I’d like to introduce you to Penelope.  She’s a 3 year old Bichon Frise who has the cutest brown eyes with a thick fluffy snow white coat and the traditional Bichon curly hair. Penelope is a tiny girl who weighs just under 14 pounds but can hold her own. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful temperament and personality.

Penelope was named as she was laying in her dog bed in my home office as I worked. She had her head resting on the edge of her bed, one paw was crossed over the other.  I thought to myself, what a princess, and it popped into my head, Princess Penelope.   The name suits her well as she is so darn pretty.

She was rescued from a puppy mill and has never been exposed to the real world. Due to this lack of exposure, Penelope is pushing boundaries daily to overcome her fears of loud noises and strangers and has been making amazing progress every day.  It takes her time to warm up and trust humans, but once that trust is established, she is a cuddle monster.

Penelope would do well in pretty much any home situation. She is calm and quiet. To date, I’ve only heard her bark once when someone knocked on the door.  She would do well in an apartment setting as well as a condo or a house as she is so calm. Penelope enjoys playing fetch with her toys and loves anything that squeaks. When she’s in a playful mood she jump’s around like a little goat that is full of energy.  She enjoys all forms of exercise especially walks around the block, but if it’s wet and very cold outside, she would rather a quick potty break.

What Penelope loves best though, is snuggles and being pet.  When she wants affection, she is not afraid to ask for it.  She will give you a nudge to get your attention and will stare at you with those big brown eyes, how could you not scoop her up and give her a hug.  Most often while you’re giving her a gentle love squeeze, she’ll give you kisses in return.

She is house trained but has had a few accidents only when her daily routine is disturbed.   Penelope needs consistency with walks; she is currently out 5-6 times per day.  The frequency of these can be reduced once she becomes fully house trained.   She’s good on the leash but will become afraid when we pass by a stranger on the street. Positive reinforcement is required, and praise helps her overcome this fear. Whoever adopts her needs to understand that she can never ever be off leash outside of a secure fenced in area. She will certainly run off should something frighten her. Care needs to be taken to ensure she is kept safe at all times.

Penelope is fully crate trained and uses it as her personal safe space. If she is tired and needs alone time she will venture into her little den and relax for a nap.  She has a cute habit of hoarding her personal items into her crate, toys, bones and even my socks that she pulls out of the laundry hamper.  She sleeps in the crate every night and doesn’t make a peep to be let out, we’ve recently been keeping the door open and she stays in until the morning.  Penelope is okay to be left alone in her crate for a few hours but sometimes will whine for a few minutes before settling down.

Penelope is good with dogs but does need some time to warm up to them. We do believe that she would do well in a home with another friendly smaller dog, but this is not necessity for her.   She would also love being the only pet and soaking up all the attention.   Penelope has been around a few cats and it didn’t seem the phase her one bit.   Penelope is being fostered in home without children and we feel that rowdy and loud children would be too much for her, but she would love the attention from quieter kids over 8 years of age who would love to pet her and play nicely.

Penelope is learning basic obedience and knows “shake a paw “and is working on “sit” Penelope’s new family will need to commit to continuing her obedience training to bring out the best in this very smart girl.

Penelope is a happy and healthy girl who is ready to share her love and find her furever home.