Today you get the pleasure of meeting Locket. She is an approximately 10 year old Chihuahua x Yorkie who weighs just under 7 lbs and has a beautiful, scruffy, charcoal coloured coat with dashes of silver and brown in it and a little white on her chest and toes. She might be considered a senior but quite honestly you would never guess it…she is spritely and full of joy, love and an adventurous spirit. How does such an adorable gem of a dog like Locket find herself abandoned with no place to call home and her family nowhere to be seen? It’s mind boggling really, but here is her chance to find the family that will never let her down again.

At one time, Locket was clearly loved and cared for. Physically she is in great shape, she has indicators of a dental procedure being done not too long ago as her teeth surprisingly did not require a cleaning when she came to us. She is house broken and has shown no interest in causing any damage in the home. She is crate trained although she prefers to be with you and especially in your bed when it’s time to wind down the day. When you leave the house she can be a little vocal for a short period of time, so will be best suited to a home that is detached so she doesn’t bother your neighbours. She is an incredibly affectionate and devoted dog and she just wants to spend as much time with you as possible. You are her everything and her biggest source of joy. Her ideal home would be someone who works from home or an active, retired couple looking to have their best friend and sidekick with them on many adventures.

When outside of the home, Locket meets people well and is social, even if a little shy from time to time. She is gentle and can be quickly won over with tasty treats if she seems to be hanging back a bit. Truly, she sometimes just wants a little space and time to figure out if someone is a new friend or not. She does find the energy of loud and rambunctious children to be a little much for her senior self, so would be best in a home with children 12 and over who can respect the fact that she needs a more peaceful environment and calm approach. When it comes to dogs, she can live alongside laid back, more mature dogs but would prefer to be on her own and get all the attention and loving for herself. Locket does have that terrier spirit and likes to chase feathery and furry things in the yard but it’s more a half-hearted attempt vs truly trying to catch anything. She will alert bark to things she sees or hears outside but will very quickly turn that off when asked to. She is working on her walking structure and is getting much better about not zig zagging everywhere you go. She will typically ignore other dogs and people on a walks, keeping her focus on you and your time together.

Locket LOVES car rides in the booster seat! She has shown no travel sickness and thinks watching the world whizzing by her is just awesome. At red lights, you will often see people in the other cars smiling at her and blowing kisses as she is just so darn cute she gets everyone’s attention. She loves exploring new places and green spaces and is a fan of sitting on your lap on a patio in the sun while you sip a drink or grab a bite to eat. Really, whatever you want to do, wherever you want to take her, she is game for. As long as you are together, she is blissfully happy.

Grooming and vet visits have been handled very well by Locket. The vet remarked that she is very sweet and although she wasn’t exactly thrilled about the procedures, she remained calm and immediately took some freeze-dried liver as a reward for her impeccable manners. Her foster Mom has groomed her at home with no issues at all. Locket is a healthy dog, with no special food requirements, grooming or accommodations needed and although a senior dog, she has the vitality of a much younger dog.

Locket is a people pleaser and gets just as much joy from your affection and praise as she does a tasty treat. She is very smart and very trainable, so she is looking for someone that will work her brain as well as give her plenty of physical exercise and adventure. She is part terrier so can have a bit of s stubborn streak but for Locket, it is so mild…it’s more like she is asking ‘do I have to?’ before she quickly decides she does. Although she is content to curl up and watch TV with you, she really isn’t a lazy dog and needs her daily activity to be happiest, so if you are looking for a dog that never wants to leave the yard and is happy to lay around all day, she is not your girl. She even enjoys her time outside in a light rain! Locket would LOVE a fully secured yard to explore as she is very much a terrier who likes to follow her nose and the trails of all the critters that have been in her yard. Once she gets on a trail, she will keep following it and would easily wander off if there are escape routes and might find herself lost.

Truly, it’s hard to imagine why Locket was abandoned as she is such a wonderful dog to share a home and life with. She is a wonderful balance of outgoing and energetic, laid back and snuggly. She will be the best sidekick and most devoted friend you could ask for. Not only is she uniquely adorable, she has the sweetest and most loving heart and all she wants in this life is her person or family, who will include her in theirs as much as possible. If you think you can offer her the same unconditional love and devotion that she gives you, that wants a little adventure buddy to explore life and the world with, then drop her a line. Locket is ready to find you!