Hey folks!
We are proud to introduce you to undeniably, one of the most charismatic, beautiful, intelligent and playful dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Meet Seneca. Sweet Seneca is a 10-month old German Shepherd/Husky/Great Pyrenees mix (we think!) who will absolutely melt your heart upon meeting her.

If you’re not immediately in awe by her gorgeous, thick fawn-coloured fur with beautifully dispersed black strands, or her velvety soft ears, or her exquisitely regal and incredibly cozy tail, then her amber eyes will be the ones that will surely stop you in your tracks. She’s the kind of dog who people go out of their way to come closer to.

Her beauty along with her charm is a magnet few can resist. While this young lady’s beauty is likely the first thing you’ll notice, you’ll quickly realize that it’s her intelligence and ability to adapt that makes her a truly perfect companion dog.

Seneca currently weighs in at 60lbs and may fill out a bit more but we believe she’s reached her full height. She’s a strong, physically active dog who loves to run, loves to play, loves to go on several long walks a day. She’s an athletic dog at heart and would love a family who can explore the world with her. As a matter of fact, after just seven days with her, we took her on a camping trip with us to a near north provincial park. While we were nervous about how she would behave, we can honestly tell you, this sweet gal fit right in. She loved hiking, spending time in front of the fire in the evening and listening to all the sounds the forest provides. We did have her in our trailer, so she had her bed to sleep in to feel safe and cozy.

Her first few days with us were a bit challenging as she adjusted to us and our home, new smells, new sounds and new people. Add to that a spay surgery, and well, we thought we were going to have a disaster in our hands, but she simply rose to the occasion. Despite all the changes, this girl has been a great guest in our home. She’s fully potty-trained and will let you know it’s potty time by going to the backyard door, or by lightly pawing at your leg. She’s also quite easy to get ready for her walks. She sits as we put on her gentle leader and just waits as we get her all setup. We are still working a bit on her walking skills, but the gentle leader does make a big difference and we would encourage her future family to keep using it. She loves chasing squirrels and birds, so she will need someone who can help ease her prey drive. She’s a very energetic dog and needs at least two long walks (at least 30 – 45 minutes) a day with a lot of play time. Without these, her energies turn to mischief.

Seneca is not a huge eater, which was a big surprise to us considering her size. She is not super food driven, which makes it somewhat challenging for training. She does enjoy her kibble with some gravy or wet food. She’s not a dog that finishes her meals in record speed, but instead prefers to wait after we’ve had our meals to finish hers. Maybe she’s hoping we would share our food with her? Hhmmm. She does eat two meals a day and gets treats when we’re working on training.

In terms of training, this girl is so intelligent and quick learner. After just a few tries, she understood “sit” and “down.” She responds easily to commands such as “aaah!” or “No!” when we don’t like a decision she’s made and takes correction pretty easily. We are continuing to work on crate training, but she’s still quite hesitant. She’s not a fan of confined spaces, i.e. bathrooms so we believe it may have been due to her history. She does go into her crate though and even slept in it while we were camping with her. She doesn’t love her crate but we have been working on this and with time and patience, she has gotten much better. She still won’t enjoy spending a full workday alone in her crate but can spend a couple hours in there now.   We think she can be trained to do just about anything as she’s fearless and seems to always be thinking and strategizing. She’s also very trusting which will make it even that much easier.

It is her intelligence coupled with her sense of mischief that does get her in trouble once in a while. If there’s a sock on the floor, anywhere, you better believe she will find it. She thinks it’s quite funny to prance around the house with anything she can find, knowing we will ask her to drop it as soon as we see it. The good thing is, that she will drop it when asked. There are some things to keep in mind with Seneca. Since she doesn’t take to spending time in her crate, we haven’t left her alone for very long. She loves to chew and if left alone for long, she will find things to gnaw on – clothes, cardboard, even the walls (there’s been no damage to our home, just attempts). She’s going through a bit of a “mouthy” phase, so we are working on that with her but it’s something to keep in mind. We believe consistent training will be quite beneficial to her and her new family. Also, she loves being outdoors and is a flight risk if she sees an open door. We would encourage her new owners to keep an eye on her when opening any door. A secure, fenced backyard is also must.

As for cuddles and snuggles, this sweet gem is just the best. She loves to get her ears scratched, the back of her legs massaged. She loves a good “butt rub” and will ask for pets and affection. She’s the kind of dog that will settle in with you on the couch and watch movies after a long day of work or fun. Her quirky head tilts to any new sounds will make you laugh and the way she listens, with the tip of her tongue sticking out, is just too much to handle. She’s cute times a million!

Seneca is also a social butterfly. There’s not a human she’s met that she’s not wagging her tail at or requesting pets from. She’s kind and obedient and patient with meeting new people. She’s not had a ton of experience with dogs, and she tends to ignore them on our walks. She did meet another foster German Shepherd while camping and boy, was she so excited. It’s our opinion that she will do well with other male dogs her size but do worry a bit about her prey drive and smaller dogs. She is quite curious of cats and again, with her prey drive best no cats or small animals for her.

Seneca is not being fostered in a home with children, but we believe her loving and curious disposition, loving nature, and under constant supervision she would do fine with older children, over 8yrs of age. Seneca is easily excitable despite her gentle nature, and we believe that gregarious, loud, and rowdy children would be too much for her. But she would love the attention she would get from quieter kids who would love to pet her and play nicely with her in the yard.

As her foster parents, this is the hardest letter to write because we truly fell head over heels for this dog. She’s a special dog with amazing potential. We hope to see her thrive and learn and feel all the love she deserves, because she truly deserves it all.