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We’d like you to meet one incredible puppy called Sia. We named her Sia because the second she walked into our house, she was singing away (just like her namesake) and letting us know she was happy to be with us…which is saying a lot because Sia came to us with a broken leg.  And that’s one of the very best things you can say about Sia…..she is always happy! She didn’t have the best start in her young life but she has handled everything with a sweetness and goofiness that makes her an incredible young puppy and a pure joy to be with. We totally understand that she is gorgeous and a lot of people will be drawn to those stunning blue eyes but we ask that you please read her bio carefully and be honest with yourself as to her suitability for you.  Sia is not a dog for everyone, and in fact, few people would be truly suited to a high energy Husky, but for those people out there that are, this is a real gem of a pup!!  To tell you a bit about Sia…

As mentioned, when we took in Sia she had a broken leg.  This has healed nicely but when her final splint finally came off it was discovered that her ligaments were torn as well.  Sia has had to have physio sessions to get her leg back to normal but thankfully, being a puppy, she healed fast.  Her foster mom did an amazing job tackling all of the physio exercises with her and now Sia is ready to go on her next adventure of finding her forever family!

Sia is a four and a half month female Siberian Husky. She’s a skinny mini now but will grow to be between 40 to 50 pounds. Huskies are a very unique breed so someone who has Husky experience would know that when she “argues” or “talks back to you”, when she climbs fences, when she counter surfs, when has the zoomies, when she gets into everything, when she wants to chase the squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks…..well that’s just what they love to do. Huskies have a high prey drive so although Sia has a huge heart and is incredibly lovable, she IS a Husky so her forever family needs to know that she is a handful! It’s also important to know that Huskies love to work. They are extremely high energy and when they need to work for something or have an outlet for their energy, they are more balanced and well behaved. They would do best in a home with a very active family who can give her that responsibility of
working hard and being rewarded with food and love. She has been around dog savvy children that are between 12 and 15 and does well with them but we wouldn’t consider a home with younger children in it,  and she would do best in a home with dog savvy / Husky savvy / VERY active humans and no cats or small animals.   Having said all of that….

Sia is a HUGE suck! Sia snuggles are so special because she presses her nose into your neck or leans into you with her whole body like she just cannot get close enough. She is a true sweetheart that has captured the hearts of everyone she meets. She lets her foster sister lick her ears, her face, her teeth and then when she’s had enough, she just gently puts her paw on her foster sister’s face and gives her a “ow wow ow”. She knows to steer clear of her foster brother (who tends to just bark at puppies but doesn’t actually play with them) but LOVES her playdates with her friends that are her own size. Even though her leg was broken and physio required for the broken ligaments, she’s never let it stop her from having fun. She is go, go, go…until she sleeps. Then she sleeps so deeply, she snores. Sometimes so loud, she wakes herself up.

Sia is crate trained and house trained. She is still a puppy so does need to be watched because if her human isn’t paying attention to her asking to go outside, she will make a mess in the house. Speaking of messes….. Sia LOVES paper products. There is no safe paper product! She loves newspapers, toilet paper rolls, toilet paper, Kleenex, books, anything she can get to…even if she has to work for it.
She doesn’t eat all of it but she certainly does love leaving it all over the place. And when questioned with a “did you do this?” question she will….you guessed it….”ow wow ow” and look at you with her big gorgeous eyes as if all should be forgiven because she’s so darn cute. And it is because, let’s face it, she is so darn cute! So needless to say, Sia needs constant supervision when she isn’t in her crate, and we mean CONSTANT.  She is a troublemaker and cannot be given a minute of time unsupervised or she will be in to something.   This will require dedication on the part of her people and also, a lot of exercise to tire her out and keep her sated.  Simple walks will not cut it with Sia; she needs running exercise (puppy suitable at this point) and this need will increase as she matures.  The saying “a tired dog is a good dog” was written for Sia.

Sia is VERY food driven and will do anything you ask her to do for a bit of peanut butter or freeze dried liver treats. She is very quick to learn new things but continued training to keep her from chewing on things and not getting into everything is definitely required.

Sia does really well on car rides! She’s equally happy in her crate or on the seat beside you. She’s never been sick and generally settles really quickly and falls asleep. We’ve been on several car rides that were longer than 2 hours and she has been a superstar every time.

We’ve had a few playdates with other dogs that are her size, temperament and energy and she hits it off immediately. Her foster brother and sister are both small dogs and she’s been gentle with them but she really shines when playing with a dog of equal size. We would love a forever home for her that has a large sized dog in it that enjoys wrestling and rough play.  Sia will be far too much pup for a senior dog or one who enjoys peace and quiet.  But a fun loving, playful male dog will be her dream friend.  We will not consider a home with a female dog in it for Sia though as she is proving herself to be a dominant female, as many female Huskies are, and she will not enjoy the competition for top princess in the homme.

Sia is a truly unique, gorgeous, sweet, lovable amazing young pup that will warm the hearts of any family that is lucky enough to have her.   She absolutely needs her forever family to be very knowledgeable and experienced with the Husky breed and fully committed to her exercise needs.  We are looking for runners, cyclists or other who are looking for a canine partner.  Her forever family also needs to have a large fenced yard with the fencing minimum 6ft high and wood fencing would be best.  Huskies are escape artists and we don’t want our Sia to be able to jump or climb the fence and get away.  Supervision when she is in the yard is key as well.  She came into our lives broken but will leaving us whole and for her forever family, she’ll be bringing unconditional love.





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