Let me introduce you to Olive. She is a 6-year-old mid-sized yellow Labrador Retriever who is about 55lbs. Olive has lots of depth in her golden coat and beautiful brown eyes show the sweetness in her soul. She is a kind girl whose silly side has come out as she has learned how to be a dog!

Before she came to Pound Dog Rescue, Olive was used for breeding at a puppy mill. When she arrived at her foster home she was extremely timid and didn’t know how to be a dog! She’s adapted to our house really well and has learned so much since her arrival. Olive is a very gentle and loving soul who is working on trusting the world around her. She absolutely loves her doggy foster brother who has been able to show her around the house and make her feel safe. We think Olive would do best in a home with another confident dog from whom she can learn.

Olive is happy and content to nap throughout the day or follow you around as you tidy the house, cook, or sleep next to your desk as you work. Olive is not a fan of tight corners in the house, so if she gets into a tight space, like a hallway, you might see her signature moonwalk to get out! We think Olive would do well in a house (rather than an apartment) where she has a little more space to move around. She doesn’t bark very much but will let you know when she’s excited during playtime. Also, if Olive is startled she will bark but she stops once she knows she’s safe. She would love a backyard but it isn’t a necessity as long as she is getting regular exercise. Olive loves to sniff and explore on her walks and we would categorize her as mid-energy. She walks well on her leash but does tend to pull when she is excited about a new smell or place. Therefore, we have been using a gentle leader along with working on loose leash walking, ‘heel’, and ‘watch me commands’ to keep her attention when she gets excited. Her ears always perk up when she sees new people, dogs, or kids! Once her walk is over, Olive is happy to get back to napping on her favourite blanket.

As Olive became more comfortable in her foster home her silly personality has come out. When she gets really comfortable she likes to stretch out on her back with her paws in the air and roll on her blankets. When she is let out of her crate in the morning she likes to do a big stretch and is usually so excited that she does little toe taps on the ground on the way to the back door. She has a great smile and a sweet personality. Olive takes some time to warm up to people but is very willing to trust. She has grown to love pets and is very excited about ear scratches in the morning after going outside. Recently she has been waking herself up in the morning with a nice roll in the snow which always brings a big smile to her face! Olive is house trained and hasn’t had an accident while she has been in her foster home. She is usually let out in the morning, at noon, and in the evening but we think she would be fine to do longer times if needed.

Olive has been good with most dogs we have met however, it takes some time for her to completely warm up to a dog, especially if they are too pushy or in her face. We do not recommend leash meetings of other dogs but walks together with new friends is a great way for her to get to know a new dog! She likes to play chase with her dog friends and is very respectful when she plays. She is very good with the cat in her foster home and ignores him for the most part but does give him kisses on occasion. Olive is not being fostered in a home with children but she does perk up when she sees kids on our walks. We do think Olive would do well with children, she is very gentle, kind, and sweet, however, because of her size older kids (5yrs and up) would be better for her. Since coming to Pound Dog Olive has been spayed, tested for heartworm (negative), she’s had dewormer, and flea and tick prevention along with all of her vaccinations. She also had her teeth cleaned and examined. The vet pulled a couple of teeth and did say that some of her teeth may need to be extracted in the future so her adoptive family should keep that in mind!

Olive’s training has mainly focused on building trust and her confidence! When she arrived at her foster home she didn’t even know how to get in the house! Now, she knows how to sit, come, and understands her release command ‘okay’ which is used when she let her out of her kennel and into the backyard. The other big portion of Olive’s training has been her crate as she is not a fan of tight corners or spaces when she arrived. Given this, crate training has taken some time. However, she now goes into the crate at the command “kennel”, sleeps in her crate throughout the night, and can spend multiple hours in her crate with the company of a dog friend in the same room as her. Olive would do best in a house where her owner or dog friend is home with her for most or some of the day if possible!

If you are looking to add a new dog member to your family this sweet girl is looking for her forever home. We know that she will bring so much joy to her new family!