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I don’t even know where to start, to tell you about how wonderful this little old man is, but I will give it my best shot. I’d like to introduce you to Milhouse…he is a 10(ish) year old chocolate coloured Chihuahua that weighs in at about 6lbs. He might have a small and delicate body, but he packs so much love into it that he will share without limitations when he finds his person.

There is no denying this gentle soul had a rough life up until rescue, but somehow he still finds it in him to love life and to love people. He has the most calm and gentle nature, and even if he may bark at someone initially (which is rare), it is his half-hearted attempt at saying ‘you make me a little nervous, but I still want to check you out’. All he wants to do is love and be loved and he has not met a person he will not share affection with. Young kids can be a little much for him as he is an old guy and he likes his quiet, so we are looking for an adult home or one with older teens that will help him enjoy his remaining time here in peace and calm…it’s all he really wants.

In the house, Milhouse is a quiet guy. In fact, he only barks in two situations…1) one of the other dogs barks and he has no idea why he is joining in, but he does…2) he needs to be let out of his crate for a bathroom break or a drink of water. Other than that, he is quiet as a mouse. He loves his crate, goes in easily and never makes a fuss. He also has discovered the joy of snuggling with you in bed or under a blanket on the couch. He is an easygoing guy who just goes with the flow and just wants to be with you. He doesn’t understand toys, but will play with your hand…his favourite activity though is napping, preferably on you.

Although Milhouse is housebroken, he is an older man with an older bladder, so he doesn’t have quite the stamina to hold it for an entire work day….he has bout 4hrs in him. Milhouse will be best suited to a home with someone who is retired, works from home or has the flexibility to come and let him out during the day. He can use pee pads if necessary but would prefer to go outside…even on the cold days, he’d rather not go to the washroom in the house, thank you very much. That being said, if he has no other option, he will grudgingly do so. This also means that Milhouse often gets up in the middle of the night to go as well…he holds it as long as he can and when he just can’t any longer, he will bark to let you know…he does not want to soil his crate. His forever home needs to be aware that an overnight solution is going to be required or they will have to let him out for 5mins so he can then settle back in for the rest of the night.

Out in public he is such a sweetheart. He can’t walk overly far but gives it his best shot. He meets people calmly or may just ignore them altogether. When it comes to dogs, he doesn’t mind well mannered, laid back dogs but rambunctious ones he can do without. In his foster home, he can often be found cuddling with his foster siblings and truly enjoys this part of living with other dogs. His ideal home will have another calm dog who is into cuddling, but not wrestling. Another senior dog would be lovely! He also lives with a cat and does very well with him…occasionally the cat will try to entice Milhouse into a game of chase, but that’s not the way Milhouse rolls. He has never shown a moment of aggression to any person or animal in his months with his foster family, it’s not his style.

Here is where we get to the harder part of his story. Milhouse did not have a good life before he came into rescue. We came to us in a pretty fragile state. He has hair loss and signs of urine burn on his abdomen, legs and tail. He had no muscle tone and would often fall over just walking or when trying to lay down or sit. He had terrible dental disease, grade 4 luxating patella, an enlarged heart and
signs of kidney disease. Basically, it would appear he was a breeding dog who outlived his usefulness and was then discarded outdoors to fend for himself. How he has maintained this wonderful, loving personality is quite remarkable. We put him on a top quality diet and began addressing the medical issues. He was neutered and had a dental done that has left him with only a few teeth…but he feels so much better for it! His hair is slowly starting to grow back but he may not ever have a luxurious, full coat again. His knees do not cause him any pain so surgery on them was not done. Milhouse’s kidney levels are being retested to determine how things look now that a lot of his physical condition has improved. The one thing we can’t fix is his heart…Milhouse does have an enlarged heart with degenerative valve disease and some regurgitation. This is not something that can be cured, only managed for the time he has left with us. It causes him no pain or discomfort; it may affect his energy levels from time to time. He is currently on daily heart meds and will need to remain on them for the rest of his life. This disease is not uncommon in Chihuahuas and the heart meds protocol that is used to manage it is quite effective. His new family will need to do some research on this prior to submitting an application for him. His foster Mom is also well informed with this disease and can help his new family with what to expect and how it can be addressed.

The truth is, Milhouse had a rough life and his body shows all the signs of it. He may be a bit hard of hearing, his eyesight isn’t the greatest and he can’t keep up with you on long walks or through a lot of activity…but he is so easy to love and live with. His foster Mom often tells him his heart is as big as it is because it holds so much love for life and his person in it. If you want the world’s best snuggle buddy and loving companion, if you have a soft spot for senior dogs looking for their loving retirement home to live out their golden years, Milhouse is your guy. His foster mom is going miss him so very much, it is actually hard to type this up because this distinguished gentleman worm his way into your heart and finds a place that will always be his. If that is the kind of guy you are looking for, we’d love to hear from you…



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