We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process. For more information on our process and requirements, visit our website at https://pounddog.ca/adoption-info

Posie is a small, short-haired, black, 10-year-old Chihuahua. She is just under 5 lbs and she’s a good size for almost any kind of living space.   She is the sweetest little dog and will be an amazing companion for a lucky person or family.  She is very sweet, and sometimes still timid or nervous in new situations but she is very happy once she is comfortable in her environment.

The first day Posie came to our home for fostering she wanted to sit in my son’s lap right away. Although it was a new environment for her she greeted him with doggie kisses all over his hands and just seemed to want the comfort of being held. She was exhausted by bedtime and slept really well and has slept well in her crate every night – not a peep and no issues. At the beginning we had to take her out of her crate in the morning, now when I open the door she happily sprints out of her cage and runs down the stairs and dives into her daytime doggie bed, rolling around excitedly and looking for pats and tummy rubs while she licks our hands with love and affection.

Our sweet Posie came from a pound in Toronto where she was an unclaimed stray. She was very quiet, and very sleepy. Once she was rested for several days, we were able to take her out for a walk and saw how happy she was to be out walking.  Although she’s not a fan of any snow in her path, we either pick her up to get through the snow-covered sidewalk or we encourage her to get through it on her own occasionally too. Posie is especially happy to walk on the days the sun is shining and the sidewalks are clear! And on really cold days Posie may decide she’s not up for a walk and wants to get back home as quickly as possible.

Posie is very quiet and would be suitable in a variety of homes, condos or apartments. In our home she has only barked a handful of times when someone has come to the door. Although Posie loves her walks she does not require a lot of activity to be happy.  She is also very comfortable riding in the car. She is calm and seems content to sit while being held in someone’s lap so she can see out the window.

We were very lucky that Posie was housetrained and crate trained when she came to us. We’ve had a couple of minor accidents in our house but overall, she’s been good, and we have a good routine now. She hasn’t had to spend much time in her daytime crate and when we do crate her, she is very good about it and very quiet.  She’s also very excited when it’s time to come out.

The cats in our house easily accepted Posie into our home. She has no interest in the cats but will chase them occasionally when she sees them approaching us in the area of her space in our family room. We are working with her to correct this and it doesn’t happen too often.   We would consider her for a home with a dog savvy cat but would prefer no other pets in the home.  We have to ensure that she wouldn’t be injured by another pet in the home.  Posie is quite small and fragile and could be injured easily.  She is not aggressive with other dogs but for the same reason we would like her to be the only dog in the home.   In our home she has spent time with adults and teenagers.  We would consider a home for her with teenagers but no younger children please….this tiny, mature dog will not enjoy the energy and noise and quick movements of young children.

In our experience so far Posie will listen when she is being redirected. She likes her dog bed, but she also loves the sofa and tests out the sofa option often. She mostly understands and listens when she is redirected to her dog bed. She is not a dog that tries to jump up on people and she is quite well behaved. We haven’t had a chance to work on any tricks yet but with the right training and a basic obedience program this would likely be something she could learn.

 Posie came from the pound with known dental issues and had to have dental surgery to remove 14 of her teeth. (She needs a soft food diet). While we were sad, she lost so many teeth, we were happy when we saw she felt a million times better. We didn’t realize how much impact her dental issues had on her behavior and personality until after the surgery, and medication was finished, and we saw her renewed spirit and energy.

We have enjoyed our time as first-time fosters caring for Posie as she rested and healed. She is a happy and loving companion and she is ready to find her forever home.



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