World meet Koda!

Koda is an 8-week-old female Husky mix who currently weighs a whopping 8lbs and growing!! Koda could easily be mistaken for a stuffed animal with her undeniable cuteness. Koda has a thick beautiful tan coat that has a streak of black down the middle of her back and then has the most adorable white paws and snout. She also has the most perfect white tip on her curled tail and the cutest floppy ears that will likely stand up tall once she grows a little more. Koda may be cute and tiny right now but when she is full grown, she will be a medium/large size dog and will have the personality to match her size! As I tell you about Koda she is currently testing out every toy in sight to find the perfect toy to play with.

Koda came to us from Northern Manitoba where she was rescued by Save a Dog Network as her brother and her were found roaming alone. Koda has been to the vet and is in great health. Adopters must live within a reasonable distance (within an hour) of Cambridge as Koda must be returned to our vet at 6 months of age to be spayed (included in adoption cost). Her adopter must be able to drop off and pick up pup for this surgery. Adopters will be responsible for the continuation of puppy vaccinations and all other required vet care at their own veterinarian though. Koda has had everything medically that puppies of her age should have and have been microchipped as well. Adopters must also not have any holidays away planned for months coming up after adoption or be planning to move in the near future. Stability is key in months after an adoption

Koda is a very busy girl who is extremely intelligent and has a heart of gold. Koda loves being loved and will do anything to be the centre of attention. Koda absolutely loves her people and is a firm believer that her assistance is needed in all day-to-day activities and would be pleased to be your personal assistant. She is a very confident and fearless girl, who can be stubborn at times and will require someone who can be consistent and firm with her so she can be her best self ! With Koda being just a puppy she has your typical puppy energy. Koda is always on the go and looking for the next best thing that can go in her mouth …. nothing is off limits in her mind. Koda is currently a bit mouthy as she is figuring out her puppy teeth, but she can be redirected with a toy. Koda loves toys of all kind and is happy to chew on whatever toy is provided to her. After Koda has gotten out all of her energy she is happy to snuggle up on the couch with her people for a good snooze. But don’t be fooled, after she has had her snooze she is raring to go again! Currently, Koda is too small to get up on the couch herself so she will try her best to do a big jump up on the couch and then will sit politely wagging her tall looking up at you to join you on the couch. Koda is fairly good in the house and will run as fast as she can to the door and sit to go outside ….. but the odd time if you are not quick enough for Koda’s standards she can have an accident in the house. As Koda is just a puppy she requires very frequent bathroom breaks and is let out after she naps, eats or has finished playing. Koda is looking for a family that believes they can take on the energy and commitment of a puppy. Koda is an extremely sweet girl who deserves nothing but love and happiness but when she is out and about in the house, she is busy and needs to be watched constantly!

Koda is crate trained and is in her crate for all her meal, at night, on car rides and anytime she is left home alone. Koda will happily enter her crate when it is meal time and for the most part is fairly quiet in her crate. On occasion Koda will use her little voice to let you know that she is still in her crate and would like to come out and enjoy some fun. It will be very important for Koda’s forever family to continue with her daily crate training to ensure that she continues to feel confident when left alone. Koda has spent 2 hours in her crate alone during the day and there were no issues. Koda has just recently started to be able to sleep the whole night without needing a bathroom break. We will require Koda’s forever family to have someone home frequently as she is currently fed 3 times a day and has a small puppy bladder and cannot go a full work day without being let out.

Koda absolutely loves being outside and being able to explore new smells. When outside Koda loves to play around in the grass, chase or chew on a toy, people watch or wrestle with her foster sister. While outside Koda needs to be watched very closely as she is true to the husky breed and absolutely loves to dig and is always quiet proud of her work or is trying to become a professional escape artist. For this reason, Koda requires a safely secured fenced in yard. Koda has just recently been introduced to the concept of walking on a leash and she seems to enjoy going for a short walk. Koda’s forever family will need to be people who are active and are familiar with the husky breed. Koda will not be your couch potato type of girl but will be the perfect dog to take on all your adventures. Koda will require a lot of physical and mental activities to make sure her needs are met and to keep her out of trouble.

Koda currently lives with another dog and really enjoys having a friend around. Koda would be good in a home with another dog but would also be happy to be the only dog so she can get all of the attention. Koda likes to be the queen of the house and there is only room for one queen in every home. For this reason, if there is another dog in the home, we require her to go to a home with a male dog who would enjoy play. Koda has not been tested with cats but should be fine in a home with a dog savvy cat as she will grow up with it. She has not been around kids but would be suitable for a home with kids 10yrs or older.

Koda is extremely smart and has mastered sit and is working on down. Koda would greatly benefit from attending puppy school as well as working on some advance level training. Koda has a vocal side to her that typically come out when she is playing or when she disagrees with something you have said such as chewing on the couch if off limits. Due to her vocal side she would be best suited in a detached home.

Koda is a sweet, loyal, silly, intelligent girl who is full of energy and never misses an opportunity to let you know how happy she is to see you. Koda is on the hunt for the perfect family who is committed to working with her to be the best dog that she can be. Are you ready to welcome this cutie into your home?