Meet Lenox. He is a 2 year old 17lbs Lhasa Apso cross. He is a handsome, silly and goofy boy who has grown into himself so well. He loves to go for walks, play and cuddle on the couch. If you are looking for a dog to get out and enjoy long walks, and come back home for nightly cuddles, this is your boy!

He arrived in early April from Northern Manitoba with a bad ear infection, terrible matting and very underweight. Scared and clearly malnourished, his entry into his new life in Ontario was a long, slow process as he strived to overcome the many uncertainties that were now his new reality.  Not comprehending that he was safe, he continued to be very cautious of his new environment fearing many aspects of this new life. Life in Ontario was quite different from what he was used to in Manitoba. He diligently watched cars pass, people stroll by and bicycles, what on earth are those? Wide eyed and ready to circle back to the comfort of his foster, Lenox didn’t know what to make of his new surroundings.  A slow and gradual exposure to a variety of varying situations allowed him to eventually reduce his anxiety levels and gain confidence to move forward. Lenny now walks happily by a variety of different things, only stopping to take a second look at something really odd!

Lenox is dog social but needs to work on his leash manners when encountering other dogs. He gets very excited to see them, which can result in excited barking and pulling on leash. That being said, with consistent training on this behaviour he is showing great improvement. He is very eager to please you; he just needs to know what is expected. He can be easily startled by loud noises from oncoming trucks, motorcycles or when suddenly approached from behind by a cyclist or jogger. His first reaction is to freeze so special attention must be made as to not to trip over him. Gentle prodding and comforting reassurance will move him forward. He will not be well suited living in a busy city center and we would be looking for him to have a quiet neighbourhood or rural area in his forever home.

Agility may well become his game. His endless bouts of energy coupled with his ability to leap through the air will surely make him a forerunner in this sport. That being said, he doesn’t show any particular interest in toys of any kind, the squeaky ones or the chewable ones. Attempts at playing fetch did garner a bit of interest but that was short lived. His favourite game seems to be running around the backyard playing “tag” with humans, this is fun for him and his true zoomies come out.

Lenox responds well to positive feedback which simplifies training. He really wants to please and will do anything for a ‘good boy’ cheer. He appears to be a quick and willing learner. He responds to many commands such as sit, stay and come.

Lenox is house trained and has never had an accident in the house. He has good bladder control and will give you the eye when he needs to go outside. He is also crate trained, he does not fuss or bark when in his crate and will settle for a nap nicely. Lenox loves to go for car rides. He willingly hops into the front seat and curls up and never makes a peep.

Lenox is a quiet boy and does not bark much in the house, but he will bark when someone knocks at the door or when he’s nervous/anxious. That being said he settles quickly. Lenox requires a very cautious approach when meeting new people. His experience while wandering the streets may not have always been positive. He warms up quickly if allowed the freedom to initiate contact. Once a bond has been made his anxiety levels quickly decrease. On walks passing by people does not seem to bother him but people in his space will sometimes spark barking. Approaching any other dog should be met with caution. We will want him to be the only dog in the home so he can relax and feel secure. Same goes for cats, best Lenox be the only pet as he will want to chase cats for sure. Lenox will not be comfortable in a home with children. People in general are intimidating for him, and the noise and quick movements of children will put him on edge. An adult only home or one with older teens will be what we are looking for for him. Lenox can live in any type of housing; apartment, condo or detached housing. He just needs to get out multiple times a day for walks and he likes to set a good pace. He is a moderately active dog and needs someone who will ensure that his need for a fast paced, long walk interspersed with a short walk or walks daily is met.   Lenox is looking for a home where he can feel safe and secure in his surroundings. A large back yard to run around in and a placid environment for leisurely walks would suit him nicely. He has lots of love to give cuddle. His fosters will attest that he is a joy to have around and that he will surely bring much love, loyalty and companionship to his forever home.