Introducing Supernova (Nova for short).  Nova is a 4.5-month-old Mastiff/cane corso, lab, german shepherd, and a hound mixed Breed who was found with her two siblings by police in an abandoned residence.  She was taken in by a shelter that contacted Pound Dog Rescue looking to see if we could place her and her siblings into foster families.  Being a larger breed, that will grow into a powerful dogs, it was important to get these three puppies into a home situation where they would receive the necessary socialization and training to make them into great family dogs.   Nova is currently being fostered with her brother, Groot.

Nova and her siblings will be adopted separately, to different families, so that they can each reach their own potential independent from one another.

Nova was the smallest of her siblings, she currently weighs approximately 20lbs.  We suspect that she will still be a big girl, weighing at least 70lbs when she is full grown.  We are looking for a family that has large breed experience and knows how to meet the training and socialization needs of a dog this size.

Supernova is bridle in colour.  She had derpy little ears that both seem to lean to the right and give her such character.  She has a wrinkled brow and the sweetest eyes.  She has a lean body and is such a little lady.

Nova is beauty and brains in one, not so small, package.  First impressions of Nova tend to be that she is calm and chill and such a pretty girl.  She rarely barks and she adapts really well in most situations.  She is clever and brave and curious about everything.  She needs close supervision because she is always seeking out her next adventure and looking for things to get into.  If left unattended, no plant in your house or backyard will be safe.  She loves to pull weeds out of your garden.  Sometimes, those “weeds” are attached to your onions or other vegetables.  Her siblings follow her around and it is clear that she is the brains of their operation.

With people, Nova is an absolute sweetheart. She greets everyone who comes into the house with enthusiasm.  She throws herself down at their feet looking for belly rubs. She is being fostered with two kids, ages 10 and 12 and she is very well mannered with them.   She would be suitable for a family with children over 7yrs of age who are experienced large breed dog owners.  She is quite gentle with our kids and loves snuggling of their chests.

Nova is also being fostered with two dog-savvy cats.  She is very curious about them and can be quite rough when she is trying to play with them.  We supervise her with the cats quite closely.  Nova would likely do best in a home that does not have cats.

She is also being fostered with a large, older dog.  Nova follows her around and looks for direction.  With her brothers, Nova was the boss.   With her sassy, confident personality we believe that she would do really well with another, playful, male dog in the home.  She would also do well as the only dog in the home because she’s a diva who loves attention.

Nova has all of the energy that you would think a puppy of her age should have.  She goes on two walks every day.  We use a gentle leader to walk her and discourage pulling, and she is doing very well on her leash.  Nova is quite athletic and loves long walks and endless play sessions with her brother.  She can jump extremely high and she loves to show off her athletic abilities in the backyard by running circles around the other dogs.  She is much smaller and faster than her brother and she uses this to her advantage.  After being exercised, Nova is happy to fall asleep in her crate with a bone or, even better, in your lap or beside you on the couch.  Once her exercise needs have been met, Nova is a very relaxed and easy dog to be around.

Nova is crate trained.  She very quickly adjusted to sleeping in her crate at night and throughout the day when we are unable to supervise her.  She is generally very quiet in her crate and she settles down and sleeps.  Because she is still a puppy, we get up with Nova once during the night to allow her to go to the bathroom.

Nova is great in the car.  She rests in her crate during long road trips and barely makes a peep.

Nova is still very young and we are working on her house training.  She has come a long way since she first arrived.  She has just started to go to the bathroom on command when we take her outside.  She prefers to do her business away from people and other animals and she seeks out “hiding” spots to go to the bathroom.  In our yard, she is working on fertilizing our tall grasses.  In the house, Nova is supervised and let out frequently.

Nova has a very healthy appetite and eats once in the morning and once at night.  She eats very quickly and we have found that using a slow feeder dog bowl has been very helpful.  In fairness, she lives with her giant brother and needs to eat quickly out of necessity. Nova has not shown any food aggression whatsoever.

Nova has proven to be highly trainable.  She quickly learned to “sit” and responds to “Nova touch!” when we want her to stop doing something and come to us.  She is learning “lie down”.  She is very food motivated and loves positive praise.  She picks up commands very quickly.  Nova is a stubborn girl and she will need an owner that is consistent with her and committed to her ongoing training.  With a committed person, she could excel in her training and be a very obedient girl.

Nova is a sweet little(ish) lady with a lovely, outgoing, happy personality.  She is honestly such a joy to have in the house.  If you are looking for a fun dog that is down for an adventure, Nova is your girl.