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Let us introduce you to Sandy.   Sandy is a Husky/German Shepherd X puppy.  She is mostly tan, with interesting white and black markings and the characteristic curly husky tail.  She has a great demeanor and is certainly a ‘people’ dog.  Many people have mentioned that Sandy’s face has a fox-like appearance, and we can’t help but call her ‘foxy lady’!

Sandy came to us from Northern Manitoba where she was found foraging in the bush alongside her siblings.  This cute girl was delivered to us when she was only 11 weeks old.  PDR  Kim told us we get the “Sassy” one, and she wasn’t wrong!  Sandy is a very playful, intellectual and an inquisitive dog.  Sassy just adds to her beauty!  Her demeanor is fantastic!  She is approximately 15 weeks old now and weighing in close to 17 lbs, already she has some pretty good-sized mitts on her!  We would expect she will be a pretty big girl!

Sandy is well adjusted and although she was apprehensive about loud noises at first, she appears to be settling in fine and is getting used to a variety of noises.     She is a high energy puppy that does require a lot of exercise.  She plays hard, then crashes hard.   She will bark here and there to get our attention however she is pretty quiet generally.   Sandy enjoys hanging out in the shade of the yard or on a cold vent inside (during the summer months), usually not far from your feet.   She is learning to play a bit of soccer as well!!  She has no problem with car rides.

Sandy is currently living with a cat and our 9-year-old boy.    So far Sandy respects the territory limits the cat has issued.  Sandy would love to play with him more but the cat has informed her that they can get along fine as long as she keeps at a distance.  Our child loves playing with her and Sandy is very good with him.  They run around the backyard on a regular basis.  Sandy is full of energy that needs to be burned.  She will go through 15 minutes bursts of energy.  During these times, it is important to direct her energy away from kids as she can get a bit unruly (nippy and bouncy).  This is something we are working on, and we are finding distraction with chewable items as well as keeping her exercised, helps immensely.  We would be looking for a home for her with children over 9 yrs of age due to the fact that she can get nippy with excitement as all puppies do.  But older children who can understand the need to be calm when the puppy is around would be best.

Since this girl was delivered to us from an outdoor environment, grubs in our yards have been well taken care of.  Will she dig up your grass? Not ours yet, however she will nose around to find out what is in the ground.  But if you do have some loose soil and are looking to have a hole dug look no further for a helper!  Typical of puppies, she is always looking for something to put in her mouth!  In the backyard she is always grabbing pieces of mulch so to say her diet is high in wood fibres would not be stretching the truth!

Sandy is doing well with her house training but still has the odd accident inside if not totally supervised (as expected with puppies), so she needs to be watched whenever she isn’t in her crate.  Her baby teeth are still growing, and she is always looking for a rawhide or cold treat to gnaw on and to soothe her sore gums.   Her crate training has been very easy.  After the 2nd night at her foster home, she slept through the night with no issues.  Usually bed around 10:30 and up at 7:00.  She even needs some coaxing to get her to come out!   We have been crate training for short periods during the day as well, and she appears to do well with this.  Anyone interested in Sandy would need to have a schedule that will suit having a puppy, and please take into consideration post COVID schedules.  She cannot be crated for more than a few hours in the day at this point so needs to have someone home to be able to let her out midday.

Although she has high energy needs, walking is not her favourite activity (yet).    She is a bit of a home body and will want to pull back home for the first half of the walk but then pull you forward to get home for the second half.    But our distances are growing every week.   She loves to meet new people and is always wagging her tail for the walkers passing by!   We have not had any formal interactions with other dogs yet.  But she does not appear threatened or afraid when we see other dogs on our walks.  She would enjoy having a doggie brother but this isn’t a necessity as long as she gets proper socialization with other dogs and has some regular play dates with good natured pups.

Our son has been working with her on her tricks!  She mastered sit and shake paw pretty quickly and was quick to learn her foster name!  We are currently working on lie down and high fives now!

Sandy loves the outdoors.  A larger fenced in yard or access to a park close by, would be an ideal place for her to burn her energy!  She will not be suitable for apartment or condo living.  She needs space to run outside in the yard.  Sandy is spunky, loyal and a beautiful girl that is ready to find her forever home.  Come meet this beautiful, sassy girl!




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