Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce to you, Kassy!

Kassy is a female, approximately 6 months old. We are unsure of her entire mix, but she is a Lab mixed with Husky and then something else. She is very much loveable, goofy Lab in temperament. She weighs an impressive 34lbs, and growing! She has jet black fur, that shimmers to brown on her head in the sun sometimes. She has very dark eyes, and sometimes all you see is her white teeth when she smiles. She is going to be a big girl, with her long legs and big paws.

After hunting for a name for several days, writing down multiple choices. We chose to name her something unique that suits the colour of her fur. She was found as a stray in Northern Manitoba in an Indigenous community. We looked up some communities and what the name for black was. The word for black in the Cree language is Kaskitewâw, so we shortened that to Kassy.

Kassy was found by Save a Dog Network roaming alone and starving in a remote northern community before she was resced. She had quite the adventure of an overnight flight to Hamilton with an early morning pick up. When we first got her, she was very itchy and scratchy, which has subsided significantly since she has been on a good diet which we were told would benefit her in the future. She loves food and is very food driven, which can result in her eating things she shouldn’t.

Kassy has become very accustomed to our routine and is very good at going into her crate when we ask her to. We used to give her a small treat to help get her into the crate, but we don’t need that anymore. She will go in with little coaxing.

Kassy eats all her meals in the crate with the door closed. She is very excited for meal times and bounces around in excitement. She will go right into her crate and we get her to sit before putting the bowl down. Sometimes she even goes in in anticipation of meal times when it’s getting close to that time. Her water dish is outside of the crate and she seems to enjoy fresh cold water a couple times a day. She has a bigger thirst as well, and has quite large drinks. She sleeps in her crate during the night as well, and is very quiet and calm the whole time. Sometimes she will whine briefly, but it doesn’t last long, and she settles down.

We consider Kassy a work in progress in the house-training department. We have had a few accidents in the house and still needs to be closely supervised whenever she is not in her crate as she is still learning. Typically, when she paces around the house, we send her out the back door and she will pee almost right away. We have been training a sit at the back door as a cue that she needs to go outside. She does not seem to have a preference on where she goes, backyard vs on a walk. She is comfortable with either. She go overnight holding it pretty well. During the week we take her out at 10pm, and will let her out just after 5am. Weekends she can last from 11pm to 8am.

Kassy would benefit from a house without young children. We have a 7- and 10- year-old and we have to correct behaviour from all 3 of them typically. She is a toy stealer, a chewer, very nippy, and has a lot of energy as puppy Labs do. She feeds off of the energy of younger children which causes over excited behaviour so will need a home with teenagers who can help correct her behaviour and act calmly around her or adults only. She would greatly benefit some proper training, and assistance on harnessing her energy levels. She does listen quite well when she is not in a playful mood but as a big puppy, lacks focus when excited which is normal.

Kassy has met my in laws cat, and the encounter went very well. She has had encounters with other dogs along our walks, and is quite good. She just seems to want to stop and have a good play with them. She is interested in anything that flies by her. Mostly just flying bugs, or leaves blowing by in the wind. She will hunt and try to catch those. We have not noticed a prey drive to birds/rabbits/squirrels. She pulls very slightly on our walks, but it’s not constant. We are trying to correct this by stopping and saying ‘slow’ or ‘slow down’. It seems to help.

As stated above, Kassy is a very energetic dog. Boundaries need to be set with her, as she doesn’t understand personal space. She is destructive with toys, but isn’t destructive with our furniture. She just jumps around on them. We are working on encouraging her to stay on the ground when she has her zoomie moments, or we let her run it out in the backyard. She does enjoy being close with her adults. Laying on the floor near us, or on the couch near us. Sometimes she will even cuddle up. She requires people who are wanting a very high energy dog and can meet her energy requirements. She would love to have a runner in the family who can take her running with them when she is fully developed. For now, lots of long, fast paced walks are required in all weather, multiple times a day. A stroll around the block will not suffice this dog, she is active and outdoorsy and adventurous and needs the same of her person.

Tough and durable toys are what she needs. Soft toys or rope toys don’t seem to last with her. But she sure does have a fun time destroying them. She loves outdoor time, and going for walks. She can go for several walks per day, with lots of outdoor time playing in the backyard.

Kassy is quite uncoordinated still, as she can be quite floppy in her movements. When she sits her back legs go out far as they seem to slide out from under her. Sometimes while she plays or is relaxing on the couch, she doesn’t realize her size and will roll or fall off the couch.

Kassy is not an ideal dog for 1st time dog owners and would require people experienced in training energetic working dogs. Her people need to know how to train positive behavior and not instigate her excitement. She would benefit greatly from professional obedience training involving the whole family, which is part of our adoption contract. We believe a working family would work, as she does well in her crate during daytime hours, or can be very calm and relaxed in the home when the children are gone and it’s just adults. Kassy would greatly benefit from a home with a large fenced in yard as opposed to an apartment building, as her energy level might disrupt the neighbors. She doesn’t really bark, but can be vocal with a whine, or a little song when trying to get your attention.

If you are a very active person or family that is looking for a dog to be your companion of all of life’s adventures and have the time and energy to train an active, goofy Lab mix puppy then this adorable love of a pup might just be the dog you have been searching for!