Please Meet Temperance The Wonder Husky Pup!

Temperance is a gorgeous 8-week-old Husky puppy who is energetic and super smart.  She is part cuddle bug and part adventurer. This girl is sassy and always ready for the fun in life – all of these traits keep her foster family laughing at her puppy antics.

Temperance had a rough start to life as she found abandoned at a very young age.  But the wonderful people at Save A Dog Network rescued her and sent her to Ontario. She came into Pound Dog Rescue so we could help this special girl find her furever home.

This pretty girl loves people and, within a few minutes of meeting you, is your BFF.  She loves to meet new people – especially if they are willing to get down to on the ground and play with her.  She is great with her foster brother though loves to exercise her leadership skills whenever he will let her. Due to her rough start in life, Temperance gets concerned whenever she hears a strange dog bark and will try to escape into the house to get somewhere safe. Continued socialization will be important for her so she can be comfortable with other dogs and continue to flourish.

Playtime is a great time! Temperance loves to play with both her humans and foster brother.  If her foster brother is being a party pooper, no problem! She is happy to be a lap puppy and play with toys from that comfy platform. Since this girl did not have litter mates or a mother for long, she can get so carried away in attempts to explore and play that she misses when dogs and humans have had enough.  So, the humans need to remind her off limits and manners – which a Husky puppy does not always like to hear!

Her ideal family will like to be outside and enjoy physical activities. Though Temperance is a puppy now, she will grow into a dog that needs a lot of exercise and stimulation. She also loves being a part of everything in the house and wants to be where the action is.  This pretty pup is an excellent kitchen supervisor and will watch what is going on either from one of the dog beds or the kitchen mat.

Being a determined Husky means Temperance does not always agree with the corrections and likes to use voice to let you know that. So, there are some discussions on the things she objects to or is not to her liking – such as when the chef is taking too long with her meal or she feels it is time to play.

Since Temperance does have a lovely outgoing personality, she can be “bossy” and so should not be in a home where there is another female dog.  When she tries out her leadership skills on her foster brother, he just walks away from me or walks over to me.  She will be fine in a home with a male dog, but it should be younger, and will want to play with her.  She will be fine in a home with cats provided ample supervision and training to not pester the cats.

Please know that while this girl has a great balance of rest and sleep as she grows, she will require plenty of exercise and stimulation during the day to get all her fun puppy energy out and keep her mind engaged. Currently, she goes out every 3 or so hours for a break and exercises in the backyard. There is plenty of playtime with her toys and foster dog brother when he feels like it. Temperance’s leash training is going well. Being a puppy, she is still easily distracted so with a gentle pop on my leash and some encouraging words, she is back on her way again. Due to her age and not having the full set of vaccinations she needs to meet other dogs, she is not being walked where other dogs are around.

Temperance is fed in her cage and will put herself to bed if she is tired or needs a break.  True to her Husky heritage, she will tell you when she doesn’t agree she should be in the cage. She is not a dog for anyone living in an apartment, condo, or semi. At night, she is good in her cage with a bit of half-hearted whining for the first few minutes. She quickly settles as long as she is in the same room as you.  This girl does not want to miss out on any fun!

Her house training is going well, and she will often go to the door and glare at it. However, if she is pl


g elsewhere in the house, she needs to be watched as she doesn’t know how to tell you it is time to “freshen up”.   Speaking of training,

she enjoys seeing what she can accomplish and if the rules of life are the same every day. Advanced training will help this wonderful pup flourish and engage her mind so my new family needs to be committed to ensuring that she can get these chances and be set up for success.

Since Temp is a puppy, all things go into her mouth. As such, needs a family with children 8 years of age or older who can handle her puppy antics, understand that sometimes her hands look like stuffed animals when playing, can be gentle with her, and handle her appropriately.

Temperance is still too little to be spayed so potential adopters must live within a reasonable distance (within an hour) of Cambridge as she must be returned to our vet at 6 months of age to be spayed (included in adoption cost). Her adopter must be able to drop off and pick her up for this surgery. Adopters will be responsible for continuing puppy vaccinations and all other required vet care at their veterinarian of choice. She has had everything medically that puppies her age should have and have also been microchipped. Her forever family must also not have any holidays away planned for months coming up after adoption or be planning to move soon. Stability is key in months after a dog adoption.

Temperance has so much to offer her furever family! She is more than her stunning looks; she is such a smart and wonderful pup.  If she sounds perfect for you, please get in touch!