? Check the couch because Jolene probably grabbed it and dragged it up there with her. She has not caused any damage to anything she has collected and because of this I have not attempted to correct this behaviour. I have no doubt she could learn to leave these things if asked. I also have 2 small parrots in my home that Jolene has not shown any interest in, which is also true of squirrels or birds outside on our walks. She has not had any exposure to cats but I would expect the same disinterest she has shown in other animals but it would best if it was a dog-savvy cat to be safe.

She has been incredible with the neighbours around my house and loves to stop for a pet session with my neighbour’s calm, respectful children – even offering a few face licks as payment. They never tire of petting her and she goes right to the ones she knows for this love. I think she would be fine in a home with respectful and calm children who allowed her time to become comfortable with them but rambunctious energy would be too much for this laid back girl.

Jolene knows how to sit when asked and sits on her own when waiting for anything. She goes in and out of her crate on request, also on and off the couch and up and down the stairs. With more time and work she could learn whatever is asked of her and would greatly benefit from basic obedience class. She is smart and attentive and would love to learn new things with her new family!

Jolene has had a few surgeries since coming into the rescue including a spay and the removal of approximately 18 teeth. Her mouth was in such bad shape that it took two separate surgeries to clean everything up and remove the rotted teeth. She is happy and healthy now and eats whatever you put in front of her without issue. I am still softening her kibble a bit for her because her last surgery was only a couple of weeks ago but she does not seem bothered at all. She looks her most energetic when I ask her if she’s hungry just before putting her food bowl down!

Jolene is looking for a home where she can continue to learn about this new world and keep emerging from her shell. She needs a calm understanding home here she knows she is loved and can live out her years in comfort and peace, never being taken advantage of again. In the last week that she has been with me she has really started to bond with me. She has been pretty accepting of affection from the start but she is now coming and asking for scratches and cuddles and it’s incredible to get to witness. She is already an absolute pleasure to have around and as she continues to relax and ease into this new life she is going to impress everyone!

The only thing you have to worry about with Jolene and her big brown eyes is that she may try to take your man, just because she can.