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Pretty is a beautiful 11 year old Pomeranian/Papillon mix. She is a delicate 13 lbs but don’t let her age deter you, this girl is peppy and up for adventures. Pretty was surrendered with another dog to an animal shelter after her owner had passed away.  She is about the sweetest little lady, an absolute Princess!  She and the dog she came in with were not bonded and we have found that Pretty would love to be the sole canine companion in a  household that has people home the majority of the day. If she would be joining another mature dog, he/she should be well mannered and not competitive for attention. Pretty had been bossed around by her previous housemate. At her age, she shouldn’t have to compete for attention any longer. Pretty has met many other dogs and will tolerate them. She is not afraid to let any dog know that they are getting too close to her! Pretty was very interested in the cats she met and would do best in a cat free house.

Pretty was initially crated when she came into our care but transitioned to run of house after a period of successful, short unsupervised times alone. Though she is not vocal the entire time she is left, we don’t think she settles well.  She really prefers to have her people around her.  She is always well exercised before being left so she is not full of energy alone. Although Pretty does not enjoy her alone time she has not been destructive or had any accidents.  Pretty is not particularly food or toy motivated and can be fussy at meal times. Human affection is her biggest reward!

Pretty is eleven years old but is very energetic and enjoys her two walks daily. She walks well with a harness and a zippy leash so she can explore. She is reactive on leash to other dogs but responds well to a quick correction.  She is significantly less reactive when she is walking alone.  Her new family will need to continue working on this and correct her barking at other dogs.  Good thing is, she is a small dog so very easily handled.  Pretty loves to sleep on her companion’s bed. She will sleep straight through the night without any disturbances…you don’t even know she is there. If Pretty is taken outside early she will do her business quickly and get right back into her cozy spot. She loves to be
with people but does not demand attention. She would be lovely for someone who works from home, as she is so happy to curl up beside you on a chair and let you work.  Pretty prefers to sit on a non-drivers lap during car rides. She rides well but becomes very excited upon reaching her destination and should be closely watched as she likes to exit the vehicle quickly!  Pretty is just excited for life and is enthusiastic about all adventures with her people.

This lady has a heart of gold and loves everyone she meets. When she looks at you with her big brown eyes your heart just melts. We have absolutely loved our time with Pretty and we are so excited for her forever family to meet her! She is ready to shine!






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