Hello world, meet Kinley! Kinley is a beautiful, three-year old, 90lb, female Rottweiler and what we affectionately consider, a “turn-key” dog. This special girl is unlike any foster dog we’ve care for in the past. She’s confident, she’s easy going, very affectionate, fully house-trained, and knows just about every trick in the doggy playbook.

Kinley came to our care after being left abandoned. While this girl may have suffered a very sad and unimaginable goodbye from her previous owners, at some point in her young life, she was well trained, well cared for and very much loved. Her gentle nature and easy-going personality, along with the many tricks up her sleeve make her a great addition to a loving home. A home that can provide her with structure, dependability and lots of love and belly rubs.

When we first met Kinley, she was a bit overweight and out of shape, so our goal was to introduce daily exercise and ensure her diet was well-suited so she could continue to thrive. Within a few days of being in our care, we also realized she was in heat, so her scheduled spay was ultimately delayed. She cruised through her heat and is now nearing the phase where she will once again be ready for her spay surgery. She will need to spayed within a few weeks of being adopted (pending vet approval), which need to be done our veterinarian in Cambridge and is already paid for by her rescue. Anyone interested in adopting Kinley needs to live within a 45min radius of Cambridge and be able to drop her off the morning of her spay and then pick her back up later that evening.   She will be adopted out on a contract that enforces this mandatory spay return. We just feel that its time for Kinley to find her forever home and waiting an extra few months in foster care until she can be safely spayed will only delay her happily ever after.

Kinley has the daintiest features for such a powerful, working dog. Her almond brown eyes, petite ears and sweet smile will surely melt you upon meeting her. Her markings are striking, with distinct shift between her tan and black, soft fur. Her coat is rich and full and soft to the touch, downy even. But it’s her velvety ears that make giving her all the love so much fun. One great bonus of her coat, it barely sheds!

Kinley’s training is truly remarkable. She understands many verbal commands, including “Sit”, “Paw” (both left and right), “Down”, “Rollover”, “Up” and “Stay.” She waits for each command but also knows the routine and will quickly jump to the next command, knowing a treat or a fun belly rub are next. She is also such a well-mannered girl! She will wait for your command to eat her food and will ask to be allowed on the couch once we settle in for movie night. Walking Kinley is so easy and stress free. She walks confidently on your side, never leading nor lagging. She pay attention to passing humans generally, unless they stop to say hello or she knows them, then she goes in for a hug or a pet on the head. She’s also crate trained and loves car rides!

Kinley is a dream dog to care for. She’s relaxed, she listens, she loves being near you but also really enjoys her independent time, sitting in the backyard just listening to the birds and rolling around in the grass. She responds, she listens, looks at you in the eye when you’re chatting. She’s a super personable, interested, intelligent dog. Kinley engages with you when spoken to and is curious about your words and actions. She pays attention, almost learning by watching. There are days when am talking to her and I sense she understands my every word. I truly believe she loves to listen to her humans and wants so very badly to participate in our communication. Kinley does not have children in her foster home but we feel she would be fine with older children, teens, or an adult only home.

Due to her going into heat shortly after arriving at our home, we have not introduced her to many dogs in our neighbourhood, but the ones she’s had a chance to meet, she has been good with. She will sniff and if she’s in the mood to play a bit, initiate a bit of a play session. Since she’s nearly 90 lbs though, we try to keep these sessions brief. She’s participated in a couple of pack-walks with a few dogs and really does enjoy the company of her fellow fur buddies, in a calm and controlled scenario.  We would recommend that she be the only dog in the home though as she can be selective about her doggie friends and isn’t one to love sharing her affection and attention with other dogs. No dog parks for this girl!

Kinley is best to be the only animal in the home. Occasionally, she will chase off squirrels, chipmunks or birds, but only when she’s off leash in the backyard and we don’t wish to risk her chasing a cat in the home. On leash, she’s very composed and understands that this is not play time, so she’s never chased after any small prey animals. Her protective nature is in full force when startled or feeling uncomfortable; however, she’s always been under control and easily calms down when asked to do so.

Did we mention, Kinley is a super goofy, funny girl too? Her smile lights up a room and she beams her happiness to all. She absolutely loves getting her butt and back of legs scratched and will ask you for pets by coming up to you and leaning her 90lb body on you. She also thinks your chair is plenty big for both of you, so don’t be surprised when she climbs on up to sit together or just uses your lap as her new resting place. So far her favourite play toys are large (massive) sticks and branches that have recently graced our backyard. She could chew on sticks all day long if we let her. She does like a good game of fetch and absolutely loved playing with a large soccer ball during one of our camping outings. She could entertain herself for hours! Inside the home, she’s much more reserved, quiet, pensive even. She loves to sit on our window seat and just spend the morning napping and looking out the window.

Kinley’s not been a food driven dog with us. This may have had to do with the initial decompression after her rescue, coupled with her hormones during her heat. Her appetite is coming back though. She will eat her kibble but clearly prefers it with some wet, canned food as opposed to just the dry kibble. She does love her treats though! As we have been working hard to get the extra weight off of her we need her new family to understand the importance of restricting treats and feeding with portion control. Excess weight is hard on dog’s joints and with the bigger dogs it is so very important to keep them lean. We need that commitment from whoever adopts her. We only want the best for Kinley.

We have been honoured to care for Kinley. This girl is absolutely a perfect representation of the Rottweiler breed – loyal, loving, intelligent, devoted and confident. She’s truly a gem of a dog who will make a wonderful addition to a loving home. We would be looking for a family for her with prior Rottweiler or similar power breed experience and who understands the importance of a well-trained, well socialized dog. We need her people to be super responsible and ensure that wherever they take Kinley she is the best behaved dog there. She is a Rottweiler that is an exemplar of her breed and we need her to stay as well socialized and trained as she is now so that she can push aside all the stereotypes of the scary Rottweiler and instead present a persona of Rottweilers as the loving, friendly and goofy dogs we know them, and Kinley to be!!