Meet Mill-O

Marshy is the black and tan Husky/ German Shepherd cross while Mill-O is the brown one They are approximately 13 weeks old now and came to us from northern Manitoba along with his brother to find a loving forever home. They currently weighs 15 pounds but are growing bigger and bigger every day and will be a large dog when full grown. Their new family should expect a dog in the range of 50 to 70lbs.  We are looking for separate families for these pups.

Marshy is a very laid back quiet dog while Mill-O is the more active one right now. They both love to cuddle, have his belly and ears rubbed and will usually curl up by your feet to have a nap. Still a puppy thier day basically involves eating, playing with his brother for 20 minutes then getting so tuckered out by that they will sleep for a about 2 hours wake up and repeat this cycle for the remainder of the day. Their adoptive family needs to understand though that both pups energy level is going to increase as they grows and they will be a higher energy dog. So if considering one of these pups please take into account that their breed mix will need a lot of outdoor activity daily, all year round. They will not be satisfied with just a simple walk, they will need to run, play, go on hikes, and go for long walks to be happy when he is full grown.

Adopters must live within a reasonable distance (within an hour) of Cambridge as Marshy and Mill-O must be returned to our vet at 6mths of age to be neutered (included in adoption cost). Owner must be able to drop off and pick up pup for this surgery. Adopters will be responsible for the continuation of puppy vaccinations and all other required vet care at their own veterinarian though. These pups have everything medically that puppies of their age should have and have been microchipped as well. Adopters must also not have any holidays away planned for months coming up after adoption or be planning to move in the near future. Stability is key in months after an adoption.

At this age they get fed 3 times daily starting at 6 a.m. then again around noon and finally around 6 p.m. At 4mths of age he will reduce down to 2 meals a day. .

These pups do not shy away from new people instead will run up and greet them. They are used to being around kids and all the noise that accompanies children. They will be suitable for a home with kids over 8yrs of age who can understand that excitement and running around a puppy lead to an over excited and nippy pup. They will feed off of the energy of children so older kids are better suited for them.

Marshy and Mill-O will be fine in a home with or without other pets. As puppies they can adapt to other pets in the home or to being an only pet. They will need puppy suitable dog friends tho to keep his socialization up.

Both pups enjoy chasing after balls although it is still a one sided game of fetch with me throwing the ball then going to get it from them which they give up easily and me throwing it again so they can chase it all over again. They enjoy grabbing sticks and walking around with them as well as chew on them. They are also use to some louder noises we live near a train track and the train noises do not phase them.

The pups are crate trained and are very good about going into it. At night when the door gets closed they will whine for a couple minutes but will then lay down and go to sleep. They will chose to sleep in the open crate during the day. They are used to going for car rides and are crated for them. In the car they typically lie right down and sleep till we have arrived at our destination.

We are working on house training ; they will walk over to the door to be let out but do still have the odd accident if you aren’t supervising them. Supervision is key with puppy training and they need to be watched at all times when not crated. They are going longer periods at night. Typically they will go out around 11 then again at 3 and will wake up around 6 to go out and then get fed. When they go out at 11 and 3 at night they are very good at going out doing their business then coming back in to sleep. As of now the longest they has been left alone is about 3 hours. Anyone considering a pup needs to have a schedule suited for a puppy and someone will need to be home at this time. They can only be crated for a couple hours at this age before needing to be let out for a bathroom break. So anyone working away from home for a full work day won’t suit their puppy schedule.

Marshy and Mill-O have learned to sit on cue as well as shake a paw. Things we are working on involve coming on cue. This is still about 50/50 right now. The pups are still getting used to being brush he does think it is a toy so will try and grab it from you. We have only tried walking on a leash a couple times and they are getting better at this as well. They are used to having paws rubbed and I have introduced nail clippers as I rub their paws although their nails have not been clipped yet but they do well with the clippers touching him.

As the pups are a Husky cross they will grow to be a large dog and will need a lot of room to run and exercise They enjoy being outside for long periods of time so a home with a larger fenced back yard would be ideal or they would have to be taken on several long walks and runs as they gets older to burn energy. It is very important to follow through with the requirement to attend dog school and do obedience training as this will be very beneficial to Marshy.

Marshy and Mill-O are looking for their forever families who will love them and appreciate all the love they will give you in return.