We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process. For more information on our process and requirements, visit our adoption information page.


Hello, my name is Shade. I am a female 3 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix.   I also have the most beautiful eyes, at least that’s what my Foster Dad(FD) says. Deep brown and are very expressive.  I ended up in a rural pound and wasn’t claimed which is how I came to be in PDR’s care.

I am loving my foster home! My FD and his two daughters have been home with me all the time. I think it’s cause they love me so much that they can’t bear to be apart from me. Apparently they call that Covid-19….seems strange to me but so does shaking hands, I get everything I need to know from a good  sniff like normal dogs.

I love to go for walks. I was a little too excited on the regular collar so we moved to the Gentle Leader head halter and that’s been a lot better. I do like to rub my face in the grass when it’s on so my FD has to correct me when I do this. It’s been a little hot lately but really the 2 walks we go for each day are the best part about being here. Actually, the steady meals are the best parts, oh wait, no, the ear scratches…It’s all the best parts! I love it here and like to give kisses to remind them of how grateful I am. Things weren’t always so great as they are now. I had some really dry skin but those steady, high quality meals I mentioned have really helped to clear it up. A bit more time and I’ll be as smooth as a puppy’s belly.

My FD’s daughter came over with a cat. There is something about her I just don’t like and I try to chase her. My FD doesn’t like that and keeps stopping me but I would prefer a home without cats. I am also very choosy about the dogs I meet and don’t want to live in a home with other dogs.  I want to be the only pet in the home and get all of the attention.  I am definitely not a dog park type of dog, but can pass by a dog on a walk without issue.  I just don’t want to meet other dogs or have them come close to me.  I like my personal space please!

I do like going for car rides and sticking my head out the window. That is a lot of fun. However, I’m not a big fan of people coming into our yard.   The Geman Shepherd in me wants to protect my home and yard.  When the people come to cut the grass, I have to let everyone know and I try to make them go away. Also, when the neighbours are walking around I will let you know too…basically if anything moves outside that I don’t particularly like…I got your back.  I would do best in a detached home with a large fenced yard to play in.   I haven’t met any small children since I’ve been here but I think I would get along fine with them for casual greetings  but I may knock them down cause of my size so I would prefer a home with kids over  10 years of age.  I’ve liked every person I’ve met including those we come across on walks. I do however get a bit scared by loud noises while walking and then I just want to run away as fast as possible. It only lasts a second or two and I’m good to keep going.  As such a quieter subdivision or rural area would be best for me. No busy city centers please.

I’m totally house trained and have no issues with sleeping in my crate. I much prefer sleeping at the foot of your bed and I don’t mind you sleeping in on Saturdays. I’m not the kind of dog that is me, me, me. I’ll just wait until to start to wake and then we can get breakfast. I know a few commands like ‘sit’ and ‘On your bed’ means to go lay down on my bed. I still need to learn a few more though. Perhaps you can teach me through obedience training classes. It’s a requirement of Pound Dog Rescue’s adoption process anyway and I think it will be a lot of fun and a good way for us to bond. I’m a huge fan of treats when I do it right although I do get a bit excited and try to take them a bit to fast. I’m working on it but have you tasted a freeze-dried duck treat?!? So good!

Well I think that’s about everything. I can’t wait to meet you and join your family. We will have so much fun together. My FD wanted to say something so I, wait Someone in the backyard….

Hey everyone, Shade is protecting me from our neighbours in their backyard at the moment so I will finish this off. Shade has been a lot of fun. She still had a few trust issues to work through, she won’t lay down and show her belly yet. Once she’s had some time to get to know you though I have no doubt those walls will come crumbling down. Even with that she loves to show her love and get her ears scratched and if you stop she will grab your arm with her paw to remind you where it should be. In short she’s a great dog and will make an excellent companion. Send in your application now before she’s scooped up





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