Let me introduce you to this handsome boy Ronny, who is about 9 weeks old. Ronny is a Collie and Poodle cross and currently weighs around 12 pounds, and this pup still has lots of growing to do as he becomes a large sized dog. Ronny is still a giant fluff ball of a puppy with thick reddish brown fur with some black tips, he has some beautiful white markings on his paws and the tip of his tail. He has big silky ears that have some beautiful curls on them. Ronny is such a sweet natured dog and you can’t help but get lost in his adorable face, with his beautiful eyes that just melt your heart with his soulful gaze. When interacting with Ronny you can immediately hone in on the intelligence that both his breeds bring in. We wish to be clear that although Ronny is part Poodle, he is not hypoallergenic and does shed some.

Ronny was a “leftover” from a litter of pups at a puppy mill that didn’t sell and was taken in by Pound Dog to give him the best chance at finding his forever home. Ronny was full of joy and excitement when we brought him into our home and it didn’t take long for him to warm up to the house and all the foster dog siblings! He loves to explore his surroundings, he will test and see what he is and is not allowed to play with. Ronny has definitely shown some interest in chewing things that are less than ideal, like the underside of some chairs, however he is very quick to receive re-direction. His new home will need to make sure that they are diligent with watching him in the home to ensure that they can stop any unwanted chewing before it starts. Ronny certainly loves to chase some toys around the house, or find a good toy to chew on the pet bed, his puppy antics will keep you entertained for hours.

Ronny would do well living in a detached home with a big fenced in backyard for him to roam and explore on a daily basis. He loves to be outside playing if the other dogs and his human companions are outside with him. He absolutely loves his foster dog siblings and wants to run around and play with them when they are outside, once he comes in there is always a bit more play time then usually he finds a nice quiet place to take a nap! When Ronny falls asleep for a nap, he’s usually out cold and doesn’t notice anything around him, not even the other dogs barking. Ronny’s ideal home would have another playful dog for him to expel some energy, but we also think Ronny would do well as an only dog if his new family has lots of time to spend with him. Ronny is also currently living with a cat and he has not shown any desire to give chase or play with her, but is actually quite calm and collected with her. Ronny also lives with two kids in the house and he loves when the kids get down on the floor and play with him! Ronny loves playing some light tug of war or chasing after a ball or squeaky toy. Ronny is excellent with the kids, but we think he would do well if he had children in his forever home that were over the age of 8, that are well versed with proper dog play as Ronny is going to grow up to be a good sized boy.

Ronny would love a big fenced in backyard to be able to run around and play in, he loves playing outside so much and it is probably his favourite thing to do. Ronny would prefer to have a fully fenced in backyard to roam and play as he is not a fan of being tied to a leash outside. Ronny is crate trained, so when it is bedtime or time for the humans to leave the house we put him in his crate with a treat. Initially Ronny did not like his crate and he would howl, scream and cry, however he has gotten much better and settles usually within minutes at night and when you leave during the day. Because he is vocal when he is in his crate he needs a detached home to avoid disrupting any neighbours.

Ronny is a really good eater and his favourite time of the day is meal time! He is extremely food motivated which will make training an easier experience. When it comes to meal times Ronny is currently eating in his crate. When it comes to meeting people, Ronny loves them all! Ronny is of the belief that if there is someone walking near him, that their sole purpose is to come over and give him some pets and some love. If we are walking and there are people nearby, he will stop and wait until they get closer so that they have the opportunity to come and meet him. He has been an absolute star while meeting people in all sorts of places, he stays very calm and just soaks up all the attention and he also likes to hold onto your hand!

Ronny has been working on his house training and from day one he has always done very well. He is still very young, so he needs to be watched constantly to make sure he is taken outside when he wakes from a nap or after he has been playing for a while. We watch him constantly and try to put him out frequently to do his business, he knows that he needs to go before he comes back inside. There have been several instances where we have been calling him to come in, but he will go over to the grass, do his business and then happily run back into the house. He has also told us many times that he needed to go by waiting at the back door for us. His forever home will need to make sure they are diligent with him during the first few weeks in his new home to ensure that he understands he is still supposed to go outside. Ronny knows to come when he is called and we are working on sitting before getting some pets or treats. Overall though, Ronny is such a well-mannered little guy that he has been an absolute dream to have. Once he gets some playtime outside he mostly takes a nap, and when he falls asleep he is out cold. Ronny is a pretty chill and relaxed pup, if you get up and leave the room he usually lifts his head to watch where you’re going and try to decide if it’s worthwhile for him to get up or not. Ronny loves walking up to his humans to ask for some pets, and soaks up all of the love and attention. Although pretty chill now, Ronny is going to be a high energy dog and a mix of 2 herding breeds so he will absolutely need very high energy people who are already very active, all year round. This is not a dog that will do well with just walks around the block. When grown he will need running exercise and a lot of mental work with training to be a happy dog. Please take this into consideration when thinking about applying for Ronny….would you consider your current lifestyle high energy and one that would suit a high energy, herding breed mix that is super smart? Not wanting to go through to the advanced levels of obedience? Then sorry, but Ronny won’t be an ideal fit. This is a working dog and as such he needs to be kept busy with tasks and training or he will become a frustrated dog. Basic obedience training with Advanced Obedience will be a must with Ronny as it will help him Develop a wonderful relationship with his new family, but also it will help him to understand what is expected of him and help set out rules in his new home. Ronny is a very smart boy and he will need consistency and structure in his forever home in order for him to continue to thrive throughout his days.

Ronny has been a good passenger in the car when we have taken road trips, he either sits on the middle seat or on the floor, either way you can bet he will just curl up and sleep. He has been on short car rides, and long ones and he has always done extremely well. Ronny has been working on his leash walking, sometimes he pretends like he doesn’t want to go, but with some encouragement he loves getting out for his walks! With some excitement and treats we have been able to get him to go on some good walks to encourage his love for walking! He can get distracted easily and when he does he would prefer to just stop and sit, some encouragement and treats will get him moving again. Continued walks will have this boy being a star walker!

As Ronny is too young to be neutered at this time, he will need to come back to our vet in Cambridge to have this done at a later date (around 6 months). Therefore we need a commitment from his forever family to take him to our specific vet to have him fixed when the time comes. Ronny’s adoption will be conditional on this commitment. Our vet is in Cambridge and therefore we will only consider a home for him that is a reasonable distance (within an hour) from Cambridge that can accommodate a drop off and pickup there to have his surgery done.

Being Ronny is still such a young puppy, we will only consider a home for him where someone is home or has the capability to come home throughout the day. Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8 hour work day. We are also looking for a family or person that is fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved. Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly. They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate.

Ronny is looking for his forever family with someone who will spend their time walking and playing with him, going to training class, and someone who will relax with him at the end of the day. Ideally he would like to have a large fenced yard with another young playful dog to keep him company and run around with. Ronny is such a beautiful, calm and sweet natured dog and he is looking for someone who will love him forever and be active with him daily. Ronny has been such an easy dog to love, his eyes and mannerism say it all in how sweet he is, if you’re ready for your days to be filled with lots of walks, playtime, and snuggles then give this sweet boy a chance!