Let me introduce you to Poncho. He is a 5 year old Yorkshire terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier cross with brown, Black and Tan markings. He is a small dog weighing 7.4 kg He is a dog who has lots of energy and enjoys long hikes This dog was a stray who was not claimed. Poncho was at the shelter for a week and was not acclimatizing to the environment and not eating or drinking or interacting with staff. That’s when rescue came along. Although quite timid and scared he settled in and now after many weeks is ready to find his forever home.

He will do well in a home with space to be himself and not able to escape outside, which he enjoys. You have to watch him around doors as he will try and sneak out if given the chance. Since Poncho likes being around people he gets quite loud with barking when you leave, but does settle down in his crate and sleeps. He wont be suitable for apartment or condo living and would be looking for a detached home. He takes time to settle into new areas of your home. Ie: will not go into the basement with me as basements are scary. He is happy to be on the main floor where it is safe.

Poncho would do well in a home with more than one person as he likes his people around. A home where someone is home more than away is ideal.   Work from home , people working opposite shifts, or active retirees would be his ideal placement. He needs a home with no children or visiting children as he is not comfortable with quick movements and noise. Poncho has lots of energy and enjoys long hikes, 8 km is a breeze for him. Although car rides are not his favourite he knows that he is going somewhere and he hopes it is a hike! At this time though he won’t be suitable for someone wanting him to do a lot of car travel. He is still getting used to the car and finds it stressful. Toys for him are still new and he only plays with them with lots of encouragement. He started taking treats only recently. He knows to be gentle, but needs reminding occasionally.

Poncho does like lying on the couch at the other end of his people and is comfortably sleeping. Warning. “He snores”. Poncho will come over to you occasionally, give you a kiss and then return to his favourite spot. (He will take your spot when you leave). He likes having his people nearby but is an independent sort and doesn’t want to be sitting on you or have you crowd him. But hanging together on the couch chilling in the evenings after a day of good long walks is ideal for him.

Poncho knows the following “sit, down, wait, up, gentle, no, duties”. He has started sitting at the door to the kitchen looking at you, with an occasional bark for food, or he will come to you and paw at your hand or give your kisses. He has been known to use his head to lift up my arm while I am crocheting for attention . He is trained to go outside and mostly gives cues by standing at the door to go to the washroom. He mostly goes in the same spot all the time, but is becoming a fair-weather dog and likes his paws warm. He is becoming more aware of his environment and is easily distracted by animals, humans sounds etc. He forgets what he needs to do, lol.

Poncho is crate trained and is in the crate during the day when I am away and sleeps in his crate at night. He will bark when in his initially, but settles and waits patiently to you come back home. Poncho will go in his crate during the day for a break, or goes when told as needed. The door is left open at this time and he settles until you ask him to come out. Poncho is neutered, is up to date on shots and is microchipped. Ongoing training will be beneficial and he is best suited for an energetic person or family who likes hikes etc. He enjoys meeting other dogs while on hikes and walks well on leash. He is so excited at the beginning he tends to pull but then settles in for a nice walk. He will sit on command and settles easily.

Poncho is learning to trust and be a dog and is looking forward to his forever home. Poncho is slow to warm up to new people and introductions need to be slow and patient.  His new person or family needs to be experienced dog owners well versed in the spirit of terriers. They are a unique group of dogs and Poncho is terrier through and through. Those who love terriers will really enjoy Poncho and his zest for walks, the longer the better!! He requires patient people who will understand that they need to earn his trust and be kind and gentle with him but at the same time not let him get away with anything. He can be stubborn as terriers are. He is affectionate but not clingy and can nicely settle close by while you work or watch TV. He is a fantastic little companion for a very active person who will ensure that he gets all of his energy out so that he can Netflix and chill in the evenings. Maybe you will be his perfect match??