We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process. For more information on our process and requirements, visit our adoption information page.

All Pound Dog Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm/lyme tested, dewormed, and microchipped prior to adoption. The standard adoption donation is $450, and puppies under 5 months of age are $500. The adoption donation is applied to assist in the costs of veterinary care and the overall care of the dog.


Let me introduce you to Libra!  She is approximately 13 weeks old and an Akita / German Shepherd mix.   She has a beautiful sandy coloured thick coat and a wonderful black mask.  Libra is going to be a large sized dog and she will need lots of room to run and play.  Libra is still a puppy and therefore still has lots of growing to do; we guess she will be on the larger end of the scale for a typical Akita size.  Libra is a very beautiful dog, she immediately warms up to everyone she meets and is an absolute delight, she loves to get some snuggles and she looks for everyone to play with her.  Libra was found as a stray in a northern reserve community, being so young it gave her a rough start to life but ever since she has been rescued she has flourished and will never look back.  Libra needs someone who can be a pack leader and work with her through all her years to be the best dog she can be.  Libra has quite a dominant personality and therefore will require persistent training, we are preferably looking for someone with previous Akita or similar breed experience.  When Libra was rescued it was apparent immediately that she had some vision impairments, once seen by our vet it was determined that Libra has some congenital abnormalities.  Libra does have some vision but the extent is not known, we find she only struggles in dark places.  Libra has never known any different and these impairments do not slow her down at all, she still loves to go for her walks and wants to meet everyone she sees!

Libra would do well in house with a large fenced in yard for her to run around and play in.  She is calm and quiet when she is indoors, especially after spending some time playing in the backyard with the other dogs.  Sometimes when they are in the house she howls at the other dogs to try to entice them to play with her!  Libra enjoys many different forms of exercise, since she is still a puppy she has tons of puppy energy!  Libra enjoys going for quiet walks, playing in the backyard with the dogs, or even just playing tug of war or fetch with the kids.  Once Libra has had a chance to expel some of her energy, she is happy to rest at your feet or snuggle up on one of the dog beds.  Libra really enjoys her walks and while she is an excellent walker now, she may need to use a gentle leader head halter as she grows up.  She can be very stubborn and sometimes she would like to walk faster than the rest of us! Libra is very friendly when she is on her walks, because of her vision impairments she doesn’t usually see any wildlife on our walks and therefore doesn’t lunge after anything.  If we encounter another dog that is barking, Libra will determine her thoughts of that dog based on their bark.  Libra absolutely loves being active, it isn’t until the resident dogs (and kids) all lay down that she decides she will take a nap as well!  Libra is very food motivated and therefore we think she will thrive on continued training with her new owner.  Libra is very content at being on her own, she will sometimes go into the next room to lay down for a nap, or if you go into a different room she doesn’t feel the need to follow you.  In saying that, if Libra isn’t tired then nothing stops her from following you.  Libra learned how to open our baby gate on our stairs and now goes tearing up them if you go upstairs without her.

Libra is doing really well with her housetraining, especially given that she is a puppy found as a stray.  Libra has had a few accidents in the house which were mostly due to our human error, but otherwise she knows that she needs to do her business outside!  Libra is really good at going “on command”, when we take long car rides we stop every hour and bring her outside and say “go pee” and she goes within a minute!  Libra has been practicing lots with her commands, she has been working on “sit”, “come” and “wait”.   Libra would benefit greatly from taking an obedience and manners class to help her bond with her new family as well as ensure that her new family demonstrates confidence and will set rules and be consistent. We will be expecting her adoptive family  to attend puppy socialization class with her immediately upon adoption, along with, at minimum, level 1 obedience school AND advanced obedience after. The guidance and lessons learned in puppy classes are very important to getting your pup off to a good start.    Akitas are known to be difficult to train therefore obedience is a must and she will not be suitable for first time dog owners.  Libra is fully crate trained and loves her bed, she goes into her bed at night and during the day if her humans are going out. Libra is very good at going in when it’s time, just throw in a tasty treat or two and say “lets go to bed”!  She is very good at settling in for the night, she usually lets out a howl or two, or whines for a minute, but then she lays down and sleeps until the morning time.

Libra has been a wonderful addition to our family while she has been with us, she is a very lovable and playful girl and just wants someone to love her unconditionally back.  Libra is good with other dogs and has settled in very nicely with her foster dog sisters, who are showing her the ropes of being a dog and how to listen to other dogs cues.  Libra is becoming quite a confident girl and will need to go to a home with either no dogs, or a male dog for her to play with.  At this point we do not recommend her going to a home with another female dog as she is displaying dominant traits.  Libra does not require another dog in her forever home.  Libra loves to initiate playtime with the other dogs and is happy to wrestle or to chase after some toys and play tug of war!   Libra is currently being fostered in a home with a cat, while she is generally calm when it comes to the cat we recommend that she would only go to a home with a dog savvy cat.  Libra is currently living with two kids, she absolutely adores them and loves nothing more than to play tug of war or to curl up and watch a movie!  Libra has always been gentle with the kids and has learned how to properly interact with them.  We believe she could go to a home with kids aged 10+ as long as they were well versed in appropriate play with dogs and involved in her training.

On a final note, Libras visit to the vet has shown that she is a healthy dog with a great life ahead of her now that she has been rescued.  Libra has been a wonderful dog to watch flourish from being a goofy puppy into a very confident puppy.  She has a great zest for life and is always happy and wagging her tail, waiting for the next adventure.  This girl has been a joy to foster and has so much love to give to her people.  She wants to find her forever family with someone who will dedicate time to working with her so she can be a part of a pack.  She needs confident owners who understand this strong working breed and are prepared for the energy levels that she will bring to the household.  Libra has not let her vision impairments hold her back in any aspect of her life; she loves walks, running through the grass, chasing dogs in the backyard and most of all she loves playing in her pool.






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