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Let me introduce you to Surrey. She is a 4-year-old  German Shepherd mix. She is a large sized dog, who loves being active.  She is about 55lbs and has the German Shepherd black and tan colouring. She is a beautiful girl with a loving personality and temperament. Surrey came to us from a rural pound. This sweet girl is looking for a forever family and has a lot of love to give.

Surrey is highly active so she requires a family who will exercise her daily.  Fast paced, long walks and/or running exercise is what she needs to be happy.  This is not your casual stroll dog.  She is excitable and playful outdoors and loves going on walks. She is still working on her leash manners (especially with passing cars) but has shown positive progress over the past 5 weeks.   She would be best in a rural setting or subdivision without too much fast visual stimulation like cars zooming by.  This is not a busy city center type dog.  She is very adaptable and really just wants to be around people. Once inside, you can find Surrey staying close to her humans. She loves attention, especially when you are willing to rub her belly.  She will follow you room to room to make sure everything is ok but when you settle in one spot so will she. She is quiet in the house but on occasion can whine when she wants attention.  She does bark when someone knocks on the door but other than that barking is minimal. Surrey is house broken and great on her own in the home.  She would be suitable for any type of living situation as long as she gets her exercise in.   But Surrey would like a home where someone in the family is home most of the time.  She doesn’t mind some time alone, but really is a people dog and would not be happy being left alone for hours every day.

She enjoys going for walks and will walk forever with you. She loves being in the woods and discovering new trails. Her leash manners are progressing but continued leash training will be required.  She is looking for an expereicned handler who can continue the training being instilled in her foster home.  She is easily distracted with noise and other dogs. Daily walks (2-3) is a must for this sweet girl, this helps with her behaviour indoors as she typically sleeps between walks. Surrey loves the car and is working on controlling her excitement when going for car rides. She goes for daily car rides and is even ok with just sitting in the car in the driveway. With more experience, she will be a great travel companion. The more you can include her in your life the better.

Surrey does not currently live in a home with other pets.  She has interacted with other dogs and with proper introduction is friendly and playful but is very selective about the dogs she meets.  She won’t enjoy the energy of overly enthusiastic or energetic dogs but can do well with calm dogs.  She would though do best in a home where she is the only pet and can have all her humans’ attention.  She hasn’t met a cat yet and we are looking for a home for her without cats.  Surrey has briefly been around young children, but in a controlled on leash environment and was friendly in her interaction.   If there were children in the home we would be looking for kids over 10 years of age as Surrey wont enjoy the energy of young children.  Surrey does get nervous in meeting some new people; her tail is often tucked between her legs. However, with calm and proper introduction she is friendly and wags her tail within minutes. She just needs time to understand that the new person is a friend.  This is another reason why we are looking for an adult home for her or one with older kids; she just won’t be comfortable with kid’s friends coming and going from the home.  Surrey is very dedicated to her people and would be an excellent dog for a single person as she is infinitely loyal.  But she will share her love too if more people are in the home.  You won’t find a more dedicated, lifelong friend.

She is an extremely intelligent girl, and is a fast learner. She knows basic commands (sit, stay, shake a paw, down) but sometimes is still working on obeying commands outside. She gets easily distracted!  If you are a very active person looking for a beautiful dog who loves the outdoors then Surrey is for you. She needs a family committed to furthering her training and socialization. Daily exercise is so important with Surrey; a fenced back yard is not necessary but would be a nice opportunity for her to run and play ball. A family who likes to run, hike, camp or do any activity outdoors would be a great fit for Surrey. She has so much love to give and will make a loyal companion to any family. Surrey would be so excited to find her forever family, could this be you?





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