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Let me introduce you to Mocha.  He is an 11-month-old, German Shepherd x Shiba-Inu mix. Mocha is a large-sized dog, about 70lbs, so he is perfect to go for runs or to cuddle up with. He has the German Shepherd black and tan colouring, but the ears and snout of a Shiba. This handsome boy is silly and playful, always making us laugh.

Mocha was rescued in a rural dog pound. When Pound Dog Rescue first arrived there, he immediately rolled onto his back for a belly rub. That gesture alone is a perfect indication of his sweet nature and goodwill that he has continuously displayed since he’s been with us.

Mocha would do well in an active family with older children (teens) or adults. He is very playful and enjoys his chew toys and Kong while indoors, which can keep him pretty busy. When he tires out, he likes to sit in proximity of people because he likes to see what’s going on. As soon as anyone gets up, he loves following them around the house to see what they’re up to but will settle down when they do. The main forms of exercise he enjoys are walks/runs and chasing a ball around.  He can easily run a couple kilometers with you if it’s not too hot out but enjoys long walks just as much. He is an energetic dog and does well with 2-3 brisk walks a day and running in the yard. It is important for Mocha to be with a family that can accommodate his high energy and can spend enough time with him. He is fine spending time on his own but is a people lover and prefers when there is someone home. We are looking for a home for Mocha where someone is predominately home (including post Covid schedules) as he really does love to have his people around.  He hates water, but rain does not bother him at all. He’ll go for walks in any weather, but the heat does tend to tire him out faster. Mocha has mainly been taken on walks around the neighborhood on his gentle leader. He has developed pretty good leash manners and does not pull once you have a steady pace. When passing other dogs, he continues walking and keeps to himself generally unless the other dog initiates barking, which tends to stress him out a bit.

Mocha has not gotten a chance to be socialized with dogs or other pets yet. As mentioned though, he’s pretty good when he sees them on his walks. He has met the neighbor’s dog through the fence and ran up and down the fence with his new buddy which makes us believe he would be great making friends. Since he is a German Shepherd mix, he is very loyal and protective of his people which can make him wary when first meeting people coming over. However, once he gets the chance to sniff them and get a feel for them, he’s quick to warm up and will play with anyone. As for kids, he would do better in a house with teen kids because he tends to run into or jump up on you in his excitement and could knock a small child over. That being said, this energy comes from a place of love and desire to play.  He would not though enjoy a home where visitors come and go and let themselves in.  So if there are teens in the home it would need to be understood that visiting friends must be properly introduced to the dog.  A quiet home without a lot of people coming and going would be best for Mocha.

Mocha’s a goofball!  Outdoors he loves to roll around in the grass with his tongue out, while indoors, he loves to stuff his nose between cushions with his butt in the air. In fact, if you are sitting, he may try to stuff his nose between your legs or arms as well.

When Mocha first came into our home, he whimpered or barked to indicate when he had to be let outside to relieve himself. If you do not immediately pick up on these signs at the beginning, he may go to another room, so it is important to pay attention and take him out regularly. When it is bedtime or we are away from home, we leave Mocha in the mudroom and he quiets down after a minute or two of being left alone.   He will need a forever home where there is a small room that is dog proofed where he can stay when you aren’t home.  This is what he is used to and what works best for him.  Mocha is being taught basic obedience and now knows “sit” and has been working on “stay” and “down”. He is a fast learner, so the key is to keep practicing those commands regularly. When he starts to get bored and wants to play or go for a walk, he may nibble at you or let out a bark to get your attention. Mocha will play with anything he can find, so redirecting him towards his toys is another thing we’ve been working on. We have also been getting him used to car rides, as he is still pretty uneasy about them. Mocha’s new family should commit to continuing his obedience training to bring out the best in this smart dog.

As a final note, Mocha has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  His previous owner obviously didn’t have him on the preventative which would have ensured he was protected from these diseases.  Lyme disease is a preventable disease that is spread by ticks.  This disease is in Southern Ontario and we are seeing more and more of it as each year passes.  We are a rescue that heartworm and lyme tests all of the dogs we take in for exactly this reason.  The good news is that Mocha is completely free of symptoms and is an otherwise healthy dog.  Mocha has no idea he has this disease and is in every way a happy dog.  Mocha has been cleared to be adopted as there is no reason to hold him back.  Mocha has no need to be on medication for Lyme as he has no symptoms.   His adoptive family just needs to be aware of his Lyme status and advise their vet of it and understand that he will test positive for Lyme’s every time he has his heartworm/lyme tests done.  He will also need to go to a family who will ensure that he is kept on tick preventative yearly along with the heartworm preventative so he doesn’t end up getting re-infected.  Lyme disease cannot be cured, but it is managed quite effectively.

If you are a German Shepherd lover and are experienced with this breed than Mocha will be a dog for you.  We are looking for Shepherd experienced people who understand this breed and what is best for them.  Please let us know your experience with this breed in your application to help us make decisions about the ideal fit for Mocha as we know we will get a lot of interest in this handsome dog!





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