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Quincy in one phrase: Big dog, big heart, small package.

Favourite pastimes: Short walks, massages, cuddling, rolling around on the carpet, watching children play, eating treats.  Quincy is a 10yrs young Maltese mix who will win your heart in no time!

Quincy has the attitude of a big dog, but has the perks of a small dog. Quincy is the total package. Weighing in at only 13 lbs, he is the perfect lap dog.  He loves nothing more than sitting quietly in your lap or beside you on the couch and getting a good scratch behind the ear, or a nice massage. Quincy also loves to be outdoors, rain, snow, sleet, wind or sun, Quincy is excited about his walks.

Quincy was found as an older stray wandering the cold streets of Toronto. When I first got him, he was very thin and very smelly and much in need of dental work. He also had a heart condition that is now under control with medication. (Please note that if interested in Quincy he will need to continue on his heart meds and you should check with your vet to be sure you are aware of the cost of this.  We can let you know what meds he is on if you are seriously interested in him.)  I realized the next day what a gem Quincy was when he so easily tolerated his bath, brushing and blow drying from a stranger. Quincy quickly put on weight as he loves to eat. And the fact that he has had to have all his teeth removed has not impinged on his good appetite.

Quincy was already house-broken, and knew a few commands like sit, and off, when he came to stay with me. Within a couple of days, I was able to let him loose in the house when I was home as he does not chew or get into things. (Although he may try to sneak up on the couch and then look at you with his big brown eyes as if to ask, is it okay if I lie on the couch.) Quincy did not like being crated, but with some time and patience, Quincy has learned to go into his crate on his own, and will go on command at bedtime.   Quincy is great on leash when out for his walks and trots nicely at your side, not pulling.

Quincy has a big heart, he gets along with all dogs, all people and even cats. Big or small Quincy loves them all. Quincy has encountered many dogs on our walks, from large dogs, rambunctious puppies and smaller dogs. Quincy is friendly with all dogs and will happily greet them. He has a good sense about other dogs, and seems to know when it is safe to approach, and when he should put a little distance between himself and an aggressive dog. He seems to have a calming effect on some of the very excitable large puppies we have met on our walks.

Quincy loves children both young and older teens and will happily follow my 5 year grandson around the house. He is not the least phased by the loud noises, running and jumping, and the flying toys. In fact, he will put himself right in the middle of this mayhem. He loves to try and greet the school children if I am walking him when school gets out.

Because Quincy is so amiable and good-natured, I have been able to take him with me anywhere dogs are welcome. He loves car rides, and once he has had a chance to sniff around his new surroundings he is content to lie quietly on a mat or pillow. So far, he has been to the camera shop, car repair shop, to my workplace, pet stores and friends’ houses.

Quincy is not much for toys and playing games, but even as an older dog with a heart condition Quincy will put on his puppy act and gleefully run and bounce a few laps around the living room and kitchen when he is excited. Then he will chill and sleep in his chair or get in some cuddles.

Unlike many small dogs, Quincy is not a barker unless he is left alone. He would not make a good guard dog as he does not even bark when people come to the door. He will not bark at dogs or people while on his walks. He is very laid back and amiable with visitors and their furry friends.   Because Quincy doesn’t enjoy being left alone we are looking for a home for him where someone is home most of the time or can take him to work with them.  A detached home is sought as well for those times that he has to be left home in his crate.

Overall Quincy is a very amiable, calm, loving and cuddly little dog that would be well suited for a family that has someone who is home most of the time, and willing to give him his heart medication. His new family would have to take care that Quincy does not get too cold on winter walks as he is not a dog to complain.  A retired couple with grandchildren would be ideal, as I cannot stress enough how much Quincy loves children. Care should be taken though with toddlers that might fall on him due to his smaller size.

Quincy is also a non-shedding dog, or what he does shed is so minimal it is hardly noticed.  Because of this he needs regular brushing to keep tidy and free of mats. He will also require occasional trips to the groomer so this will need to be kept in mind by anyone interested in Quincy.  He is such a joy to foster and is the best companion ever.  We know he will make a great addition to a lucky person or family!


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