It Is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to Soldier!

Soldier is a 1-year-old male Husky mix. Soldier has a beautiful shiny black coat and has golden brown eyes that make you immediately feel warm and loved. He has small white eyebrows and little black markings that go up the centre of his face. Soldier’s tail starts out shiny black and transitions to a brown and then has the cutest white tip. Soldier is a larger dog which he refuses to notice, and weighs 55lbs. Soldier is incredibly loving, silly, gentle natured and independent. Soldier loves to be included in day-to-day activities and has a very dramatic side to him which constantly keeps us laughing. As I tell you about Soldier, he is currently curled up in a donut on his dog bed …likely dreaming of his forever home!

Soldier is from Northern Manitoba and was rescued by Save a Dog Network. Soldier has been through some terrible cruelties in his first year of his life and was shot in the neck when he was in Manitoba, and it is believed that this is not the first time he has been shot at. Soldier came to us with two open wounds from the shot, a smaller entrance wound on the right side of his neck and a much larger exit wound on the left side of his neck and shoulder. Since being in Pound Dogs care and with the amazing help of the vet team, Soldier’s wounds have fully closed and he has had an incredible recovery. The vet team let us know that it is a miracle that he is alive. Soldier has no known health complications from his injuries. Soldier currently has very little hair on both the left and right side of his neck/shoulder but it is slowly starting to grow back. Although Soldier’s first year of life has been extremely cruel, he has been such a trooper every step of the way and was given his name to represent how truly resilient he is.

Soldier is very quick to trust people and adores receiving affection from them. Soldier is his happiest when he is with his people and his tail never stops wagging. Soldier is a fairly confident boy but at times, Soldier can become uncertain or nervous if a stern tone is used or by certain movements people make and will immediately become submissive. Once Soldier is reassured that the situation is okay his wiggly butt and tail come out and he looks for affection.

If you are looking for a dog who can help you binge the latest Netflix series Soldier may be your match! Soldier is a dream to have in the house and quickly picked up on house rules. Soldier is fully house trained and has had no accidents in the house. When Soldier is inside, he spends most of his time snuggled up in his dog bed or on a couch. Soldier has decided that since he is now living his best life if he is sleeping on the couch, he must have a pillow to support his head! Soldier does love to cuddle but he prefers when it is on his terms…but luckily this happens often. When Soldier is looking for cuddles, he will come over and rest his head on your legs and then slowly make his way on to your lap. Soldier does not recognize his size and he has decided that it is completely appropriate for him to be a lap dog when he feels like it….we don’t have the heart to tell him he’s a bit big to be a lap dog and his cuddles are the absolute best. When Soldier doesn’t feel like being a lap dog but still wants cuddles, he will make sure his body is as close as possible and will nuzzle his nose in you. When Soldier is taking a break from napping, he enjoys playing with soft toys and taking out as many toys as he can. Once he is done playing with his toys he will then choose what one he would like to cuddle with for his nap. Soldier still has a puppy side of him that tends to come out when his meals are being prepared or when it is time to get ready for a walk. His excitement gets the best of him and he starts to tap dance on the floor, wiggles his butt and if he is overall excited at times he will start to jump around. Soldier can also be a bit mischievous and when he thinks no one is watching he will try and counter surf, in these moments we tell him “no” once and he quickly corrects his behaviour and will not try again. Soldier is very polite when people are eating food at a table and never begs, he will come over to smell the delicious food they are eating and then will quietly go lay down. Soldier for the most part is not overly vocal when he is in the house and is not interested in barking/howling when people drop mail off at the house, but if his foster sister starts to bark or he hears another dog barking he will happily join in and make sure his opinion is heard. When Soldier starts to bark, whine or howl in the house when he is told “all done” he will give a little grunt but then lay down quietly.

Soldier is crate trained and quiet enjoys his crate. Soldier eats all of his meals in his crate, sleeps in his crate at night time, and if left at home alone will be in his crate. Soldier has been left alone at home for 6 hours and there were no issues. During the day his crate door is left open and he will sometimes choose to take his nap in his crate. When it is time for bed Soldier usually is not interested in going into his crate but once a toy or treat is thrown into his crate, he will happily go in. At nighttime we keep a salt lamp on outside of his crate, which has helped him feel calm during the night. If a light is not left on for Soldier, he quickly becomes overwhelmed. Once Soldier has gone into his crate for the night and his people have settled into bed for the evening, on occasion he will remember that he forgot to tell you some very important details about his day and will spend 5 minutes filling you in and then without direction from his people will silently go to sleep for the remainder of the night.

Soldier really enjoys his walks and when it is time to get ready for a walk, he gets excited and his taping feet and wiggly butt immediately come out. Currently Soldier goes on 3 walks a day, two walks that are around 1 hour each and one that is around 20 minutes. Soldier typically saves his bathroom breaks for his walks and is not as interested in going to the bathroom in our side yard. With this being said, he will go pee in the side yard but this requires a lot of encouragement from his foster parents. Soldier walks on a gentle lead and for the most part is very good at loose leash walking but does have his challenges when out on walks. When Soldier is out on his walk this is where his more vocal side shines through …we like to say that he uses his walks to keep us up to date on all the gossip. When Soldier sees another dog out on a walk, or hears a dog barking he will typically start to whine. When this happens, Soldier is told “ah ah” and will be told “watch me” and will be given treats when he is able to walk politely beside his foster parents without whining. On occasion Soldier can become overwhelmed by another dog out on a walk and will jump up out of excitement. Soldier will again be told “ah ah” and will have to sit calmly before continuing on with his walk. Soldier is very alert when out on walks and you can often find him looking up in the tree for squirrels or squirrel nests. Once Soldier has spotted a squirrel he typically starts to whine but when told “ah ah” and “watch me” he will redirect his attention to his foster parents. Soldier does have a very high prey drive and if he could would love to chase every squirrel he sets his eyes on. Currently Soldier goes on walks with his foster sibling and enjoys walking with other dogs and is able to do so without whining. Soldier’s forever family will need to be committed to continue working with him to help him be an expert when out on walks.

Soldier currently lives with another dog but we believe he would be just as happy as the only dog in the home. Soldier absolutely loves cuddling with his foster sister and if he is feeling extremely silly enjoys a short play session with her. Soldier has not fully figured out or developed the confidence to play with other dogs for a long period of time. When Soldier engages in play with his foster sister he will play a short game (often no longer than a minute or two) of tug , but if the play becomes too much for him he will immediately stop and lay down or look to his foster parents for reassurance. Soldier will not engage in play with his foster sibling if there is no toy to play with and would much rather cuddle with her. He would not enjoy a boisterous other dog in the home who would want to wrestle and play with him, but would enjoy a calm dog who enjoys gentle tug games and cuddle time. Soldier has not been cat tested but due to his high prey drive we do not believe he would be able to live with a cat.

Soldier does not mind car rides. When it is time to get into the car he does require a bit of encouragement as he gets nervous entering the car. Once Soldier is in the car, he is very calm and will happily lay down the entirety of the car ride. Once we have arrived at our destination Soldier instantly becomes excited as he can’t wait to take on the next new adventure.

Soldier is extremely food motivated and is happy to practice his training with his kibble. Soldier has learned how to sit, lay down, watch me and is working on perfecting stay. Soldier loves when he gets to practice his training and his tail never stops wagging. Soldier would get so much enjoyment out of attending training classes and he will greatly benefit from training classes so he can be the best dog he can be.

Soldier’s ideal forever home would be detached home that has a nice big back yard from him to run around in. Due to Soldier’s vocal side, he would not be suited for an apartment. Soldier would love if his forever home had someone home with him often as he absolutely adores his people. Soldier has not been tested around kids and due to him being unaware of his size he would do best in a home with kids 16+.

When Soldier looks at you, you can tell that he is extremely grateful for his second chance at life. Soldier is an extremely loving, loyal and silly dog who loves spending time with his people. You can always count on Soldier to treat you with many cuddles and kisses when he is around you.

Soldier is on the search for his happily ever after …. could that be you?