Pretzel is a 7yr old yellow Lab and is a good 40kg of pure joy and happiness. When you look up the word dog in the dictionary, this face greets you and then promptly places his head right under your hand discreetly encouraging you to pet him and never stop.

In all seriousness, Pretzel came to us happy and friendly and nothing has changed in his stay here. He’s incredibly friendly, loves to meet everyone and is generally great with dogs, cats, etc. He LOVES people of all kinds and has never shown one drop of shyness. He meets people sweetly and gently, and is calm and well-mannered. He should have proper introductions with other dogs as he has growled at other dogs during initial introductions but is very comfortable after a short walk together, with no issues afterwards. He lives with three medium size dogs and two cats, and gets along well with all of them.

He is not as low energy as you’d expect from a big dog, and he seems to think he is more agile than he truly is. He loves to run with our dogs and play with soft plush toys. His size doesn’t stop him from trying to play, and climb up on surfaces (like chairs, couches, etc.) to be with you. He’s easily redirected with a verbal correction, and is positively reinforced to keep all four paws on the ground. He does not jump on people who are standing up, but will gently try to creep into your lap if you are sitting to be as close as physically possible.

On walks, Pretzel is easy going enough, though would benefit from continued training. He is interested in his surroundings, and has definitely shown a little bit of prey drive ESPECIALLY for skunks. We believe he was skunked previously and his furever home should be aware of this possibility and be very careful in the nighttime especially. Pretzel will try to make friends with anyone and anything, especially a skunk. He has only a slight interest in squirrels, and has not pulled in their direction. Because of his size, you have to be aware that he can pull if he wants to and capable of handling his 40kg size if he does so. He very rarely does, but for something exciting (like a skunk), he can surprise you with his conviction. If there is a tree that he wants to sniff, he may forget that you are a solid object and will try to slowly veer into you to reach his destination. He responds well to guidance with the leash.

He is very good in the car, and jumps right in. Again, like with most things, Pretzel would always prefer to be in contact with you, so a strategy is needed when transporting him. He is secured in place when we travel with a seatbelt tether, and something similar would be necessary for safety. Otherwise Pretzel would insist on helping you steer.

Like all of our fosters, Pretzel is crated at night, when we leave the house, and usually for an hour or so even when we’re home and he does very well. While he was becoming accustomed to the crate he would begin to bark promptly at 7am, but has stopped this behaviour over time.  He now recognizes and accepts the quiet/alone time when he’s in his crate. At night especially, he seems to do better crated in our room than outside of it, but we’re confident that he could adjust to being outside if that’s preferred. He will alert bark at the sound of a car horn outside (someone locking their car for example).

In terms of his general care, Pretzel is a high-shedding dog, and will blow his coat. He is very tolerate of grooming, nail trimming, examining…he is just a very easy-going dog.

Beyond that, Pretzel would fit a lot of different lifestyles and living situations. He loves to walk, and as he gets more and more in shape, would definitely appreciate multiple strolls each day. He is calm in the house even when he does not get to go on a walk. He would do well with children over the age of 5, though they should definitely not be walking him just because of his strength, size and belief that he is much smaller than he actually is, and would be fine with or without other animals.

This big goofball is sure to put a smile on your face day after day. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. Please adopt Pretzel!